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  • Graduate Trainee Scheme2019

  • SEPA graduate trainee scheme brochure

    Who are we? The challenges facing a 21st century environment protection agency are complex. That’s why we are transforming our approach. We’re creating a world class agency, ready for the significant challenges ahead. It’s what our planet needs and deserves.

    At SEPA we work to protect and enhance Scotland’s environment by helping communities and businesses prosper within the constraints of one planet. We call this One Planet Prosperity. This is an ambitious strategy and we’ll continue to need talented people to help us achieve it.

    Our first team of graduate trainees joined us in 2017. They have experienced challenging and varied work and development opportunities. They are a talented group of people who have delivered outstanding work.

    If you think you have the skills we’re looking for, and want an exciting job in which you can help create a better future, we are recruiting now for our September 2019 intake of graduate trainees.

    Terry A’Hearn SEPA Chief Executive SEPA Team Managers

  • SEPA graduate trainee scheme brochure

    What you will be doing? From day one you’ll be working with a committed team. Our people are determined to find ways of protecting and improving the environment that, as far as possible, help create health and well-being benefits, and sustainable economic growth for the people of Scotland. What we do matters and you can be involved in making a real difference.

    You will be hands on, in roles that will challenge and give you experience of a wide range of opportunities. You will develop a solid foundation of knowledge and plenty of transferrable skills. You will be involved in practical work to simplify and improve processes and procedures; generating new ideas and getting involved in small projects which turn ideas into reality.

    How will I learn? During the two year programme you will have four role rotations to different functions of our organisation. You will learn about all aspects of our business with rotations tailored to your degree subject, career interests and our needs. By the end of the programme you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to take up an officer level (band E) role within SEPA.

    You will learn through a blend of work experience, shadowing, training events, mentoring and coaching with support from your managers and colleagues.

  • SEPA graduate trainee scheme brochure

    Where will I be working? Here’s a flavour of the work that goes on in our seven organisational portfolios:

    In our Commercial Services portfolio you’ll be helping us generate revenue through the development and marketing of global commercial opportunities and by maximising external grant funding. You will enjoy the challenges of working on a diverse range of projects on an international scale that will demand extensive engagement both internally and externally. Working with this small dynamic team to market and deliver our services across the world is the perfect opportunity for you to build impressive business acumen.

    In our Evidence & Flooding portfolio you’ll be working alongside teams of dedicated and passionate people who are experts in their field. Their job is to provide vital scientific information to help us and the people of Scotland make the right decisions about how to improve and protect our environment. Our flooding teams work specifically on protecting people from the dangers of flooding and work innovatively to create solutions to reduce the impact it has on our country.

    During my time on SEPA’s graduate trainee scheme I have been involved in many exciting projects and had the opportunity to experience the diversity of the work that SEPA undertakes.

    I have taken part in port inspections checking for illegal waste shipments and presented at an international waste conference. I have used GIS to make sub catchment area maps to improve flood warning manuals and been involved in creating a risk assessment of climate change’s impact on SEPA. I have also assisted project leads on high profile projects and explored options for commercialising SEPA’s value added data. There are endless opportunities for personal development at SEPA and I have developed various skills such as effective leadership and project management.

    Laura Gillan

  • SEPA graduate trainee scheme brochure

    In our Finance portfolio you will work alongside a team of professionals who are behind one of our most important functions; looking after our public purse. We are funded partly by public money and partly through charging the businesses we work with for the licenses we give them to operate. Here, you will have a chance to develop the skills it takes to deliver an exceptional customer service in a fast paced environment.

    Our People & Property portfolio is home to our Human Resources, Learning & Development, Health & Safety and Facilities teams. Here, you will work with talented and passionate colleagues. They know that to achieve our big ambition, we need to have the right people and provide them with a great place to work. The teams collectively make sure that everyone who works for us feels valued, safe and supported.

    I have been really surprised by the breadth of work SEPA undertakes. The graduate trainee role has given me the opportunity to work in a range of teams from Ecology to Waste Policy and most recently in the CEO’s office. The trainee scheme gives you the chance to learn from industry leading experts and contribute new ideas to help SEPA progress toward our One Planet Prosperity goals. As well as learning technical aspects of environmental regulation I have benefitted from the wide range of professional skills training on offer including presentation, facilitation and project management. If you want to gain a wide range of experience in an ambitious organisation at the start of your career, SEPA’s graduate trainee scheme is for you.

    Aleks Schmidt - Hansen

  • SEPA graduate trainee scheme brochure

    SEPAs graduate trainee scheme has allowed me to develop a wide range of skills including project management, leadership and innovative thinking. It is a great opportunity to be able to learn and to be involved in different parts of a world class EPA. I got the opportunity to organise and host visitors at Director Level from Ukraine and Montenegro which involved engaging with the EU Commission. I have learned how to draw conclusions on water monitoring data for contaminated land sites and my conclusions and analysis has been used in external meetings for councillors. I have been involved in our yearly reviews for Sustainable Growth Agreements (SGAs), in particular our SGA with the 2050 Climate Group.

    Emma Waddell

    Our Performance and Innovation portfolio has been specially created to support our big ambition of meeting the global challenge of living within planetary constraints. Taking a new approach to the way we do things means we need to be more innovative than ever. The work here is varied and diverse; everything from developing brilliant ideas for transformative change to getting your message with our Communications team. You may get the chance to be creative with our dynamic marketing team or you might be supporting strong, working partnerships with key stakeholders.

    The focus of our Compliance and Beyond portfolio is to use its powerful geographic presence to co-ordinate SEPA’s interaction with regulated businesses, tackle unauthorised activity and, through relationships with local stakeholders and communities, build mutually productive partnerships. You will be working with other parts of SEPA to deliver a full range of activities and to establish countrywide and local partnerships to bring all businesses into compliance.

    The focus of the Circular Economy portfolio is to improve efficiency in the use of energy, water and materials by Scottish businesses whilst building a circular economy for Scotland. We strive to drive the best use of resources, in a way that will help achieve One Planet Prosperity through Sector Plans.

  • SEPA graduate trainee scheme brochure

    SEPA’s graduate trainee scheme has offered me a wide variety of opportunities to get involved in key aspects of our organisation. I have had the chance to work on significant projects such as delivering our Tyres sector plan and assisting the implementation of our enforcement tools. The highlight has been my involvement with the local regulatory team. Responding to pollution complaints and visiting our regulated sites has provided me with a fantastic opportunity to develop my communication skills and offered me great exposure to the front line of our regulatory work.

    Craig Fraser

    My time at SEPA has been filled with so many new experiences and opportunities, and I feel really fortunate that so early on in my career I’ve been able to work in such a modern and forward thinking EPA. So far, I’ve been involved in a range of projects, including working to incorporate the UN Sustainable Development Goals into internal policies as well as publicising the use of these within the wider business network in Scotland, undertaking a review of the organisation’s hydrometric network across the country to improve its efficiency and delivering an international project in Malta in collaboration with the European Commission and the Maltese Planning Authority. I’ve developed my project management skills, as well as experiencing the impo


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