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Core teamarjundirector-gipl - creative headex - rk swamy bbdo (bangalore)

meghastrategy, planning, marketing - account headex - euro rsgc (delhi)

juhipr and media relation specialist - pr headex - turnkey software projects pvt .ltd. (delhi)

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A Creative Snapshot

AmketteDigital Lifestyle Consumer Durable ProductsThe market moving rapidly from floppies to a digital platform, the company faced challenge to keep pace with the market innovations coming in. The ideology was to redefine the communication to create excitement around the brand to meet the consumers digital requirement.

Logo Redesign

Old LogoNew LogoA gradual move to a more young, warm and lively outlook; reflecting what the company wanted and bringing in new products in the digital world. The nuclie is symbolic of A.

Revamped Product Packaging

Innovative POS and In-shop Display for Retailers

Experience Zone Concepts

New Product Literature

Communication Material - Posters

Product Launch Print Advertisement

BOP & Bayaweaver

Leading real estate consultants and developersWe initiated with their brand communication for the real estate partners. With the birth of their own brand Bayaweaver and flagship project Oh My God, we had to create an identity and communication which is clutter breaking and unconventional. Retro, colorful and creative recall was our approach.

Corporate Branding Print Advertisement

Project Communication Advertisement

Outdoor Brand Campaign

BOP enters the market as a real estate developer with its brand Bayaweaver and flagship project, Oh My God.

Print Advertisement

Outdoor Campaign in Three Phases

Double Spread Print Advertisement

Innovative Gurgaon Rapid Metro and Cab Branding

Multi Specialty Hospital and Cancer InstituteAction Group of Hospitals

Giving the group a brand mark and identity was our first step. Then channelizing our thoughts towards coining specialty and occasion based campaigns. An integrated communication path was adopted through PR, Mainline and digital advertising to achieve the target goals.

Communication Campaign on Cancer Day


Cancer Campaign Print Advertisement

Brand Communication linking with the hospitals specialty

Occasion based Print Advertisement

*Linking the campaign on social and digital platform

Website and Social Media Campaign

Bhopal based education, services, skill development ande-governance network.

AISECT Working for more than 25 years, however their work was not recognized at pan India level. Through our expertise and branding efforts , the group has achieved various awards and recognition in the industry. An effective 360 degree integrated communication was followed through PR, Mainline and Digital advertising.

AISECT Campaign on Skill Development through Posters

Communication for their Bhopal University

City Specific Bus Shelter & Hoarding

Event Branding during a Cultural Event

Website & Social Media Campaign

UNICEFUN organization that works toward children welfareCreative communication of key facts on various health issues concerning the Indian population. From social media communication to Unicef India website development we have provided them crisp and clean communication to optimize their work.

Statistical communication through Infographic on Child Labor

Infographic on Nutrition

Bill Gates Retweeted on Unicef IndiasInfographic on Polio

Infographic on strengthened newborn care posted on UNICEFs facebook page

Global Poo2Loo Campaign through E-mailers

Unicef India Website

Glaxo Smith KlineOne of the oldest pharmaceutical companies in IndiaRural ATL & BTL campaign on promoting Womens Horlicks through beauty parlors.

Branding the beauty parlors as Health & Beauty Point with campaign slogan Swasth Raho Swasth Dikho

Awareness Campaign through Posters

Essential Product Literature via Leaflet

MiscellaneousAn assortment of different brands and creative

NDTV - Cab Branding

NDTV Magazine Ad (ELLE)

NDTV Hoarding

NDTV Press Ad - HT

NDTV - Event Creative

NDTV - Show CreativesLaunch Advertisement

AktivOrtho Press Ad (Delhi Times)

AktivOrtho Press Ad (Times of India)

AktivOrtho Social Media Posts

Pearson BTEC course campaign Print AdPosters


AEOLUS Tyres - Brochure

AEOLUS Tyres - Hoarding

Organic Harvest Brand communicationPrint Ads

GLOBE Emailers

Big Wong Brand communication

StandeePrint Ad

ETA Corporate & product specific brochures

World Phone Online viral campaignE-mailers

Flight Shop BTL campaign PosterLeafletWeb Banners

Ipas Kalyani campaignFlip BookBooklet


TGI FridayTequila Promotion | Beer Fest | LIIT Promotion | 77 Offer

Jubilant Life sciencesPrint ads

Amway - ABO specific communicationMagazine ads

Shell Complete POS communication for various sub brandsLeafletBanner


Food & Grocery Forum Event communicationPrint Ad

Arch Gate

Nestle KitKat Promotional Medium

Agency Recognition

Grasshoppers won SILVER in Poster, Outdoor Media Category LaadliA Girl Child Campaign by Population First

National Creative Excellence Awards for Social Change 2010-2011 supported by UNFPA

Zee Awards in association with AfaqsPrint Media Category

Save ElephantStop the illegal ivory trade


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