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Graceful candelabre. zVLyJM3q37. What we need: useless bulb, kerosene, wick. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Graceful candelabre

Graceful candelabrezVLyJM3q37

What we need: useless bulb, kerosene, wick.Process: 1. open the bulb 2. remove fiber from bulb 3. pour the kerosene into bulb 4. put the wick into bulb with kerosene 5. make a hole to the lid of bulb 6. fix the lid on the bulbUsage: You can decorate your garden or your living room with this original candelabre.Fast sofa from supermarket

What you need: shopping trolley, saw.

Process: 1. take the saw and cut the front of the shopping trolley2. put the pillow in a shopping trolley

Usage: You can use this sofa as garden furniture or without a pillow as a bench for example at a schoolyard.

Recycling recipesSave money and relaxCarpet of capsDo your feet need a massage ? Would you like to save up your money ? Well, here is an idea that will help you ! It can be a decoration, too.

WorkspaceBottle caps GlueBig board

ProcessSave some old bottle caps Seal up the caps on a boardAll caps seal side by sideYou can make different picturesA massage carpet is ready

Keep green and good luck ! Recycling recipesLenka Magerov Lea HatalovDo you have many things which are useless or broken ?Why not to use them?If you dont have enough place for your stuff, you can make a shelf out of an old ladder. It is very cheap and funny.

YOU NEED:Old ladderWooden boardsNails and hammerWood sawMetrePaint, brush and creativityHOW TO DO IT:You can prepare a suitable length of wooden boardsPaint the boards and ladder Let them dry Attach boards to the ladder with nails as you can see in the picture

We think this old ladder which was useless, is very interesting now and also a nice shelf.

Recycling Greenhouse for plants Hubov, Sivakov

What do we need ? Don't throw your plastic bottles away!!!Transform them to mini greenhouses. Did you know that you can actually use plastic bottles as mini greenhouses for seedlings and small plants ? A pair of scissors is all that you need for this quick and easy project.

How we can do it? First take your plastic bottle and remove the label (Applying hot water will help you if the label doesn't come off easily)Then remove the lower part of the bottle with using the scissorsNow all you have to do is to take your bottle and place it over your plantif you want you can remove the cap from the bottle for better air circulation what is valuable for seedlings the height of the bottle depends of the height of plants