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  • Facts about Goats.

  • The Goat FamilyA female goat is a nanny goat, a male is a billy goat and a baby is a kid.

    Billy3 kidsA nanny goat and her kid

  • How old do they get?Goats live for 8 to 12 years.

  • HerdsGoats are herd animals, they live with other goats.

  • What do goats love and hate?Goats love being brushed but hate people touching their ears.

    Dont touch my ears!

  • BeardsAll goats have beards under the chin.

    beardhornsMost goats have horns.

  • What do goats eat?They eat grass, leaves and hay. Goats have very sharp teeth.

  • UsesGoats milk can be made into cheese.

    Many people eat goat meat.Goat skin is used to make boots and bags.

  • Goats wool is sheered to make clothes.

    An angora goatSheering a goat

  • QuizWhat is the name of a baby goat?How long do goats live?What do goats hate?What do goats eat?Name 3 things goats give us.