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  • 20152015th

    Celebrating The 8 Consecutive Edition.


    Nominate your environmentally responsible, efficient and sustainable projects & products

    Introducing Product Innovation Category!


    The Emerson Cup -2015 celebrates its 8th edition in India! The Emerson Cup, an annual competition instituted by Emerson Climate Technologies,

    recognizes innovation and outstanding energy- efficient designs in the HVACR industry. Over the

    years, The Emerson Cup has been instrumental in raising the benchmarks for the industry,

    promoting the development and adoption of environmentally responsible solutions in

    Air- conditioning & Refrigeration. It provides a valuable platform for exhibiting emerging trends

    and practices amongst the HVACR industry professionals.

    Introducing Product Innovation Award Category

    In todays dynamic world, the gap in demand and supply of resources is increasing manifold and

    the expectations of customers are continually changing. In this scenario, the only way forward for

    growth and development is through Innovation. The HVACR industry has been clamoring for

    encouragement and support to efficient, eco-friendly product designs for a while now. As a

    thought leader, The Emerson Cup 2015 has risen to the occasion, introducing a new category -

    Product Innovation, for both Air-conditioning & Cold Chain Products.

    You can be part of this new, exciting change by nominating your innovative products, solutions or

    projects by filling the enclosed Nomination Form and mailing it to us at before August 28, 2015 or you can log on to to upload the entry.

    The Emerson Cup is set for another year of excellence and glory, ready to drive advancements and

    innovative solutions in the HVAC&R industry. Come Join The Emerson Cup 2015 and get on to the

    world stage!

    THE AWARD CATEGORIESAward Categories Metropolitan



    Projects & Systems Category

    New Project/System INR 1.0 Lac INR 1.0 Lac

    Retrofit Project/System INR 1.0 Lac INR 1.0 Lac

    Cold Chain Project/System INR 1.0 Lac INR 1.0 Lac

    Product Category

    Product Innovation in Fixed Speed ACs INR 1.0 Lac

    Product Innovation In Cold Chain INR 1.0 Lac


    Category DetailsApplicantsAward Category

    MEP/HVAC&R Consultants,

    Building Engineers, Architects, Building

    Owners, Developers, Institutional Engineers,

    OEMs As Service


    Integrator, Contractors,

    Owners, HVAC&R OEMs,

    Regional OEMs &




    Contractors, Owners

    Residential Buildings (High Rise Residences,

    Villas etc), Commercial Buildings, IT Parks,

    Hotels, Institutional Buildings, Shopping

    Malls With Air-conditioning Systems. Data

    Center, Control Rooms, Process Cooling,

    Telecom Communication Facility Etc.

    Any Non Air-conditioned Building-provided

    with New Air-Conditioning System.

    Any Building-Replaced Existing

    Air-conditioning System Etc.

    Supermarkets, Retail, Cold Storage

    Quick Service Restaurants And Hotels,

    Packhouses, CA Stores, Frozen Food Plant,

    Ripening Chamber Etc.

    HVAC&R OEMs,

    Regional OEMs &


    Split ACs, Cassette ACs, Floor Standing

    ACs, Ducted & Packaged AC, Precision AC,

    Rail Coach AC, Small Chiller, Ducted, Scroll

    Chiller Etc.

    Product Innovation In

    Cold Chain

    All Types Of Condensing Units, Multi

    Compressor Racks, Indoor Units Etc.

    Product Innovation In

    Fixed Speed ACs

    New Project/System

    (Metropolitan Cities)

    New Project/System

    (Emerging Cities)

    Retrofit Project/System

    (Metropolitan Cities)

    Retrofit Project/System

    (Emerging Cities)

    Cold Chain Projects/System

    (Metropolitan Cities)

    Cold Chain Projects/System

    (Emerging Cities)

    Nomination Pre-Requisites Project Category



    Projects in commissioned/running condition for min. 1 year.

