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<ul><li><p>8/4/2019 GRAMMAR SUCCESS in 20 Minutes a Day 2nd Ed (Teachers Room, Grammar)</p><p> 1/160</p><p>N e w Y o r k </p><p>grammar</p><p>SucceSSin 20 minutes</p><p>a Day</p><p>2nd Edition</p></li><li><p>8/4/2019 GRAMMAR SUCCESS in 20 Minutes a Day 2nd Ed (Teachers Room, Grammar)</p><p> 2/160</p><p>Other titles Of interest frOm</p><p>learningexpress</p><p>Algebra Success in 20 Minutes a Day</p><p>Biology Success in 20 Minutes a Day</p><p>Chemistry Success in 20 Minutes a Day</p><p>Earth Science Success in 20 Minutes a Day</p><p>Physics Success in 20 Minutes a Day</p><p>Practical Math Success in 20 Minutes a Day</p><p>Reading Comprehension Success</p><p>Reasoning Skills Success in 20 Minutes a Day</p><p>Statistics Success in 20 Minutes a Day</p><p>Trigonometry Success in 20 Minutes a Day</p><p>Vocabulary and Spelling Success</p><p>Copyright 2010 LearningExpress, LLC.</p><p>All rights reserved under International and Pan-American Copyright Conventions.</p><p>Published in the United States by LearningExpress, LLC, New York.</p><p>Library o Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data</p><p>Grammar success in 20 minutes a day. 2nd ed.</p><p>p. cm.ISBN-13: 978-1-57685-721-2 (pbk. : alk. paper)</p><p>ISBN-10: 1-57685-721-2 (pbk. : alk. paper) 1. English languageGrammarProblems, exercises, etc.</p><p>I. LearningExpress (Organization)</p><p>PE1112.G676 2010</p><p>428.2dc22</p><p>2009024478</p><p>Printed in the United States o America</p><p>9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1</p><p>ISBN: 978-1-57685-721-2For inormation on LearningExpress, other LearningExpress products, or bulk sales, please write to us at</p><p>LearningExpress</p><p>2 Rector Street</p><p>26th Floor</p><p>New York, NY 10006</p><p>Or visit us at</p><p></p></li><li><p>8/4/2019 GRAMMAR SUCCESS in 20 Minutes a Day 2nd Ed (Teachers Room, Grammar)</p><p> 3/160</p><p>cnns</p><p>INtroductIoN v</p><p>PreteSt 1</p><p>NouNS n ProNouNS</p><p>LeSSoN 1 Kinds o Nouns 13</p><p>Common, proper, concrete, abstract, collective, and compound nouns</p><p>LeSSoN 2 Noun Usage 19Plural and possessive nouns</p><p>LeSSoN 3 Pronouns 27</p><p>Personal, reexive, demonstrative, relative, interrogative, and</p><p>indefnite pronouns</p><p>verbS</p><p>LeSSoN 4 Verb Types 35</p><p>Action, linking, and helping verbs</p><p>LeSSoN 5 Regular and Irregular Verbs 39Common regular and irregular verbs, problem, and tricky verbs</p><p>LeSSoN 6 Verb Forms and Tenses 49Present and past, present and past participle, and other verb orms;</p><p>basic tense review</p><p>modIfIerS</p><p>LeSSoN 7 Adjectives 57Articles, pronouns as adjectives, and demonstrative and comparative adjectives</p></li><li><p>8/4/2019 GRAMMAR SUCCESS in 20 Minutes a Day 2nd Ed (Teachers Room, Grammar)</p><p> 4/160</p><p>v</p><p>coNteNtS</p><p>LeSSoN 8 Adverbs 63Common adverbs, comparative adverbs, and how to distinguish adverbs</p><p>rom adjectives</p><p>LeSSoN 9 Prepositions 69Common prepositions and how to distinguish prepositions rom adverbs</p><p>LeSSoN 10 Misplaced Modifers and Tricky Words 73Kinds o modifers, homonyms, and homographs</p><p>SeNteNce Structure</p><p>LeSSoN 11 Sentence Basics 85Subjects, predicates, complements, and direct and indirect objects</p><p>LeSSoN 12 Agreement 91Subject-verb and pronoun-antecedent agreement</p><p>LeSSoN 13 Phrases 97Prepositional, adjective, adverb, verbal, participial, infnitive, gerund, and</p><p>appositive phrases</p><p>LeSSoN 14 Clauses 