Grade 6 English Writing Writing a Paragraph Short Story From Ones Experience

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<p>Writing a Paragraph/Short Story From Ones Experience</p> <p>I. Learning Objective</p> <p> Write a paragraph/short story from ones experience</p> <p>II. Subject Matter</p> <p>A.Topic: Writing a Paragraph/short Story From Ones ExperienceB. References: PELC IV 6 C. Materials: pictures of a child doing different activities, picture of a castleValue Focus:Be active or alertBe appreciativeCleanliness</p> <p>III.ProcedureA. Preparatory ActivitiesReview </p> <p>Recall the mechanics in writing a paragraph</p> <p> Observe margin Indent the first sentence of the paragraph Write words with the correct spelling Observe correct punctuation marks</p> <p>Motivation</p> <p>What did you do yesterday?</p> <p>Possible activities: I went to the market yesterday. I bought a kilo of rice. I also bought some fruits for the family.</p> <p>B. Developmental Activities1. Presentation</p> <p>Look at these pictures. This boy is Leo. He is in Grade Four like you. He does many things every day before going to school.</p> <p>2.</p> <p>1.</p> <p>4.3.</p> <p>5.</p> <p>Discussion and Analysis</p> <p>What does he do in the first picture? second picture? and so on. (Teacher writes the answers in a paragraph form on the board. What kind of a boy is Leo? (Recall the mechanics and format of the paragraph.)</p> <p>Present another picture, the Fantasy Island.)Children, we are going to visit Fantasy Island where a castle is found.</p> <p>Get ready we are going to start our journey to Fantasy Island.</p> <p>1. Show the picture of a castle.2. Tell the pupils to close their eyes and imagine that they enter a castle.3. Questions will be asked.4. The pupils will not say their answers.5. They have to remember their answers.</p> <p>Questions to be asked:</p> <p>1. Where are you going? 2. Why are you going there?3. What did you see inside the castle?4. Who welcomed you?5. What did you feel?</p> <p>Possible answer:</p> <p>1. I am going inside the castle.2. I am going there because the King invited me.3. Inside the castle I saw the King, the Queen, and the Princess4. The King welcomed me.5. I was so happy.6.Tell the class to open their eyes while they are still inside the castle.7. Recall the question then ask the pupils to answer them.8. Instruct the pupils to make a short paragraph out of the answers.</p> <p>Value Integration</p> <p>If you happen to visit interesting places, how should you behave? </p> <p>Generalization</p> <p> What did you write about? What did you make out of the sentences? (Paragraph)</p> <p>C. Post ActivitiesApplication</p> <p>a. Answer these questions and make a paragraph out of the answers.</p> <p>1. What do you do after school?2. What time do you study your lesson?3. Who helps you with your assignment?4. What time do you go to bed?5. What do you do before going to sleep?</p> <p>Possible answers:</p> <p>1. After school, I go home to help mother in her work.2. I study my lesson after eating dinner.3. My mother helps me with my assignment.4. I always go to bed at 9:00 in the evening.5. I pray before going to sleep.</p> <p>b. Write a paragraph of five sentences about your experience last weekend.</p> <p>Enrichment Activity</p> <p>Write the activities or experiences you had on your last birthday party.</p> <p>IV.Evaluation</p> <p>Write a short story of five sentences on what you did at home yesterday.</p> <p>V.Assignment</p> <p>Write a short story or paragraph about your experience with your best friend.</p>