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Learn the ins and outs of using Plone as you build your professional-looking website.


  • 1. Got Plone? Now what?FULVIO CASALI - ful v i oc a s a l i@gma i l . comDAVID GLICK - dg l i ck@gma i l . comCRIS EWING - c r i s@c r i s ewing . comJESSE SNYDER - j e s s e@r a s ika consul t ing . comSEPTEMBER 24, 20142 100 BUILDING

2. Introductions Name Organization Do you have a Plonesite? Since when? What brought you heretoday? 501 CommonsFinal Survey No public Plone events in pasttwo years+ in Seattle Are you interested in futureactivities and events aboutPlone? What would you like to see? 3. YOU DO NOT HAVE A PLONE SITE YET YOU ARE READY TO REBUILD YOUR SITEAND ARE WONDERING WHAT PLATFORM TOCHOOSE 501 CommonsWhy Plone? 4. Word-of-mouth disadvantage No detailed side-by-side comparisons, but please see:Idealwares Consumers Guide to Content ManagementSystems for Nonprofits(google: idealware cms report) Consensus: choose a firm first, go with the system theyknow best or recommendImportant aspects: Security Active ecosystem Capabilities Governance5Why Plone? 5. CIA, FBI, governments, universities Intrinsic in the architecture Best security track record of any major CMS Frequency of security updates (think: Windows) Plone: 1-2 per year Other common platforms: about every 2 weeks Likelihood of a security update breaking something on thesite7Security 6. 8ActiveEcosystem 7. More choice in providers More add-ons More documentation More google More sites More clientsSee 8. One slide could never capture the full range of features of anyCMS. Here are just a few areas in which Plone stands apart,without any add-ons: Accessibility (US Section 508, WCAG - Web ContentAccessibility Guidelines) Essential for public agencies Over 40 languages: Internationalization, Localization,multi-language content support No admin screen Enterprise-oriented features: workflow, user/groups, roles& permissions, solid DB11Capabilities 9. Non-profit Plone Foundation (since 2004) Safeguards trademarks Conduit for support of community events No private/corporate ownership Open Source without private ownership: no secret backdoordeals with NSA Trustworthy for many governmentsDownsides: (almost) no marketing No central command & control13Governance 10. Prior to 2011, (at least) three major Plone providers in Seattle: GroundWire (formerly ONE/NorthWest) NPower Web CollectiveHundreds of organizations on Plone sites in the region, mostlyenvironmental, social, non-profits, mostly local.End of 2011: Web Collective closes. Most Plone clients hostedby Soliton Consulting.2012: GroundWire closes (.org). All 110 Plone clientstransferred in bulk to third party.End of 2012: NPower merges with 501 CommonsVacuum?But: most individual Plone professionals are still locally active.15State of Plonein the PNW 11. Plone 5! A lot of work happening Much excitementDemo17The Future ofPlone 12. A Users Guideto Plone 4 Compliments of Enfold Systems 501 Commonshttp://www.enfoldsystems.comFine print:The PDF is locked from printing, copy, editing, etc.We have permission to distribute the PDF to theattendees of todays event.The PDF is watermarked with this information fortracking purposes.This copy is intended for use by ONE person only. Itmay not be re-distributed by any means unlessapproved by Enfold Systems, Inc. in writing. 13. Demos