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Graceful Malevolence. Suzanne Distrola. The Crime. Kelly was found dead in the ballet studio around 2:00 a.m . on Wednesday July 11, 2010. She was killed at approximately 10:30-11:00. The Crime. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Suzanne Distrola

Graceful Malevolence

Kelly was found dead in the ballet studio around 2:00 a.m. on Wednesday July 11, 2010.

She was killed at approximately 10:30-11:00.The CrimeOne night, Ryan Liam waited impatiently for his girlfriend Kelly to return home from ballet practice. When the night grew later and later, he began to wonder. He decided to go to the studio and see why she was taking so long. Walking through the studio, he finds Kelly laying lifelessly in a pool of shattered glass on the studio floor. He calls 911 and begins to ponder.The CrimeRyan LiamDetectiveBoyfriend of victim23 year-old artistForensics studentMet victim at an art gallery and loved her ever sinceIndependentDeterminedBold

Kaylee BlaneBallet dancerInjury had disabled herMotiveRyans ex girlfriend. She still loves him.Jealous of Kelly for having everything she cant haveOpportunityShe was in the studio at the time of the murder

Keith OxleyKellys ballet instructorKnown to have feelings for KellyKelly was comfortable with him and could tell him anythingMotiveObsessionOpportunityDance instructorHad studio keys

Michael PropThe victims fatherDivorced victims motherShort temperedKnown to stock the victims houseWorks as a stable handMotiveHated the family but favored herOpportunityIn town to visit his father who was in the hospital which is a block away from the studio

Kelly Prop (Victim)Ballet DancerTakes lessons from Keith OxleyDaughter of Michael PropShes very intuitive but passionateTalked to Keith about anything

Bloody shards of glass from a broken mirrorStrands of hair (possibly animal hair)Tire tracks outside the studioA purse left at the sceneEvindence

Clues Seen fleeing the crime scenePurse found at crime sceneFinger prints and blood found on glass shardsSuspect 1: Kaylee

Suspect 2: KeithKeys to studioMatching tire marksKnown to follow her


Suspect 3: MichaelCluesIn the area of the crimeWork gloves found at sceneHorse hairFavors Kelly

Ryan took his major in college in forensics. With his forensic skills, he had concluded that: The blood on the shards of glass and the purse belonged to Kaylee The tire marks matched Keiths The animal hair strands and work gloves traced back to MichaelWho did it?Keith knew Kelly was practicing late that night. He saw Michaels truck at the hospital and stole his work gloves, which were covered in horse hair, out of the bed of the truck. He arrived at the studio at about 10:00, where he ran into Kaylee who was leaving. She made suggestive moves on him which angered him. He pushed her into a mirror which shattered and there she laid unconscious and bloody in a pool of shattered glass. Keith

A couple minutes later, he finds Kelly in the studio and he reveals his love for her and forces himself on her. She reacts with anger and tries to leave. Out of anger, he strikes her. Frightened, she runs through a dark hallway towards the door and trips over Kaylee who is laying unconscious on the floor. Keith, filled with rage, strangles Kelly (wearing Michaels gloves) and flees the scene leaving the gloves and tire marks on the pavement. Kaylee wakes minutes later to find Kelly laying dead only a couple feet away. In fear, she runs out of the studio, leaving her purse behind.


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