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  • Hello & Happy New Year! With each new year comes preparation for another National Nutrition Month educational campaign in March. This years theme - established by the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics - is:

    Go Further with Food Recognizing National Nutrition Month in the DOC makes good sense because... Two thirds of American adults are overweight or obese. About half of correctional populations are overweight or obese. Many chronic conditions can be prevented or improved by eating a balanced diet, maintaining a

    healthy weight and active lifestyle. Chronic conditions reduce quality of life, and require costly medication and treatment. The proverbial ounce of prevention is still worth more than the cure! March 2018 will be an opportunity to educate those in our care, institution visitors, and DOC staff - to improve their health and wellness. Improving overall health not only benefits the individual, but can make for a better living/work environment for all. Attached please find four educational handouts. These can be posted in Dining Areas, Health Services Waiting Areas, Visiting Rooms, Libraries, Closed Circuit TV, Kiosks or published in Institution Newsletters. Handouts will be available in both English and Spanish. For better visibility, handouts have been designed using 11 X 14 paper, so they may not be printable on every printer. Staff may need to print to a different printer than their own. There is one handout for each week in March: Week of 3/4/18 Please post WK 1 NNM 2018 Go Further with Food Week of 3/11/18 Please post WK 2 NNM 2018 Nutrient Density Week of 3/18/18 Please post WK 3 NNM 2018 What is a Portion? Week of 3/25/18 Please post WK 4 NNM 2018 Limit Overconsumption As always, THANK YOU for taking part in this ambitious health/wellness educational campaign! Chris Christine Berndt Miles, RDN, CD Dietetic Services Director 3099 E. Washington Avenue Madison, WI 53704-4338 PHONE: 608-240-5560 FAX: 608-240-3342

  • Week 1 3/4/18

    How Can I Go Further with Food?

    Choose foods that provide sustained energy, without excess calories.

    Replace saturated & trans fats with unsaturated fats.

    Look for the whole grain stamp. If a product does not contain the stamp, look at the ingredients list and identify that the first ingredient is whole. Choose items that contain whole grains. Refined Grains lose nutrients like B vitamins.

    Limit calories from Added Sugars. Added sugars add calories without adding nutrients. This can lead to excess intake without adding quality to the diet.

    Added Sugars include: corn sweetener, dextrose, fructose, glucose, high fructose corn syrup, honey, invert sugar, lactose, malt syrup, maltose, raw sugar, and sucrose.

    Unhealthy Fats Healthy Fats

    Refined Grains





  • Week 1 3/4/18

    Cmo Puedo Ir Ms All Con Comida?

    Escoja comida que provee energa sostenida, sin exceso de caloras.

    Reemplace grasas saturadas y trans con grasas no saturadas.

    Busque el sello de granos enteros. Si un producto no tiene el sello, vea la lista de ingredientes e identifique que el primer ingrediente sea entero. Escoja artculos que tienen granos enteros. Granos refinados pierden nutrientes como vitamina B.

    Limite caloras de azcares agregadas. Azcares agregadas aumentan caloras sin aumentar nutrientes. Esto puede llevar a consume excesivo sin aumentar calidad a la dieta.

    Azcares agregadas incluyen: endulzante de maz, dextrosa, fructosa, glucosa, jarabe de maz alto en fructosa, miel, azcar invertida, lactosa, jarabe de malta, maltosa, azcar cruda, y sacarosa.

    Unhealthy Fats Healthy Fats

    Refined Grains







    Grasas No Saludables

    Grasas Saludables

    Grano Refinado

  • Week 2 3/11/18

    Select Nutrient Dense Food

    Nutrient Dense Foods:

    1. Nourish your body with vitamins, minerals, and lasting energy.

    2. Provide the nutrients you need each day, while staying within

    recommended calorie and sodium limits.

    3. Contain little or no solid fats, added sugars, refined starches, and


    Nutrient Dense Foods Include:

    Fruits & Vegetables

    Fruits & Vegetables


    Whole Grains

    Beans & Peas Unsalted Nuts & Seeds

    Fat Free & Low Fat

    Dairy Products

    Fish & Seafood

  • Semana 2 3/11/18

    Seleccione Comida Densa En Nutrientes

    Comidas Densas En Nutrientes:

    1. Alimente su cuerpo con vitaminas, minerales y, energa duradera.

    2. Provase de los nutrientes que necesita cada da, mientras mantiene los

    lmites de caloras y sodio.