101Independent, subordinate, noun, adjective, and adverb clauses</p><p>LeSSoN 15 Conjunctions 107Coordinating, corrective, and subordinating conjunctions</p><p>LeSSoN 16 Combining Sentences 113</p><p>Kinds o sentences, including compound, complex, and compound-complex,that enliven writing</p><p>PuNctuatIoN</p><p>LeSSoN 17 End Punctuation 121Periods, question marks, and exclamation points</p><p>LeSSoN 18 Internal Punctuation I 125Commas, colons, and semicolons</p><p>LeSSoN 19 Internal Punctuation II 133</p><p>Apostrophes, hyphens, and dashes</p><p>LeSSoN 20 Internal Punctuation III 139Quotation marks, parentheses, brackets, italics and underlining,</p><p>and parentheses</p><p>PoStteSt 147</p></li><li><p>8/4/2019 GRAMMAR SUCCESS in 20 Minutes a Day 2nd Ed (Teachers Room, Grammar)</p><p> 5/160</p><p>v</p><p>Inin</p><p>Do your grammar skills need some brushing up? Perhaps you have an exam on the horizon, or you</p><p>want to hone your grammar skills to improve your writing or speech. Whatever the case may be,</p><p>this quick reerence guide will help put you well on your way toward accomplishing your grammar</p><p>goalsno matter how big or small.</p><p>Because English is so complex, rules and guidelines called grammar and usage are necessary to help us bet-</p><p>ter understand its many idiosyncrasies. While language is orever changing to meet our needs, the inner workings</p><p>o a sentence are, or the most part, as constant as the stars, and fguring out these dynamics is like putting a</p><p>puzzle together (or taking it apart).Understanding the inner workings o a sentence can help you with your speech and writingthe essence</p><p>o communication and language. And the benefts you get or your eorts ar outweigh the 20 minutes o your</p><p>day youll spend with this book.</p><p>Beore you begin to progress through the book, take the pretest on the next ew pages to determine what you</p><p>already know and what you might need to ocus on. You might be surprised by just how much you remember!</p></li><li><p>8/4/2019 GRAMMAR SUCCESS in 20 Minutes a Day 2nd Ed (Teachers Room, Grammar)</p><p> 6/160</p></li><li><p>8/4/2019 GRAMMAR SUCCESS in 20 Minutes a Day 2nd Ed (Teachers Room, Grammar)</p><p> 7/160</p><p>1</p><p>P</p><p>Beore you start your study o grammar skills, get an idea o how much you already know and how</p><p>much you need to learn by taking the pretest that ollows. It consists o 50 multiple-choice questions</p><p>about what is in this book. Naturally, 50 questions can not cover every single concept or rule you will</p><p>learn by working through these lessons, so even i you answer all the questions correctly, it is almost guaranteed</p><p>that you will nd a ew things in the book you did not already know. I you get lots o answers wrong on the</p><p>pretest, do not worrythis book will teach you how to improve your grammar and writing, step by step.</p><p>Record your answers in this book. I it does not belong to you, list the numbers 150 on a piece o paper</p><p>and write your answers there. Take as much time as you need to nish the test. When you nish, check youranswers against the answer key that ollows the test. Each answer lists the lesson o the book that covers the</p><p>concept(s) in that question. I you get a high score on the pretest, you may be able to spend less time with this</p><p>book than you originally planned. I you get a low score, you may nd you will need more than 20 minutes a day</p><p>to learn all that you need to know. Good luck.