    Project should be able to achieve thermal comfort (using conventional or non-conventional system)

    [not applicable for Cold Chain category]

    Nomination Pre-Requisites Product Category





    Product should be a complete refrigeration/air-conditioning unit including stand-alone units

    Product should be designed/manufactured in India

    NOC from company/departmental head should be attached with the entry

    Product should have been introduced within the last 5 years. Product should be in operation at site for more

    than one year

    Members of Emerson Climate Group, Jury Members/Jury organisations are not eligible for participation

    Metropolitan Cities : Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai & Navi

    Mumbai and Pune.

    Emerging Cities : All other cities excluding the above.

    Classification of the Metro/Non Metro category is based on the location of the applicant sending the entry,

    irrespective of where the project is located.

  • EVALUATION CRITERIA Project And Product Categories 1 Design Approach

    2 Energy Efficiency

    3 Environmental Quality Indoor and Outdoor

    4 Economics

    5 Technology

    The Design Approach is central to the Evaluation Criteria. It includes the will to embrace sustainable

    design that values the environment and incorporates use of natural resources such as solar power or

    wind patterns. Improved load optimization and reduction that enhances the building's capacity,

    performance and energy efficiency ratio are critical aspects here. Use of material technology as well as

    safety facets considered will be important criteria.

    Overall energy efficiency that reflects sustainable design will be considered. Fine practices exhibited,

    such as the use of renewable energy, good strategy in system integration and control, high energy

    efficiency etc will be benchmarked. The energy performance will need to be quantifiable.

    For Product Evaluation, competition benchmarking (in lieu of system integration) will be an important


    How the project/product impacts indoor air quality will be crucial. In case of Cold Chain Projects,

    maintenance of temperature, RH levels, Specific Gas Emission Levels like Ethylene, CO2, and product

    quality amongst other parameters would be taken into consideration. Use of eco-friendly refrigerants

    will be crucial. Further, observing precise thermal comfort and air quality while maintaining low sound

    for acoustic quality are some factors that will also be accounted for. For Product Evaluation, visual

    integration will not be a criteria.

    For Project Evaluation, important factors would be the building's life cycle cost, or the total life span

    cost to purchase, install, operate and maintain the project. Optimum space utilization will also be

    critical. For Product Evaluation, return on investment will be an important criteria.

    Both for Projects and Products categories, important criteria will be reliability of design and ability to

    withstand the rigours of time and usage. Ease of operation and maintenance will also be measured. An

    ability to cater to a wide range of modulation capacity based on demand and scalability, will also be

    assessed. Quality of Installation and Commissioning, use of intelligent systems and controls will all be

    differentiating factors.


    Duly Filled Nomination Form

    A Brief Write-Up Titled Why I Think My Project Deserves To Win The Emerson Cup

    (Maximum Of 500 Words),

    Designing The Project

    Describe System Energy Performance

    Where The Proposed Project Has Reduced The Consumption, Associated With Reduction In

    Carbon Footprint

    Other initiatives- Reduce Pollution, Waste Or Environmental Considerations

    Define Other Key Performance Indicators

    A Detailed Document Titled 'Narrative Project Design' Considering The Project Evaluation Criteria. It

    Should Provide/Enclose

    Design Parameters, Design Approach, Innovations Brought In, Design Process Adopted

    Tangible And Intangible Benefits For Clients Envisaged With A List Of Key Performance Indicators

    Measured / Monitored Performance Data (12 Months At least) E.g Energy Consumption

    Break-up Of Refrigeration, Lighting, Overall Site Electricity Bills

    In Case Of Retrofit Project, Please Attach Previous Vs Current Data

    Simple System Schematic (to Include Plans, Elevations And Sections, If Necessary)

    Photographs Of The Interior, Exterior, HVAC&R/Ref Installation And Relevant Items

    NOC From Project Owner

    Explaining How Evaluation Criteria Numbers 1-5 Were Considered In


    Duly Filled Nomination Form

    A Brief Write-Up Titled Why I Think My Product Deserves To Win The Emerson Cup (Maximum Of 500 Words), Explaining How Evaluation Criteria Numbers 1-5 Were Considered In Designing The Product

    Describe Energy Efficiency/ Product COP

    Design Innovation Aspect

    Other initiatives- Reduce Pollution, Environmental Considerations

    Define Other Key Performance Indicators

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