    3. Consuma poca o ninguna grasa, azcares agregadas, harinas refinadas y,


    Comidas Densas En Nutrientes Incluyen:

    Frutas y verduras

    Fruits & Vegetables


    Granos enteros

    Frijoles y chcharos Nueces y semillas sin sal

    Productos lcteos sin

    o, bajos en grasa


    Pescado y mariscos



  • Week 3 3/18/18

    Be Mindful of Portion Sizes

    What Is a Portion?

    Its the amount of a single menu item served at a single meal or snack. It is

    important to consume portions that match the suggested servings per day

    for a well-balanced diet.

    How Can I Measure a Portion?

    Use standard measures, such as tablespoons,

    cups and portion-control scoops.

    How Can I Estimate a Portion?

    Compare portion size to common household items:

    Source: WebMD

    Portion Sizes are on the Posted Menu.

  • Tome En Cuenta El Tamao De Porciones

    Qu es una porcin?

    Es la cantidad de un artculo individual del men servido durante una merienda o

    refrigerio individual. Es importante consumir porciones que coinciden con la

    porcin diaria sugerida para una dieta bien balanceada.

    Cmo puedo medir una porcin?

    Use medidas estndares, as como cucharas, tazas y

    cucharadas para el control de porciones.

    Cmo puedo calcular una porcin?

    Compare el tamao de la porcin con artculos comunes de la casa:

    Source: WebMD

    El tamao de porciones estn indicados en el men anunciado.




    1 taza = bisbol taza = foco 1 oz o 2 cucharadas = pelota de golf

    1 cucharada = 1 ficha

    de pker

    1 rebanada de pan

    = 1 casete

    3 oz de pollo o carne =

    juego de naipes

    4 oz de pescado

    = 1 chequera

    1 oz carne de

    sndwich = CD

    1 oz de muffin o biscocho

    = disco de hockey

    1 oz de queso

    = 3 dados

  • Week 4 3/25/18

    Limit Overconsumption

    Overconsumption Causes Overweight & Obesity

    Excess weight increases the risk of developing high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and other long-term chronic illnesses that reduce ones quality of life.

    How Many Servings Do I Need Per Day?

    Fruits 3-5

    Grains & Whole Grains 3-9

    Milk & Milk Products 2-4

    Protein Foods 2-3

    Vegetables 3-5

    Fats, Oils & Sweets Use Sparingly

    Limit Overconsumption of Canteen & Snack Foods:

    Buy Smaller Packages - The bigger the package, the easier it is to consume more.

    Dont eat straight from the package - Remove one portion only.

    Out of Sight, Out of Mind - People tend to consume more when snacks are out in plain sight. Store food out of sight.

    Stay Active! Exercise!

    Exercise where you can, when you can even if its for a short period of time, or

    while seated in a chair. ALL exercise contributes to an active lifestyle.

  • Week 4 3/25/18

    Limite El Sobre Consumo

    El sobre consumo causa sobre peso y obesidad

    El exceso de peso aumenta el riesgo de desarrollar presin alta, enfermedades del corazn, diabetes y otras enfermedades crnicas de largo plazo que reducen nuestra calidad de vida.

    Cuntas porciones necesito al da?

    Frutas 3-5

    Granos y granos enteros 3-9

    Leche y productos de leche 2-4

    Comidas con protena 2-3

    Verduras 3-5

    Grasas, aceites y endulzantes Use poco

    Limite el sobre consumo de comidas de la tienda y de refrigerio:

    Compre paquetes pequeos Si el paquete es grande es ms fcil consumir ms.

    No coma directamente del paquete Remueva solo una porcin.

    Fuera de la Vista Fuera de la Mente gente tiene tendencia a consumir ms cuando refrigerio est a plena vista. Almacene comida fuera de la vista.

    Sea Activo! Haga Ejercicios!

    Haga ejercicios cada vez que pueda, cuando pueda as sea por corto tiempo, o

    mientras est sentado en una silla. TODO ejercicio contribuye a un estilo de vida




    Falla Renal

    Ataque al corazn, falla


    Ateroesclerosis, arterias



    Sobre peso puede causar presin alta y

    complicaciones relacio


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