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<ul><li>1.GPRS is a company engaged inthe remittance and consumerservices industry, for the Globaland Local Filipinos that promotesreliability and efficiency.It is the fastest growing remittancecompany today both locally andinternationally.</li></ul> <p>2. All in One Online Service SystemThe GPRS System is an online (web) basedtransactional and reporting facility which iscapable of doing the following services: Remittance Fulfillment Service Bills Payment Service Ticketing &amp; Booking Service Traditional and Unified Airtime Loading 3. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY 4. Remittance ServiceInternational Remittance Partners to GPRSGPRS aims to make the lives of OFWs andtheir loved ones convenient and easy. Theycan now pick-up money remitted with ourinternational partners inany of our GPRS outletsnationwide. 5. Remittance Service GPRS to GPRS Send and receive your remittances to GPRS outlets. We have 200 remittance partners around the world and 96 Outletoutlets throughout the Philippines and still growing.Outlet OutletFast, Efficient, Reliable . Affordable!Soon to Open in other Key Locations Globally 6. Remittance ServiceInternational Coverage AustraliaQatar Kuwait Austria Singapore U.K. Canada Spain U.S.A. Greece Taiwan Japan Ireland U.A.E. Hong Kong New Zealand Oman PalauKingdom of Saudi Arabia Soon to Open in other KeyLocations Globally 7. Remittance ServicesGPRS to Smart Padala/Smart Money &amp; G-cashYou can also send and receive cashchoosing Smart Money/Smart Padala andG-cash service through GPRS. Receivemoney via cellphone and remit to thenearest Smart or Globe outlets nationwide.You can remit your Smart/ Smart padalaand G-cash to GPRS outlets. 8. Remittance ServicesGPRS to Smart Padala/Smart Money &amp; G-cashFast, Efficient, Reliable Affordable! 42 MILLIONUsers Nationwide!Outlet 9. Remittance Service GPRS to Credit to BankSend cash via ATM anytimeanywhere with GPRS credit to bankfeature. This enables you to sendyour remittance in any GPRS outletand remit to any bank account andto any bancnet or megalinksupported ATM. 10. Remittance Services GPRS Pick Up through Pera PadalaGPRS in partnership with CLSC Pera Padala, is bringingthe Pick Up service to the Global Filipino community. Theremittance is claimed by the beneficiary over the counterthrough all Cebuana Lhuilliers branches nationwide. PeraPadala answers the needs of students, workers and othercustomers for immediate money transfer without theworries of maintaining a bank account. With branchesspread all over the country, customers will have an easiertime to remit and claim money. 11. Remittance ServicesGPRS Pick Up through Perato Creditto GPRS International Remittance Local Remittance GPRS to GPRS Partners to BankGPRS Padala/KwartaGramFast, Efficient, Reliable Affordable!1200 BranchesNationwide Outlet OFWmore than 40 partners with more than200 outlets in more than 15 countries! 12. RBC Income 13. GPRS Remittance Income GPRS to GPRS Outlets : Outlet will earn 25% of the Service Charge of sending and 25% of payout.Normal Pera Padala: Php.1,000-5,000Assuming we have Php. 60.00 (Service charge)25% of 60.00 = Php. 15.00 (Income of an outlet per transaction)Php.15.00 x 20 transaction/day= Php. 300.00/dayPhp. 300.00 x 30 days= Php. 9, 000.00 14. GPRS Remittance Income GPRS to Non-GPRS Outlets : Outlet will earn 15% of the Service Charge of sending.Normal Pera Padala: Php.1,000-5,000Assuming we have Php. 60.00 (Service charge)15% of 60.00 = Php. 9.00 (Income of an outlet per transaction)Php. 9.00 x 20 transaction/day= Php. 180.00/dayPhp. 180.00 x 30 days= Php. 5, 400.00 15. Bills Payment Services Bills Payment SystemThe system is equipped with a payment facility thatallows an OUTLET to enable the Sender to pay forutility bills of his household by just providing yourreference account number, type of payment, andthe period covered. 16. Bills Payment Services Utility Service CompaniesSky DSL iTech Mango Sunlife of Canada Sunlife FinancialK IS E R ...and many more! 17. RBC Income Bills Payment Income ASSUMING: 10,000 Households (at least) residing in the area. (3 to 4 Utility Bills per household) P. 4.00 P. 5.00 income per transaction depending on merchants.10,000 household x 3 bills= 30,000 transaction/mo.30,000 transactions x Php. 5.00 = Php. 150,000.00 (income of anoutlet) 18. Ticketing Services Ticketing &amp; BookingYou can also avail our ticketingservices at GPRS. We offer localand international ticketing andbooking. One can avail of cheapairfare and seafare deals todifferent destinations worldwide.Experience the comfort ofbooking your flights at GPRS andsave time and money on yourtravel. 19. RBC Income Ticketing IncomeLocal Tickets:Outlets can earn Service Charge of P. 150.00 toP. 300.00 per ticket.Assume:20 tickets sold per monthX 200.00 pesos per ticketTotal Income: Php. 4,000.00/mo. 20. Opportunity Ticketing IncomeInternational Tickets:Outlets can earn Service Charge of P. 750.00 toP. 1,200.00 per ticket.Assume:10 tickets sold per monthX 800.00 pesos per ticketTotal Income: Php. 8,000.00/mo. 21. Airtime Loading ServicesTraditional Unified3 Cellular phone1Cellular phone Sim card Fund3 Sim cards3 load fund 22. Airtime Loading ServicesUnified LoadingGPRS proposes to offer a new dimension of valueadded service specifically to the hundreds ofthousands of Filipinos. With over 42 Million ofmobile-phone users today, we developed anaccessible air-time transfer through our easy andeffective loading system. You can now load to anyGLOBE, SMART or SUN by using one SIM. You canalso load using our website, It is fast and easy. 23. RBC Income Estimated Income RETAILER LOADWALLETP 5,000/day X 2% = P 100.00In 30 days income = P 3,000.00 E-LOAD VIA USERS P 2,000/day X 13% = P 260.00In 30 days income = P 7,800.00 24. Cost Of All Services BreakdownFranchise Fee: Php. 300,000.00 + 12% VAT (one time payment)System License Fee : Php. 100,000.00 + 12% VAT (License to use the system for 5 years)Security Bond Deposit: Php. 100,000.00 (Refundable)Retailers Card (90pcs.): Php. 18,000Inventory Stocks Product : Php . 30,000.00 Php. 596,000.00 25. Inclusions:Sign BoardMarketing flyers, Brochures, Smart Moneyand G-cash Tarps, etc.GPRS Account with Username and PasswordTraining and Marketing SupportCustomer Service 24/7 26. REQUIREMENTS Pre-Application- Application Form (filled up)- Legal Documents (photocopy)- Location Map- Payment- Cooperative Profile- CDA Certificate of Good Standing Post Application- space of at least 10 m2- Personal Computer (desktop preferred)- Internet Connection- Printer (dot matrix)- Telephone/Telefax (Fax Machine)- LandBank or BDO Bank Account ( enrolled Internet Banking )- Remittance License (Banko Sentral) 27. The combined resources of twocompanies. We believe can propel and jump start the provisioning of valueadded product and services to our clients. 28. End of Presentation Thank You! </p>