</p></li><li><p>8/4/2019 GRAMMAR SUCCESS in 20 Minutes a Day 2nd Ed (Teachers Room, Grammar)</p><p> 8/160</p><p>2</p><p>Pretest</p><p>P</p><p>1. Circle the common nouns.</p><p>chair joy knitted</p><p>Australia supermarket Ohio</p><p>Monticello understanding toddlers</p><p>saucepan dancing hostess</p><p>2. Circle the abstract nouns.</p><p>peace telephone livelihood</p><p>deceit cheerulness jungle</p><p>NASA smile rubber band</p><p>test eyelash patience</p><p>3. Circle the proper nouns.Texas Work Clock</p><p>Puzzle Nancy Mr. Klondike</p><p>Licorice Mexico City Basketball</p><p>IBM Spiderman Mt. Everest</p><p>4. Circle the nouns that are pluralized correctly.</p><p>halves theorys oxen</p><p>casinoes inchs dishes</p><p>valleyes houses mother-in-laws</p><p>booths tooths hippopotami</p><p>5. Circle the hyphenated nouns that are spelled</p><p>correctly.</p><p>sister-in-laws kilowatt-hours</p><p>runner-ups orget-me-nots</p><p>ollow-ups sticks-in-the-mud</p><p>6. Circle the nouns that have been made possessive</p><p>correctly.</p><p>childs hers JodysCongress tooths cactuss</p><p>puppies moms Jasons</p><p>womens his dresss</p><p>7. Circle the antecedents/pronouns that agree in</p><p>gender.</p><p>tree/it Anthony/she</p><p>King Henry/he passenger/it</p><p>kangaroo/his Alice/her</p><p>8. Circle the antecedents/pronouns that agree in</p><p>number.</p><p>kids/him everybody/they</p><p>Kathy and I/it sh/they</p><p>group/it sh/it</p><p>each/he or she woman/we</p><p>both/they</p><p>9. Circle the interrogative pronouns.who when whose</p><p>which whom whomever</p><p>how where what</p><p>10. Circle the subjective case pronouns.</p><p>I went to his house and saw him.</p><p>She brought me an apple and I thanked her.</p><p>They went to Pats and called me.</p><p>11. Circle the objective case pronouns.He threw it toward me.</p><p>Pass me the salt.</p><p>We made them sandwiches.</p><p>12. Circle the refexive case pronouns and underline</p><p>the possessive case pronouns.</p><p>Carlo was angry, but stopped himsel beore</p><p>he said something really mean to his</p><p>brother.</p><p>I was so tired I couldnt orce mysel to get</p><p>dressed and join my riends at the mall.</p><p>Some people take themselves too seriously</p><p>and think its their responsibility to solve</p><p>everyone elses problems!</p></li><li><p>8/4/2019 GRAMMAR SUCCESS in 20 Minutes a Day 2nd Ed (Teachers Room, Grammar)</p><p> 9/160</p><p>3</p><p>Pretest</p><p>13. Circle the demonstrative pronouns and</p><p>underline the relative pronouns.</p><p>That is the most annoying sound that I have</p><p>ever heard.</p><p>Those are the boxes o blankets that Momplans to take to the SPCA.</p><p>Is this the channel that you were watching?</p><p>14. Circle the action verbs.</p><p>wash be hold cook</p><p>would buy pray gnaw</p><p>put write loan marry</p><p>15. Circle the linking verbs.</p><p>appear took become sat</p><p>eel prove call grow</p><p>study look is lose</p><p>16. Circle the regular verbs and underline the</p><p>irregular verbs.</p><p>orgive grow buy walk</p><p>wash hide sew pet</p><p>sit hear play throw</p><p>17. Circle the correct orm o lay/lie in each</p><p>sentence.</p><p>Joy ound her hairbrush (laying, lying) in the</p><p>suitcase.</p><p>The swing has (lain, laid) broken behind the</p><p>shed or two years.</p><p>The boy had (laid, lain) awake beore getting</p><p>up to play.</p><p>18. Circle the correct orm o sit/set in each</p><p>sentence.</p><p>The class (set, sat) patiently as the teacher</p><p>took attendance.