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English DIRECTORY FD EXPRESSION Name service Notification service IID to activate Bonobo activation options Name Application unique name POA Custom CORBA POA IO Error Invalid argument value Command is insensitive incorrect data type stream not found property not found HTTP Moniker Standard Moniker factory generic item moniker stream MonikerExtender Echo component Echo component factory PATH Image header corrupt Image format unknown Unsupported animation type Stack overflow Bad code encountered Unsupported icon type TIFFClose operation failed Invalid XBM file NAME SCREEN COLORS License _License Written by Artwork by Pick a Color _Save color here Color Wheel Color Selection Input _Methods Select A File Invalid file name


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Remove Places _Places _Remove Files Modified Create Fo_lder _Replace Today Yesterday Fol_ders _Files _New Folder De_lete File _Rename File New Folder Delete File Rename File Pick a Font Sans 12 Font abcdefghijk ABCDEFGHIJK Gamma _Gamma value Input Screen Window MODULES mm Page Setup Application Printer Location Status _All Copies Layout Paper Job Color Print Group Warning Error Question _Cancel _Close

_Convert _Copy Cu_t _Delete _Disconnect _Execute _Edit _Find Find and _Replace _Floppy _Harddisk _Home Increase Indent Decrease Indent _Index _Jump to _Network _New _No _OK _Open _Print _Quit _Refresh _Save Save _As _Color _Font _Ascending _Descending _Spell Check _Strikethrough _Undelete _Yes Empty Cedilla IPA X Input Method Urgent Medium Standard Command Line File Invalid URI Child Item 1 Child Item 2 Network Servers

Program name Author entry _Settings Fi_les _Windows _Game Open a file C_lear Clear the selection Find Ne_xt Replace a string Select everything Create New _Window _Close This Window _New Game Pause the game Restart the game _Undo Move _Redo Move _Hint View the scores Text Below Icons Icons Only Text Only yes no App ID Has Progress Has Status Interactivity ID PREFIX Session management Cancel Logout Time DateEdit Flags Lower Hour Upper Hour Initial Time The initial time Date Select Date Calendar Select Time Title Logo image Top Watermark

Title Foreground Title Foreground Color Background color set Contents Background Color Contents Background color Logo Background Color Logo Background color Show Finish Show Help History ID GTK entry The GTK entry Browse Dialog Title Directory Entry Filename Default Path GnomeEntry GtkEntry Use GtkFileChooser Select file Path Path to file sans 12 AaBbCcDdEeFfGgHhIiJjKkLlMmNnOoPpQqRrSsTtUuVvWwXxYyZz Font name The selected GtkFont Show size _Details URL End World Hunger Pixmap Directory Picker dialog No Icon Icon selection dialog Icon Selector Browse Icon path Message Connect _anonymously Do Preview No Image Image Preview Top Ten User Sans 14 Table Borders Table Fill

About Disable Crash Dialog GNOME GUI Library Exit the test Character Map General Character Properties Various Useful Representations CJK Ideograph Information Characte_r Table Character _Details Font Family Font Size Common Character Table Next Script Previous Script Next Block Previous Block _Search _Go _Next Character _Previous Character By _Script By _Unicode Block Basic Latin IPA Extensions Spacing Modifier Letters Combining Diacritical Marks Greek and Coptic Syriac Thaana Devanagari Gurmukhi Gujarati Oriya Telugu Kannada Malayalam Sinhala Lao Tibetan Myanmar Hangul Jamo Ethiopic Cherokee Ogham Runic

Hanunoo Buhid Tagbanwa Khmer Limbu Tai Le Khmer Symbols Phonetic Extensions Latin Extended Additional Greek Extended General Punctuation Superscripts and Subscripts Currency Symbols Letterlike Symbols Number Forms Arrows Mathematical Operators Miscellaneous Technical Control Pictures Optical Character Recognition Enclosed Alphanumerics Box Drawing Block Elements Geometric Shapes Miscellaneous Symbols Dingbats Braille Patterns Supplemental Mathematical Operators CJK Radicals Supplement Kangxi Radicals Ideographic Description Characters Hiragana Katakana Bopomofo Hangul Compatibility Jamo Kanbun Bopomofo Extended Katakana Phonetic Extensions CJK Compatibility Yijing Hexagram Symbols CJK Unified Ideographs Yi Syllables Yi Radicals Hangul Syllables High Surrogates Low Surrogates Private Use Area

CJK Compatibility Ideographs Alphabetic Presentation Forms Variation Selectors Combining Half Marks CJK Compatibility Forms Small Form Variants Linear B Syllabary Linear B Ideograms Aegean Numbers Old Italic Ugaritic Deseret Shavian Osmanya Cypriot Syllabary Byzantine Musical Symbols Musical Symbols Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols Tags Variation Selectors Supplement Braille Canadian Aboriginal Cypriot Han Hangul Inherited Linear B Yi All Unicode Block Script Find Unlock Keyring _Deny New Keyring Password Create Default Keyring Allow access Allow _Once _Always Allow Unknown request type\n The Mysterious GEGL Distributor Build Date About GNOME News Developers Friends of GNOME

