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<ul><li><p>Good tips for decorating with curtains </p><p>Do you want to make a room in your house look fresh with a whole new look? </p><p>Curtains add to the beauty of the room and are as important to the finished </p><p>design as art and wall color. One of the most affordable and quickest ways to do </p><p>so is adding or changing curtains. Curtains make a huge difference. </p><p>Currently, the trend is floor length curtain panels hung on an iron rod or </p><p>decorative curtain rod with finials. The look is simple and elegant. Unless the </p><p>window has lovely architectural style, adding curtain panels can be the final </p><p>layer that completes a room design. </p><p>Curtain, in interior design, decorative fabric commonly hung to regulate the </p><p>admission of light at windows and to prevent drafts from door or </p><p>window openings. Curtains, usually of a heavy material, arranged to fall straight </p><p>in ornamental folds are also called draperies. Portieres are heavy curtains hung </p><p>in a doorway. </p><p> Warm shades of reds, yellows, and pinks add life to a quiet room. </p><p> Cool colors such as grey, white, and blue give the room a soft look. </p><p> Green and browns add a pleasing earth tone. </p><p> The key is to pick the colors that make you feel good and also maybe try </p><p>complementing the other colors already in the room. </p><p> Longer curtains will visually lengthen a window and add perceived height. </p><p> Curtains that drape to the floor give the room a more formal touch. </p><p> Shorter curtains to the sill give the room a casual feel. Generally found in </p><p>a kitchen. </p><p> To soften and filter the incoming light, choose laces or sheers, which produce </p><p>a wonderful effect, and work well if you are layering fabrics. </p><p> To block out light, try a lined or insulated curtain or a fabric shade. </p><p> Fabric and insulated curtains offer privacy when you want it, and allow you to </p><p>let in lots of light when you choose so. </p><p> Curtain rods come in various shapes, styles, and materials. Finials help create </p><p>a silhouette. </p><p> Ruffled or tailed curtains work well with continental or mesa rods. </p><p> Tab curtains on wooden or wrought-iron rods may suit your taste. </p><p> Theres a look available for everyone. Dont be afraid to experiment. </p><p>Have fun while decorating! Pride and satisfaction come with making your own </p><p>personal design statement for your home. </p><p>Don't be afraid of the sunlight, and so pull down the curtains as soon as a bit </p><p>peeps in. A proper amount of sunshine is very necessary to good health. We </p></li><li><p>need the sunshine from outside, and the sunshine of love in our hearts and </p><p>homes, to make us happy. </p><p>When a curtain panel is too short, a width of fabric can be added at the bottom. </p><p>The fabric can be a solid color or it can have a pattern that coordinates with the </p><p>curtain fabric. The fabric can have a texture like velvet or suede to add interest. </p><p>Adding a fabric at the bottom of the curtain often adds an appealing design </p><p>detail and makes a packaged curtain look custom made. To add fabric to the </p><p>hem of a curtain without sewing, simply iron some fabric fusion between the </p><p>two fabrics to bind them together. </p></li></ul>