graduation ceremony to highlight three senior speakers graduation ceremony to highlight three senior

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  • Graduation Ceremony To Highlight Three Senior Speakers


    On Sunday, May 2'5, at 1 :30 p.m., the baccalaureate ceremony will mark the beginning of the end for the Class of '•69. Held at Hirsch Memorial Youth Center, the program will be presented 'by three seniors: Stephanie Vla- 'halkis, class chaplain, who will offer the invocation; Ann Rig-

    Gators Rate

    ling, class secretary, who will in- troduce the speaker; and Jimmy McCiamroch, cheerleader, who will give the benediction.

    Main speaker will be Rever- end Oscar Cloyd who is assist- ant-to-the,president at Centenary College.

    The Captain Shreve High School choir will sing "Cry Out and Shout." Their accompanist, 'Kathy Stal'l, will' also play t tie processional and recessional.

    Graduation takes place at Hirsch Memorial Youth Center on Friday, May 30, at 8 p.m., where the second graduating class com- posed of 3117 seniors will receive their diplomas.

    -Each girl graduate will carry a long S:temmed yellow rose, which is the senior class flower. Those students who have earn- ed the highest scholastic aver- ages will wear gold honor cards. Junior members of the National Honor Society will usher and as- sist the graduates.

    29 Get Scholarships The following senior · students

    have been awarded academic and athletic scholarships for next year.

    JDon Ak'c'hin, National Merit Finalist, was awarded a $1500 a year Alumni Federation Schol- arship at LSU. Bo8by Tuoker re- ceived $1800 a year Alumni Scholarship from LSU also.

    La. Tech scholarships were· awarded Stephanie Smith, Claire Blackwell, John Lea, Barry Sav- ory, Ross Ramsey, and Richard Emch for $14 a quarter, while Jane McHorse and Judy Feron were given scholarships of $QO a semester from USL.


    The processional "Pom9 and Circumstance" wiff be played by the band to be followed by the national anthem. Bill Confy, senior cfass vice president, wilf dfer the invocation proceeding another presentation by the band. Bo'bby Tucker, class presi-


    dent, will then introduce t.he speakers for the evening.

    Speakers will be Tommy Ar- ceneaux, Patti Dunaway, and Richard McKenzie, each of whom has made contributions to the school. Subject of each speech wiff be found in the motto: "Des- tiny is not a matter of chance, it thi ng to be waited for, it is a things to be achieved."-W. J. Bryan.

    Tommy will speak on "Des- tiny and the Nation ," Richard on 'Destiny and Our Fellowman,'r and Patti on "Destiny Within Ourselves."

    After the concludinq speech, Principal Stanley Powell will pre- sent the diplomas . Graduation officially ends with the benedic- tion by Larry Hiller, senior clnss treasurer, and the recessional by- the band.


    Also on the senior list of ac- tivities is a bre~kfr~~t "n Frid~.v, May 30, from 9:00-10:00 in the school cafeteria followed by an Honors Day, Class of '69 pro~ gram in the auditorium from 10:00-11 :00 a.m.

    'Bobby Eatman ·was awarded a full scholarship from Centenary Alumni. Richard Emch received a $500 a year scholarship also from Centenary.

    Volume II Captain Shreve High Schoo1, Shreveport, La., May 2.1, 19·69 Number 8

    Robert Naremore received an $800 yea rly grant from the State Board of Education to La. Tech. Bill Harris was awarded $·1 00 a year scholarship for the La Tech Alumni Business Scholarship Fund. La . Tech's Alumni Engi- neering Scholars·h ip was received by Robert McFadden and Barry Savory and pays $300 a year.

    ROTC Presents Award to Gray

    Diane Greer received a $400 a year grant from the Northeast La . State Foundation plus $20 a semester from Northeast College.

    Awarded $2{)0 a year Abilene Christian College Academy Schol- arshrp was Freda Epps; The Uni- versity of Texas presented ton- nie Morr is with a Music Scholar- ship of $1 00 a year; Patti Duna- way received $150 a year schol- arship from the Jr. Classical League.

    Tommy Arceneaux, Richard Wilfiams and Jeff Crane received scholarship from the LSU Fresh- man Honor Award for $1 2'5 a year.

    Ellen Tadlock was awarded $1 7 a semester by McNeese State Colleqe.

    Recipients of Northwestern State College Hiqh School Honor Scholarships are Linda Jo Haine~·, Dorothy Jarzabek, Karen Jayne-, Erlen Russell, and Vicki Tarlton. The monetary value of these scholarships is $20 per fall and spring semesters, and $1 0 for the summer term. The grants may be used until completion of the undergraduate degree if a 3.0 point grade average is main· tain.

    In •honor of the late Cadet Cor- poral Doug Pease, his family has sponsored a memorial award for a cadet exemplifying the quali- ties of loyalty, esprit de corps, military excellence and bearing, and for participation in ex~ra curricular ROTC activities. This· year's winner was Cadet Ser- geant First Class Robert Gray.

