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Brief explanation of Google Apps for Education for the Howard County Public School System.


  • 1.Google Apps For Education

2. Google Apps For Education 3. (GAFE) 4. What is it? 5. + 6. Instant collaboration Data gathering Available anywhere 7. Safe, secure web environment 8. Vs. 9. You have 2 GAFE Accounts Private Public 10. Can only share items with other HCPSS staff and students ONLY Forms can be shared outside 11. Administrative documents Teacher planning Student work Appropriate For 12. Can be shared outside HCPSS If created in Public side, CANNOT be shared to Private side 13. Community calendars Team or school websites Appropriate For 14. You have 2 GAFE Accounts You can only be signed in to 1 account at 1 time 15. Best Practices 16. If you ever use your personal account at school, use 2 web browsers (1 for each account) 17. ....Firefox ......Safari .Chrome Web Browsers 18. Chrome and GAFE work well together. HINT 19. 20. DO NOT click DOWNLOAD 21. Google Drive