Contact No name Directory FSDevice MIME Type Service ServiceType Browse icons Run in t_erminal Language Generic name Re_move Basic Audio input device Audio output device Audio plugin Automatic echo cancellation Clear inactive calls Country code DTMF sending Enable IP checking Enable silence detection First name Incoming call mode Last name Listen port Maximum jitter buffer Maximum video bandwidth Minimum jitter buffer Missed calls history No answer timeout Output device type Placed calls history Play busy tone Play ring tone Received calls history Registration timeout Start hidden TCP port range The STUN Server The save prefix The zoom value UDP port range User directory Video channel Video format Video image

Video input device Video plugin Video preview Video size Contacts Near Me On This Computer Invalid users directory Bad information Removed STUN server Unknown NAT Open NAT Cone NAT Restricted NAT Port Restricted NAT Symmetric NAT Symmetric Firewall Blocked Partially Blocked Recording your voice No device found Picture Gatekeeper registration failed Answering incoming call Abnormal call termination User not found Insufficient bandwidth No common codec Call forwarded Security check failed Call completed Invalid URL handler Missing information Protocol Contact collision Categories Speed Dial Name contains URL contains Belongs to category Location contains C_all Contact New _Contact Address Book New _Address Book C_ontact Remote Contacts Local Contacts

Local Remote LDAP Remote ILS Subtree One Level Received Calls Placed Calls Missed Calls Calls History Remote User Call Duration Call End Reason _Send Fast Start disabled Fast Start enabled Enabled silence detection Disabled silence detection Detect NAT Type Test Settings 56k Modem Keep current settings General History Open text chat Open address book C_all _Available Aut_o Answer Auto answer calls _Do Not Disturb Reject calls Forward calls Speed dials _Hold Call _Transfer Call Suspend _Audio Suspend _Video _Save Current Picture Configuration Druid Change your preferences Control Panel _Dialpad View the dialpad _Audio Settings View audio settings _Video Settings View video settings Local Video

Local video image Remote Video Remote video image Both video images Normal size Fullscreen _Tools Address _Book Dialpad Adjust brightness Adjust whiteness Adjust color Adjust contrast Video Audio _Retrieve Call Resume _Audio Resume _Video Transfer Reject Incoming call from Gconf key error Bandwidth Enter your surname Start _hidden Video Display Users Directory Enable _registering Call Forwarding Call Options Event Play IP Translation NAT Settings String Advanced Settings Audio Plugin Audio Devices _Detect devices Video Plugin Video Devices Choose a Picture Images Available Audio Codecs Audio Codecs Settings and Enable silence _detection

General Settings Bandwidth Control Advanced Quality Settings Frame Rate Picture Quality Personal Data Directory Settings Sound Events Codecs Audio Codecs Video Codecs Recharge the account Playlist _Copy Location Show _Controls Show controls Skip _Backwards Skip _Forward Skip backwards Skip forward Volume Down Volume Up 0 kbps 0 seconds 0x0 Properties Save screenshot Skip to seconds A_udio Menu Always on _Top Always on top Deinterlace Help contents Languages Next S_ubtitles Shuff_le Mode Square Subtitles Totem Movie Player Totem Preferences Volume _Down Volume _Up Zoom Reset Zoom reset _Angle Menu

_Aspect Ratio _Chapter Menu _DVD Menu _Deinterlace _Eject _Languages _Movie _Repeat Mode _Sound _Title Menu Enable deinterlacing Repeat mode Shuffle mode Sound volume Vanity Webcam utility Save File Vanity Vanity Preferences _Picture Unnamed CDROM Unknown reason Menu Backend options Seek Forwards Seek Backwards Toggle Fullscreen Quit Enqueue Replace Playlist error Buffering Current Locale All files Playing GNOME Debug mode on No reason Vanity Webcam Utility Video CD DVD Filesystem Search Sort _Size _Toolbar Toolbar is Visible Ready

Unlimited Scan Device SSH Public FTP Windows share Custom Location Move to Trash Floppy Formatter Default filesystem type Default formatting mode Filesystem Settings Formatting Mode Physical Settings _Format Cannot Format Cannot initialize device Incorrect volume name DEVICE Format Progress Dictionary Hostname Port Local Only Context Database Sources Dictionary Preferences Print Preview Find Pre_vious Error loading help Border Effect Include Border Untitled Window Preparing to copy File already exists Disable Quick Search Show Additional Options Contains the _text days S_ize at least kilobytes Si_ze at most Owned by _user Owned by _group Owner is unrecognized Follow symbolic links

Include other filesystems O_pen Folder Search for Files No files found No Files Found Disable _Quick Search Available options Add search option Type Look in folder System Log Viewer System Log Close this log Collapse _All _Monitor Monitor Current Log Ca_lendar Show Calendar Log Days January March Ap