    The Superior Junior Cadet Pecoriation, awarded by the De- partment of the Army for m iIi- tary and academic excellence, and for demonstrated qualties of leadership, discipline, courtesy, and character, was awarded to Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Don Galledare, the outstanding cadet of the senior class; Cadet First Sergeant William Willis, the out- slianding cadet of the· junior class; and Cadet Ed Melton, the. outstanding cadet of the sopho• more class.

    Com'mand Sergeant Major Ohiasson awarded the Command- ant Ribbon for outstanding serv-

    NEW ENTERPRISE STAFF MEMBERS are Debbie Aldridge, Sandra Prados, Brevard Hall, Kathy Haworth, Cathy Sinclair, Andy Breffeilh Johnny Cowen, and .Amy Cook. Seated are Lee Cook, Vida Traylor, Wanda Warner, Elaine Waller, and Carol Cordill, (Not pictured is Paul Kethley. Photo by Reggie Oberlag)

    ice, efficiency, and/ or achieve- met to Gadet Sponsor Lieutenant Colonel Janet Turner for out- Standing service as the "Little Colonel"ito Cadet Major Nelson Holmes for outstanding service, efficiency and achievement as rhe B1attalion Supply Officer and Commander of the rifle team; to C:adet Major Chris Middleton for outstanding service, efficiency, and achievement as the Batta- lion Plans and Training Officer and Commader of the drill team; to Cadet Spons·or Major Mary Tate f.or outstanding service as the rifle team sponsor; and to Cadet Sponsor Barbara Williams for outstanding service as drill tea msponsor.

    The Outstanding Caqet Awarq presented by the Reserve Offi- cers Association was awarded to Don Calledare.

    American Legion Post 52'5 and Post 14 awarded the Bronze Me-

    dal for military excellence and for scholastic excellence to Cadet Sergeant First Cl·ass Bill Willis for second year and Cadet Corporal Robert lngnam for first year.

    The Best Drilled Cadet Ribbon was presented to Cadet Corpor- al Will Malvin by the Reserv~ Officers Association.

    Jhe Best Dressed Cadet Rib- bon was awarded to Gadet Cor- poral Ken Williams by the Com- mandant of Cadets.

    The Outstanding Staff Member Ribbon was awarded to Cadet Major Nelson Holmes by the Commandant of Gadets.

    The Outstandina Rifleman Rib- bon was awarded by the Re- serve Officers Association to Ca- det First Lieutenant Ron Harman for his senior clrass, Cadet Ser• geent First Class Frank Schwartz- enburg for his junior class, and Cadet Corporal Greg Bechtol for his sopho~ore class.

    Enterprise Wins Awards The Enterprise won second

    place in the Class AAA Lagni•ap- pe Awards for the end of the year contest held by the Louis- iana Scnofastic Press Association. The ;-loly C .r o s s Bu'lle~in of New Orleans placed first.

    Martha Ol iver won first pf,ace in feature w rit inq while Don Ak- chin placed sec~nd and Wanda Warner was awarded third place . Caro l Cord ill, John Norton , and Gordon Boogearts each won an an honorable mention in feature writing.

    Mrs. Elizabeth Lawson , ad- visor for the Enterprise, submit- ted the October, November, De- cember, and February issues as w ell as individual features to the LSU School of Journalism to be judaed for the contest .

    The editorial ·staff for the 19·69-70 Enterprise was announc-

    ed. Serving as co-editors-in-ch1e1- will be Elaine Waller and Wanda Warner.

    Kathy H·aworth has been chos- en managing editor. News edi- tor will be Brevard Hall and Vida fray lor.

    Cathy Sinclair will be picture editor and Paul Kethley will be art editor . Sandra Prados will serve as copyreader.

    Typists will be Amy Cook, Lee Cook . a nd Carol Cordill. Debbie Aldr idqe will serve as circula- tion and exchange editor and photooraphers will be Andy Breffe ilh and Johnny Cowen.

    Next yea r's st·aff was chosen bv Mrs. El izabeth Lawson , facul- tv soonsor, and the 196'8J69 st·'lff. Th is new staff has pub- lished the April and May issues while being supervised by this year's staff.

  • Page Two THE ENTERPRISE May 21, 1%9

    Speakers Portray Communist Strategy

    Amer icanism Week, April 28- May 2, utilized television, a sing- ing group, posters, and guest speakers to emphasize the theme, "Which Way America."

    'Trail Boss' Encouraged, Praised, Protected, Led

    lnterac.t Club participated by making posters and presenting 500 decal s of the American flag for students' cars. Key Club pS- sisted the Student Council in planning events and printi ng programs for each assembly. In add ition, the ROTC and Student Council collaborated in produc- ing a booklet on flag courtesy.

    Guest speakers for the week were the Rev. Robert White, Judge Gorman Taylor of the Caddo


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