graduation ceremony - batchelor institute 2015. 8. 27.آ  2 the graduation ceremony traditionally,...

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  • Friday 4th September | Alice Springs Campus


    Artwork: © Lavinia Richards

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    Graduation Flags

    Aboriginal flag Designed by Harold Thomas

    Black represents the Aboriginal people of Australia. Red is the ochre colour of the earth and a spiritual relation to the land. Yellow represents the sun, the giver of life and protector.

    Torres Strait Islander flag Designed by Bernard Namok

    The two green lines represent the mainlands of Australia and Papua New Guinea. The blue between these two continents is the blue of the Torres Strait Island waters. The black links represent the people of the Torres Strait. White represents peace.

  • Order of proceedings Graduation Ceremony Commencing 2.00pm

    Master of Ceremonies Dawn Ross, Family Wellbeing

    Arrival of Academic and Graduand Procession with Drum Atweme of Yipirinya School

    Welcome to Country Lhere Artepe

    Address by Chair of Council Professor Markham Rose

    Address by the Chief Executive Officer - Director Mr Robert Somerville AM

    Presentation of Awards for Excellence and Achievement Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association (CAAMA) Award Koori Mail Award NBC Consultants Award

    Keynote Speaker The Hon Peter Chandler MLA

    Conferral of Awards Further Education

    Course Completions – Preparation for Tertiary Success Professor Steven Larkin

    Student Response Susan Walker, Alice Springs

    Close of ceremony and departure of Academic Procession Afternoon tea will be served for all graduates and guests

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    The graduation ceremony Traditionally, universities and other tertiary institutions hold graduation ceremonies to formally confer awards on students who have successfully completed a program of study.

    At Batchelor Institute, graduation ceremonies combine European traditions with the cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities, graphically demonstrating the Institute’s both-ways philosophy of education.

    Among the most obvious elements derived from the European tradition is the distinctive academic dress worn by graduating students and others entitled to do so because of their position within the Institute or their academic qualifications.

    The gowns, hoods and stoles worn by many of those at the ceremony have their origins in patterns which have changed little since the Middle Ages. Traditionally, the design, colour and decoration of each have come to indicate the status of its wearer by denoting his or her field of study and academic level achieved. See the guide to academic dress in the back of this booklet for more details.

    Integral to the ceremony are elements reflecting the traditions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities from which students come. In particular, graduating students are encouraged to combine traditional decorations and regalia or their culture with their academic dress, emphasizing the both-ways significance of the occasion.

    Dance also forms a part of the overall ceremony, including its opening and closing moments when the academic procession arrives and departs. In addition, individual students are often ‘danced up’ to receive their awards by family and community members.

    Even when students are not accompanied by dancers, they are often escorted to receive their awards by family members, reflecting recognition of the shared and collective importance of each student’s achievements.

    PLEASE NOTE: A large number of students whose names appear in this program will, by choice, receive their awards either in absentia, at the Batchelor campus graduation ceremony in Batchelor, or at community celebrations held later in the year.

  • Alice Springs Campus Graduation 2015 | 3

    Director’s message Welcome to Desert Peoples Centre Campus of Batchelor Institute to join us on this very special occasion to celebrate the successes achieved by our graduands. In welcoming you I would like to pay my respects to the Arrente people who are the Traditional Owners of this land as well as to the many other Aboriginal families who have resided and lived in this wonderful region and like the Institute, call Alice Springs home.

    I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate every student who is graduating today. You now join a large family of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people from around Australia who have achieved success at Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education. Every one of you should be justly proud of your achievements. I know for many of you, like me, you are the first in your family to receive an academic award. It is now important for you to ensure that you continue to promote and support more of our people to undertake further study, just as you have done. If we as a people are to take our rightful place in Australian society, education is the tool that will enable us to do this.

    Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education has a wonderful history that now spans over 40 years. From our humble beginnings as a small annex of Kormilda College, to today where we are one of the very few Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Institutions in Australia providing both Further and Higher education. Currently Batchelor comprises of 22 campuses, learning and training centres across the Northern Territory that enable us to deliver education and training ‘on country’ in some of the most remote locations in Australia. Our ‘both ways’ teaching and learning philosophy allows us to uniquely tailor western ways of doing things to an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander paradigm.

    Our training and educational provision is first class and that is due to our committed and talented teaching and lecturing staff. Staff who are able to provide flexible and adaptable curriculum content that ensures that every student is provided with every opportunity to understand and develop the skills, knowledge and understandings to achieve success. These staff are supported by highly professional and competent support teams based at our three largest campuses in Alice Springs, Darwin and Batchelor.

    The quality of Batchelor Institute was highlighted in 2013 and 2014 when the Northern Territory Government recognised the Institute in both years as its VET Training Provider of the Year.

    Our aim is to reach out further and become Australia’s dual sector provider of choice for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. To this end we will be substantially upgrading our campuses in Alice Springs and Batchelor, moving to a much stronger enterprise model in the way we do our business, bringing on-line a public relations team, and you will see us on Facebook very soon, as well as a dedicated contracting team to work closely with our many industry partners.

  • 4

    In 2015 we are working closely with government agencies in the Territory to provide education, health and correctional services training to their employees and clients.

    We are embarking upon a recruitment and retention program aimed to reach an employment target, by the commencement of 2018, of 50% of all positions within Batchelor being filled by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

    During this year Batchelor along with our partners Charles Darwin University will be reviewing the Australian Centre for Indigenous Knowledges and Education (ACIKE), with the aim of strengthening and refocussing the Centre. The outcome we believe will be a far more focussed and revitalised Centre that will serve the needs of Batchelor, CDU and most importantly Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

    As an Institute we are very fortunate to be supported by our Council and its Chair Professor Mark Rose who provide us with the guidance and support that will ensure that Batchelor continues to develop and has that capability necessary to become Australia’s Tertiary Institute of choice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. I not only thanks the Council but recognise their selfless commitment to the Institute.

    I am very proud of Batchelor its staff and our students. We are unique and we make a difference

    Today, is about our graduands who are about to become graduates. I know that the qualification that you are about to receive will make a difference and I trust that it assists you achieve your own personal aspirations. Most importantly that it enables you to make a real difference to our people whether it be as a professional, a tradesperson, a leader or a role model. Today is your day, enjoy it and be proud of your achievement, all of us are very proud of you. Remember that your learning journey doesn’t end today, and that we are looking forward to supporting you with your next educational challenge.

    ROBERT SOMERVILLE AM Chief Executive Officer

  • Alice Springs Campus Graduation 2015 | 5

    Special Achievement Awards Each year, special awards are sponsored in recognition of students’ outstanding achievements in their fields of study. Batchelor Institute takes this opportunity to express its appreciation to our sponsors for their continued support, and proudly congratulate the award recipients.

    Central Australian Aboriginal Medi