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Functions of Google DocsMoises Morales Date: 11/4/15

Pop Quiz on Google DriveWhat is Google Drive?

What does it do what is it meant for?

What is an example of Google Drive? (HINT: Something dealing with Files) Pick one example out of two.

Google Drive Google Drive is a file manager for all of your Google Files you create in Google ecosystem. Its meant to save all the files you create all in one place. The two examples are Flash Drive and Floppy disk.

AssignmentCreate a new document name the document the Following: Google Docs Review. Name Center the Alignment to be in the middleMake it Bold and title the following Google Apps Review change size to 25 underline the title then press return to go to the next lineNow left align your text so the text starts from the left then write 2-3 sentences on Google Docs, when you can see yourself using it, an example of of Google Drive (Hint: In today's Powerpoint and Think of Files)Change the font to anything other than Arial @ Add color to the first sentenceShare at comment only