Gr.10 IGCSE Art- Unit #1, Figure Drawing (week one A&B)

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Gr.10 IGCSE Art- Unit #1, figure drawing (week one A&B)


<ul><li><p>The first unit of 10th grade IGCSE art 2011~2012 is figure drawing. This picture on the side is my first measurement that was made during our first class, Aug. 23rd. 2011.We learned how to accurately measure the hight of the figure. we used the head as a guide to make the measurements.</p><p>This again is a figure drawing from my first lesson. As you can see, this figure does not really look like a person, it is very simple and the measurement, proportion are off. although I did not write down the time, for this drawing I believe it took over 15 minutes. To be honest I sucked.</p></li><li><p>Is is my first full figure drawing on a A3 paper. This drawing took 15 minutes and I believe it looks much more accurate then the previous drawing and definitely much more realistic. However there are plenty points of improvement, such as measuring the width of the body, arm or legs.</p></li><li><p>On the third lesson I tried to draw a figure from the side, however since we werent taught about foreshortening some part did not turn out well, however my proportions were pretty accurate.</p></li><li><p>As you can probably see the proportion of the body and leg width are off, though the placements of the joint are fairly correct. Another point I needed to work on was the angle of the shoes or feet.</p></li><li><p>Again I attempted a side view of a figure, however i could not create any depth in the drawing so the figure looks very flat.</p></li><li><p>This is was my first drawing with a figure on a chair. For my first attempt I its not such a bad drawing however some parts, as you can see are very off. Such as the bottom leg, it is fine except you can not see the thigh or the arms are very thin. </p></li><li><p>This was a drawing done during the same class as the previous drawing. It was an attempt to draw a cross legged figure. This was my first 5 minutes drawing and as you can see I did not succeed in finishing the figure, however the measurements are accurate and the cross leg is drawn pretty well.</p></li><li><p>This drawing, I believe was simply too small!</p></li></ul>