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  • 1. Making Analytics Work For YouIntroduction to Google Analytics

2. Search Smart Marketing Mission Deliver superior client service and results by effectively integrating strategy,project management, client service and technology. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Paid Search Advertising Local Search Optimization Social Media Marketing Review Monitoring & Management Mobile Advertising & SEO Video Optimization Display/Banner Planning & Placement 3. Kate Hamilton-Miller Graphic Designer Started Digital Marketing, 2004 Joined Search Smart in 2008 Certifications Google Bing Social Media Memberships SEMPO National Association of ProfessionalWomen (NAPW) Women Centric 4. What Is Analytics? Definition Analytics is the discovery and communication ofmeaningful patterns in data Web analytics is the measurement, collection,analysis and reporting of internet data forpurposes of understanding and optimizing webusageSource: Wikipedia 5. Types of Analytics Onsite Visitors # of Pages Viewed Time on Site Popular Content Common Exit Pages Actions Completed Offsite Potential customer pool (search opportunity) Share of Voice (visibility) Commentary (reviews, social engagement) 6. Google Analytics 101 Terminology Proper Set-up Top 5 Reports Turning Findings into Actions Recent Additions 7. Analytics Lingo Tracking Code JavaScript placed on each page of your site Tracking URL Web Address of the page on your site you want todirect visitors to + relevant marketing info Campaign Marketing initiative; Email Blast; Paid Search Ads 8. Google Analytics Setup Free account Link to AdWords Webmaster Tools Integration Define Goals and Conversion FunnelsUSE THESAMELOGINACROSSALLGOOGLEPRODUCTS 9. Analytics Tracking Tag Everything! What Pay-Per-Click (CPC) Email Social Buttons, Posts Display How AdWords Auto-Tagging Tracking URL Generator SEARCH: Google Analytics Tracking URL Builder 10. AdWords Auto-Tagging Login to AdWords My Account > Preferences Edit, Check Destination URL Auto-Tagging Save Changes 11. AdWords Auto-Tagging 12. Reviewing Your Data Report #1 13. Report #1 Audience Overview Derive Meaning Compare Month1 vs. Month2 Have visits increased? Decreased? Remained flat? Major shifts in bounce rate or new visitors? Take Action Are you aware of any recent changes in: Marketing activities PR coverage Offline events Move onto Traffic Sources to determine cause ofincrease or decrease in visits 14. Report #2 Traffic Sources What sites are delivering visitors to your website? Traffic Source Types Direct to Site Organic Search Paid Search Referral Filter by Traffic Source type for consolidated data Referral sources include Social Media, PR & Blogs 15. Reviewing Your Data Report #2 16. Reviewing Your Data Report #3 17. Report #3 Popular Site Content Derive Meaning What pages of your site are visitors drawn to? What pages do people visit, then immediately leaveyour site? Take Action Popular Content Create more content of a similar nature Send relevant paid search traffic here High Bounce Rate Revise the text on the page Misleading keywords? Try a new layout 18. Reviewing Your Data Report #4 19. Report #4 Visitor Information Derive Meaning Where are most of your visitors located? Do they fall within your area of service? Take Action Increase advertising or sales activity in lowvolume/high response areas Review paid search targeting settings if traffic iscoming from outside of your service area Remove any geographic references to areas you do notserve that are mentioned on the website 20. Report #5 Goal Conversions Online Purchase ecommercetransaction Micro-Conversion Visits to Contact Us Contact Actions Form Submission Newsletter Sign-up Downloads White Paper Brochure Site Engagement Pages per visits Time on site Social Engagement Blog comment 21. Reviewing Your Data Report #5 22. Reviewing Your Data Report #5 23. Report #5 Goal Conversions Derive Meaning What action(s) do you want people to take? Define GA Goal for that page URL Take Action Are your marketing efforts generating the desiredaction(s)? Which efforts are performing best? Do under-performing campaigns have a clear callto action? 24. Key Takeaways Proper Setup Ensures Maximum Data Collection Dont Get Lost in the Details > Focus on ActionableInformation Recommended Reports Audience Overview Traffic Sources Popular Site Content Visitor Information Geographic Location Goals/Conversion Performance 25. Want to Learn More?Join Us June 19thfor an in-depth review of Google Analytics Actionable Reporting Measuring Marketing Initiatives Conversion Funnels Visitor Flows Advanced Segments Multi-Channel Attribution Real-Time Events & Widgets Customized Reports 26. Thank You!Kate Questions: Use #7WondersAnalyticsSearch Smart