</p><p>Claudias aunt (sits, sets) the table while Gert</p><p>cooks dinner.</p><p>(Setting, Sitting) on the porch on a cool</p><p>summer night is the best.</p><p>19. Circle the correct tricky verb in each sentence.</p><p>Sandy careully (hanged, hung) her new curtains</p><p>on the window.</p><p>Peter tried to (accept, except) Jims</p><p>explanation, but it was dicult.You (can, may) take another glass o</p><p>lemonade i you like.</p><p>20. Identiy the tense o each verb as present, past,</p><p>uture, present perect, past perect, uture</p><p>perect, present progressive, past progressive, or</p><p>uture progressive.</p><p>will drive am driving</p><p>had driven drove</p><p>drive has drivendrives will have driven</p><p>21. Circle the common adjectives in the ollowing</p><p>sentences.</p><p>The pungent aroma o Italian spices lled the</p><p>busy kitchen o the pizzeria.</p><p>Shelley wore a blue dress to the wedding.</p><p>We donated our old car to an automotive</p><p>school where students practice doing</p><p>repairs.</p><p>22. Place the correct indenite article in ront o</p><p>each noun.</p><p>___ house ___ elephant</p><p>___ unicorn ___ yellow fower</p><p>___ one-way street ___ honor</p><p>___ underdog ___ loaer</p><p>___ unopened git ___ orange</p><p>___ hour ___ occasion</p><p>___ wrist ___ admirer</p><p>___ upper level</p><p>23. Change the ollowing proper nouns into proper</p><p>adjectives.</p><p>Italy Bahama Arica</p><p>Texas France Hawaii</p><p>America Virginia Denmark</p><p>Caliornia Belgium China</p><p>Japan Inca England</p></li><li><p>8/4/2019 GRAMMAR SUCCESS in 20 Minutes a Day 2nd Ed (Teachers Room, Grammar)</p><p> 10/160</p><p>4</p><p>Pretest</p><p>24. Determine whether the boldaced word in each</p><p>sentence is a possessive pronoun or a possessive</p><p>adjective.</p><p>His sneakers were worn, so he bought new</p><p>ones.Marissa crossed her ngers and hoped the</p><p>winning ticket would be hers.</p><p>Myuncle showed me an autographed Babe</p><p>Ruth baseball card and said it would one</p><p>day be mine.</p><p>25. Determine whether the boldaced word in each</p><p>sentence is a demonstrative pronoun or a</p><p>demonstrative adjective.</p><p>This is really over the top!Take this money and buy yoursel a treat.</p><p>Watch these careully while they boil.</p><p>26. Determine which orm o comparative or super-</p><p>lative adjective best completes each sentence.</p><p>Terrys (most high, highest) jump in the high</p><p>jump was our eet, six inches.</p><p>Seans bank account was (larger, more large)</p><p>than mine.</p><p>Barbara was (best, better) at chess than herroommate Natalie.</p><p>27. Circle the correct orm o the comparative and</p><p>superlative adverbs in the ollowing sentences.</p><p>Joel was (less, least) active during the winter</p><p>than during the summer.</p><p>The store brands price was the (low, lower,</p><p>lowest) o the three brands.</p><p>This was the (long, longer, longest) day o the</p><p>year.</p><p>28. Determine whether the boldaced word in the</p><p>sentence is an adjective or an adverb.</p><p>The accounting department ran at a ast but</p><p>riendly pace.</p><p>Cory worked hard on improving his tennisswing or the tournament.</p><p>Nora was sent straight to her room or</p><p>disobeying her parents.</p><p>29. Identiy the prepositional phrases in the</p><p>ollowing sentences.</p><p>Ferdinand Magellan was the rst explorer to</p><p>sail around the world.</p><p>Without a doubt, regular exercise is necessary</p><p>or good health.The little monkey ran around Moms living</p><p>room and climbed up the drapes.