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Google Apps for EducationInstructor: Cindy Bak

Face to FaceOnline

Welcome Video:

Transcript: Welcome to our course on Google Apps for Education. My name is Cindy Bak and Ill be your instructor for this 8-week course. We will meet both face to face and online and study various Google apps including the docs suite, calendar, and classroom. Please be prepared to collaborate and support one another throughout our course. I also want to remind you to keep a student-centered focus and be reflective on the potential of these apps to impact student learning. I look forward to learning with all of you in the next few weeks.Welcome to the Course!

Topics of Study:Week 1: Google DriveWeek 2: Google Docs Week 3: Google SheetsWeek 4: Google Slides Week 5: Google FormsWeek 6: Google DrawingsWeek 7: Google CalendarWeek 8: Google Classroom

Google Apps for EducationMeetings:

Face to Face meetings - monthly

Online meetings through Google+ Hangouts - weekly

Meeting Norms

Face to Face IcebreakersParticipants will play a Kahoot trivia game about various California landmarks as an icebreaker Participants will line up in alphabetical order by favorite vacation spot and introduce themselves to the groupOnline CommunicationParticipants will engage in weekly discussion threads related to the topic of studyInstructor will also create a water cooler discussion thread for topics unrelated to the topic of studyPartipants will post their commitments to practice on Padlet during each weekly hangout

Strategies to build community

ClosureParticipants will conclude the 8-week course by completing the Google Educator ExamThe culminating project is to create a folder with examples from each Google app and share via DriveFollow UpParticipants will stay connected on Twitter and encouraged to use #googlegeeks for their GAFE-related tweetsParticipants will stay connected through a Google+ circle called Google GeeksClosure & Follow Up