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  1. 1. GREAT EAST JAPAN EARTHQUAKE: AN ENGINEERING PERSPECTIVERick Wright, Infrastructure Design Group, 619.550.5465 The Great East Japan Earthquake on 3.11.11 was one of the largest ever recorded.Twice as much energy was released as the 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake and was dissipated as ground shaking which lasted more than 30-minutes, and tsunamic energy with waves recorded as high as 124-ft.This presentation provides an engineering perspective of this massive earthquake which may have killed as many as 25,000, damaged more than 125,000 buildings, including nuclear power plants, and may have caused as much as 35 billion dollars in damage. MAGINITUDE: 9.0 Mw ENERGY:1.9 X 10 17JOULES TWO TIMES AS MUCH AS MAGINITUDE 9.1 INDIANOCEAN QUAKE THAT KILLED 230,000 PEOPLE DEATHS: 15,000 with 11,000 still missing DART Deep Ocean Assessment and Reporting of Tsunamis Great East Japan Earthquake Statistics


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