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    Information Meeting - 5 February 2010
    On behalf of the Department of Roads & Transport
  • 2. Introduction
    purpose of the RFP is to obtain proposals for the provision of road-based public transport services for the 2010 FIFA World Cup within the Gauteng Province,
    on a commercial basis,
    for passengers travelling between the OR Tambo International Airport and Lanseria Airport, and
    inter-city public transport hubs in the Cities of Joburg and Tshwane
  • 3. Services Required
    700 000 international visitors, with 400 000 visitors simultaneously in RSA
    50 000 bus and coach trips done in the busiest 2 weeks
    Road-based public transport service required for General Spectators and mostly visitors to Gauteng during the 2010 FIFA World Cup tournament
    Operating Period for the services will be from 4 June 2010 to 14 July 2010
    The Service shall be operated daily (Mondays to Sundays) from at least 05:00 in the morning with the last trips departing not earlier than 21:00 in both directions
    15% of the seats shall be provided in the two peaks each, 09:00 - 11:00 and 17:00 - 19:00.
  • 4. Benefits of Participation
    Access to loading and off-loading facilities at major transport facilities. GMA negotiated dedicated access to such facilities, which would be conveniently located and signed for passengers.
    The Contractor will be viewed by Government as an accredited public transport operator, in terms of the dissemination of information to the market.
    The GMA will provide the Contractor with a letter or certificate certifying that it had been appointed in terms of a contract for an application for temporary operating licences. (regulation 87/2009 in terms of section 96 of the NLTA (5/2009))
  • 5. Routes and Destinations
    ORTIA and the Tshwane CBD;
    ORTIA and Sandton;
    ORTIA and the Joburg CBD;
    Lanseria Airport and the Tshwane CBD;
    Lanseria Airport and Sandton; and
    Tshwane CBD and Sandton.
    Important to note: GMA may decide to exclude the route between ORTIA and Sandton after conclusion of negotiations with Bombela
  • 6. Passenger Forecasts
    Indicative passenger numbers provided in Schedule 3 are estimates only
    However, the GMA does not guarantee passenger numbers.
    Operating schedules/timetables for the Services must be developed, either based on the estimated numbers given in Schedule 3 or Bidders are to provide a motivation.
    Bidders must commit to have vehicles available to run according to the operating schedules/timetables agreed with the GMA.
  • 7. Passenger Forecasts
    Event Public Transport Demand Profile per Day
  • 8. Passenger Forecasts
  • 9. Structure of the RFP
  • 10. Conditions
    Bidder shall either be a Black Enterprise or a joint venture with Black Enterprise, where the Black Enterprise holds at least 25% Active Equity
    Bidder shall either be an Enterprise owned by minibus taxi operators or a joint venture, where taxi operators have a minimum of 30% participation
    Contractor(s) shall be obliged to provide a performance guarantee of at least R1000000 from a bank
    Bidders are to indicate their preparedness to contribute to the Social Investment Fund (SIF) and the extent to which they are prepared to contribute (Form 14)
    General Conditions of Contract (Schedule 4)
  • 11. Vehicles
    All vehicles must conform to the requirements and regulations of the Road Traffic Act, 1989 or applicable legislation and applicable SABS specifications.
    All vehicles also shall conform to the following requirements:
    No vehicle with a hard seat is acceptable
    Not older than 5 years at the time of the event
    The body should be dent free
    Certificate of Fitness (COF) not older than 6 months prior to the start of event.
  • 12. Fares & Ticketing
    Indicative fares are provided in Schedule 3
    No financial support from any organ of state
    Fare revenue should cover all costs associated with rendering the service
    Bidders should indicate fares per corridor Form 10.
    Contractor will be responsible for:
    ticket vending at or in close proximity of Hubs
    fare collection and revenue management
    No cash shall be handled on vehicles and all tickets shall be sold prior to boarding
    Any other means of selling tickets will be encouraged, i.e. off-site vending through third parties, internet, etc.
  • 13. Penalties
    Services will be monitored by an independent entity(ies), i.e. Supervising and Monitoring Firm (SMF)
    Traded off against guarantee
    Penalties will be imposed for
    Failing to provide specified trips
    Providing trips that depart late
    Vehicle breakdowns and replacement vehicles not provided under certain conditions
  • 14. Hubs
    • Bidders are to base proposals on the following assumptions relating to Hubs:
    • 15. Host Cities will provide electricity and water, ablution facilities and general way-finding.
    • 16. Host Cities will provide general security, cleaning and management services.
    • 17. Host Cities will provide adequate space for loading, off-loading and staging of vehicles.
    • 18. Host Cities will not provide space for extensive holding of vehicles, depot facilities or sleeping grounds
    • 19. Contractor to make arrangements for all facilities and/or offices related to the operation of the Service, including facilities ticket selling, service information, customer care, operations management and rest areas for drivers