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1. GOLDEN RULES OF YESTERYEAR Remembering the Good Old School Days 2. Cursive Practice, Practice, and more Practice!!! 3. CRAYOLA CRAYONS box or 8 First Box of 8 Colors -- 1903. Schools used to give us a pack of these on the 1st day of school, free, along with a fat red pencil and an eraser. Everything smelled awesome. That was the 60's! 4. SCHOOL CAFETERIA LUNCH TRAYS What was your favorite lunch item? I remember the yummy yeast rolls! 5. HALLOWEEN CLASS PARTIES Back in the good old days, when kids could still wear their costumes to school and have a real Halloween party/parade... 6. One Room School Recitingover and over Is that a dunce hat on that student???? 7. The Old School Bell Did they ever find Ottumwas Old School Bell??? 8. The Schoolhouse Quilt 9. An Apple a Day.. Who remembers shining up an apple to take to your teacher? 10. OLD SCHOOLHOUSE LIGHT SIMPLICITY 11. Schoolhouse Clock Woo Hoo.It is 3:30PM 12. SLATES and Wire Baskets 13. SO SPECIAL I miss those days! 14. PENCIL SHARPENER Can you remember the smell of the pencil shavings? 15. Recess! My favorite time of the school day! 16. TIME TO REST Remember having to lay our heads down on our desks and rest? 17. The Chalkboard Remember being allowed to go outside and "clap" the erasers at the end of the day? 18. GEOGRAPHY Oh, yesgeography in our elementary schools All those pull-down maps!