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Terr Africa 2005-2006 Enabling and Implementing the Scaling Up of Sustainable Land Management 7-8 September 2005 Johannesburg, South Africa. Governance Overview Governance Principles Structure Organisational Chart Summary of Bodies. Overview. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • GovernanceOverviewGovernance PrinciplesStructureOrganisational ChartSummary of Bodies

    TerrAfrica 2005-2006Enabling and Implementing the Scaling Up of Sustainable Land Management7-8 September 2005Johannesburg, South Africa

  • OverviewCollaborative efforts in SSA for Sustainable Land Management (SLM) in Sub-Saharan Africa under TerrAfrica need to be framed within governance structure that is:

    Coherent Lean Inclusive Accountable Responsive

    This structure should

    Engage stakeholders from all interested sectorsAddress weaknesses and gaps identified in pastRecord, promote and coordinate proposed TerrAfrica priorities

  • Governance PrinciplesThe following principles govern TerrAfrica:

    African country ownershipTransparency and accountability Broad-based participation including civil society and local farming communitiesSubsidiarity based on partners comparative advantage Measurable and sustainable performance and results

  • StructureTerrAfrica has a two-tier decision-making structure:

    Country Level

    Regional Platform Level

    Consultative ForumExecutive CommitteeSecretariatSpecial Advisory Groups

  • Organization Chart

  • Summary of BodiesConsultative ForumUmbrella for the exchange of information and specific policy and technical discussions Intended to provide substantive inputs to guide the strengthening of an enabling environment to achieve TerrAfricas mission statement Open to all interested stakeholders

    Executive CommitteeLimited to 10 active partners representing core constituenciesCo-Chaired by two partnersDecides on:Strategy and Business PlanAnnual Work ProgramGovernanceInvites Stakeholders to Consultative ForumCreates Special Advisory Groups when neededMeets once a year in connection with COP/UNCCD

  • Summary of BodiesSecretariatFacilitates Work Program (preparation, implementation)Supports ECSupports and facilitates organization of CFManages MDTF and activities related to accountabilityTerrAfrica reporting and M&ESmall unit hosted by one partner (World Bank), plan to have it hosted in NEPAD after initial periodParticipation of partners assuming specific tasks, possible secondments


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