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Google wallet electronic wallet


  • 1. Accommodate Techno-SavvyCustomers By AcceptingGoogle Wallet
  • 2. As a merchant, having as manypayment options as possible isone of the best things you can doto grow your business. One of thenewest pieces of technology tohis the market is the NFCpowered Google Walletapplication, which allows peopleto store their credit cardinformation on their smartphone.
  • 3. For PaymentMaxmerchants, any sales that aremade using the new GoogleWallet payment method will betransferred to your bankaccount within one businessday. This is often faster thantraditional payment methodsthat can take up to threebusiness days to transfer.
  • 4. The best part of Google Wallet isthat its safe and secure forcustomers, as many are waryabout giving their credit or debitcard information out, and itssafer for you since the funds areguaranteed to be available andwill be transferred within onebusiness day.
  • 5. As NFC technology catches onand is integrated into moresmartphones, using asmartphone to makepurchases will become thedefault way of keeping ourcredit information secure nomatter where in the world wemake our purchases.
  • 6. Right now Google Wallet is only available on the GoogleNexus S and the upcoming Galaxy Nexus scheduled to bereleased in November. However, phones are beginning toship with NFC technology as the default standard, atwhich time the Google Wallet app will be made availableto everyone who purchases an NFC-enabled phone bydownloading it from the Android marketplace. There is noword on whether or not the iPhone or Apple will supportNFC technology in the near future, as the iPhone 4S doesnot.
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