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An infographic that outlines some interesting Google+ statistics and tips for SMEs to best take advantage of the fast-growing, second largest social network.


  • 1. Google+ Launched in 2011, Google+ now has over 500 million users 350 million of which are daily users 70% of brands have a Google+ presence and 48% of Fortune Global 100 companies use the network Did you know? Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook) has more Google+ followers than Larry Page (co- founder of Google) 925,000 new users join Google+ every day 68% 32% of users are male of users are female
  • 2. are male are female 10 tips for businesses on Google+ 1. Tag people 2. Set up Google Authorship to boost SEO 3. Post on community pages 4. Cross-post to Google+ to take advantage of trending topics 5. Use Google+ Events to launch products 6. Use Google+ to write long messages which can be linked to via Twitter 7. Use keywords 8. Use images (especially animated GIFs) 9. Use bold & italic text styles 10. Link to Google+ on your website or blog The team at Infodec Communications are social media experts! Get in touch with us today to find out more about how you can use Google+ to engage with customers & other businesses Created by Infodec Communications, 2014 (02) 9531 5595