</p><p>30. Determine whether the boldaced word is a</p><p>preposition or an adverb.</p><p>Holly was beside hersel with ear when the</p><p>child darted into the street.</p><p>I we can reach Hightstown byve, we may be</p><p>able to see the presidents motorcade go by.</p><p>Use caution when you walk across busystreets.</p><p>31. Rewrite each sentence so that the misplaced</p><p>modiers are properly placed.</p><p>The woman was walking her dog with hair</p><p>curlers.</p><p>Walking along the shore the sand burned my</p><p>eet.</p><p>Tina bought a guinea pig or her brother they</p><p>call Butterscotch.</p></li><li><p>8/4/2019 GRAMMAR SUCCESS in 20 Minutes a Day 2nd Ed (Teachers Room, Grammar)</p><p> 11/160</p><p>5</p><p>Pretest</p><p>32. Using the clues, write the homonyms or</p><p>homographs.</p><p>nished/tossed</p><p>trade event/equitable</p><p>the total/severalshut/nearby</p><p>dispatched/perume</p><p>dress in/goods or sale</p><p>33. Identiy the simple subject in the ollowing</p><p>sentences.</p><p>Next week, Scott and Jennier will get</p><p>married.</p><p>Shopping sprees can be un, but very expensive.</p><p>It may be too soon to tell.</p><p>34. Identiy the simple predicate in the ollowing</p><p>sentences.</p><p>Reading is good exercise or the brain.</p><p>Try again.</p><p>The log, when turned over, revealed a whole</p><p>dierent world.</p><p>35. Identiy whether each boldaced word is a direct</p><p>or an indirect object in the ollowing sentences.Brandy took the pot o fowers and brought it</p><p>into the garden window.</p><p>Grumbling to himsel, Stan dragged the heavy</p><p>garbage cans out to the street.</p><p>He gave her a high-fve to assure her that all</p><p>was well.</p><p>36. Identiy the verb that correctly agrees with the</p><p>subject in each sentence.</p><p>Patty (fy, fies) requently or work.</p><p>All o us (watch, watches) out or one</p><p>another.</p><p>Nobody (want, wants) to play croquet in the</p><p>the backyard with me.</p><p>37. Identiy the verb that correctly completes the</p><p>ollowing sentences.</p><p>Neither Jessica nor Marty (like, likes) to do</p><p>the laundry.</p><p>Spaghetti and meatballs (is, are) my avoriteItalian meal.</p><p>Sally or Zach (is, are) probably going to be the</p><p>valedictorian this year.</p><p>38. Circle the verb that agrees with the indenite</p><p>pronoun in each sentence.</p><p>Everyone (need, needs) to get any homework</p><p>I assign in on time!</p><p>Will somebody (taste, tastes) this lasagna</p><p>beore I serve it to see i its okay?Many (stop, stops) by my oce to get</p><p>directions to your cubicle.</p><p>39. Determine which pronoun best ts or proper</p><p>pronoun/antecedent agreement in each sentence.</p><p>The boys took ________ time walking home</p><p>rom school.</p><p>Nobody saw __________ name on the cast</p><p>list.</p><p>The scared joey hopped to _________ motheror security.</p><p>40. Identiy the adjective and adverb phrases in the</p><p>ollowing sentences.</p><p>Books with weak spines need to be reinorced</p><p>to lengthen their shel lie.</p><p>The lizard scurried across the sidewalk and</p><p>disappeared into the bushes.</p><p>The cashier with the red hair and braces was</p><p>especially helpul.</p></li><li><p>8/4/2019 GRAMMAR SUCCESS in 20 Minutes a Day 2nd Ed (Teachers Room, Grammar)</p><p> 12/160</p><p>6</p><p>Pretest</p><p>41. Identiy the participial phrases, innitive</p><p>phrases, and gerund phrases in the ollowing</p><p>sente...</p></li></ul>