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  1. 1. New Advances In Glutathione Enhancement Therapy Clinical trials show that the science, implications and economics of glutathione enhancement therapy have changed with a new technology: Standard protocols for intravenous IV glutathione therapy and nutritional intervention may be a modality of the past. A new light-based technology shows clinical results for safely raising glutathione levels up to an average increase of 300%. Improvement in and availability of effective glutathione therapy now holds huge implications for the health/medical industry. New medical technology created by LifeWave delivers this optimal glutathione enhancement through an FDA-registered medical device. Highlights of Recent Clinical Trials: A. Clinical trial of LifeWave product shows subjects achieved increased blood-level glutathione averages of 15 times higher than typical IV therapy results. B. Clinical trial of LifeWave product shows these sustained, high levels to be safe and profoundly beneficial in improved function of eight major organs within 30 days. (The glutathione patch worn 12 hours daily for 4 weeks significantly improves cellular physiologic functional status in different organs.) C. Ramifications for Medical Practitioners: For IV therapy clinics, economic changes caused by this technology are affecting business models. For non-IV clinics, a more effective and convenient glutathione enhancement product is now available to all types of practices and is a safe, convenient and affordable option for patients. For more information, contact:
  2. 2. New Advances In Glutathione Enhancement Therapy 2 New Advances In Glutathione Enhancement Therapy Introduction In 1999, the U.S. Navy funded a three-year research project with a goal of creating or discovering a different medical modality for extending life expectancy with a focus on energy enhancement. The end result goal was to keep personnel alert and physically able to sustain long periods of duty without sleep and while maintaining a high level of mental and physical function. An additional goal was to eliminate the typical use of stimulants, amphetamines and other chemical modes. The result was the development of a new technology that makes use of various frequencies of light which, when directed to the body, provoke specific responses by use of photo-receptors on and within human cells. A product called Energy Enhancer was developed to assist the body in more efficient fat burning and to enhance energy production within the cell mitocondria. After several scientific studies and clinical trials, the technology was registered with the FDA by Lifewave Corporation of La Jolla, California, and the patenting process proceeded in earnest. The technology was then further developed to include five additional devices specifically designed for other medical applications: 1. Glutathione enhancer - sends a light signal to the cells allowing the body to produce as high or low a level of glutathione as it requires for optimal physiologic function. 2. Carnosine enhancer - sends a light signal to the cells allowing the body to produce as high or low a level of carnosine as it requires for optimal physiologic function. 3. Pain reliever - assists the body in reducing inflammation temperatures by 4 degrees in less than five minutes, immediately reducing or eliminating pain regardless of the cause of the pain or inflammation. 4. Sleep enhancer - sends a light signal to the cells allowing the body to produce as high or low a level of melatonin as it requires for optimal physiologic function. Assists the body to easily achieve delta level sleep. 5. Appetite and craving control - assists the hypothalamus gland with improved function to bring cravings for food and other substances into normal range. Development of the Glutathione Enhancer at its early stage included a double-blind placebo controlled clinical trial (see attached, page 4: Hippocrates Health Institute, A New Way To Increase Glutathione Levels In The Body) to determine what blood levels of glutathione were being achieved. Prior to this study, it was expected that if very high levels existed, a high level expelling of heavy metals and other toxins would accompany the experience; therefore, stress markers related to kidney function were tracked on a daily basis for safety reasons. The assumption was that these markers would show an increase but, quite surprisingly, in this study, the opposite was found. This single finding spurred the researchers on to further testing to determine the specific effect this very high level of glutathione production had on the major organs of the body. A double-blind, placebo controlled clinical trial (See attached, page 7: University of Texas, Glutathione Patches Improve Cellular Physiologic Functional Status In Different Organs) was conducted in 2009 which confirmed the hypothesis that the LifeWave Glutathione Enhancer patch would hold profound benefits for the users in the area of organ function.
  3. 3. New Advances In Glutathione Enhancement Therapy 3 Glutathione Therapy More than 80,000 studies and trials exist today related to glutathione. From as early as 1964, glutathione has been applied in cancer therapy as well as for many other chronic conditions. Blood Glutathione levels have been identified as being one of the most important indicators of overall health. As the master antioxidant in the body, Glutathione has a range of diverse metabolic functions, including: Acting as a free radical scavenger Recharging depleted antioxidants back into their active state (Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, etc.) Maintaining the immune system Supporting protein structures Removing heavy metals such as mercury through the liver Because glutathione is a large molecule and thus difficult to introduce into the cells, effective supplementation has been a challenge. Roughly 40% of the available research relates to the topic of how to increase glutathione blood-levels. Dietary precursors are known to achieve as much as a 10% increase, allowing intra-cellular benefits while IV therapy, conducted several times weekly can bring as much as an 18% rise but is challenged by molecule size and other factors. The use of the new light technology developed by LifeWave renders these challenges mute in that it does not introduce any glutathione or other compound into the body. A specific frequency of light is directed to the body allowing appropriate photo receptors in and on the cells to initiate the chemical functions needed to produce, whatever levels are required by the body for its optimal physiologic function. The results of the first trial confirmed a 300% average increase in glutathione blood-levels, with production achieved by the bodys own physiology and without the addition of dietary precursors. Until recently, IV therapy had been accepted as the best available mode of glutathione therapy. Most all research showing the effectiveness of glutathione in treatment of chronic conditions is based upon this 18% increase. The LifeWave light technology devices are now showing profound results of sustained 300% average increases, in trials and in clinical therapy applications. Treatment, Economics and Markets Treatment with glutathione has required both complex protocols related to dietary precursors and economic barriers regarding multiple sessions needed for IV therapy. The new light technology by LifeWave allows a simplified application, making it a therapy which can be applied through any medical and healing practice or by the patient, and at a cost that is well within most budgets. The implications for clinics which rely upon IV glutathione therapy as a component of their medical practice is likely to be a sharp decrease in services requested and offered due to expense, convenience and, ultimately the ineffectiveness of IV therapy in comparison to this new technology. The Lifewave Glutathione Enhancer patch is covered under the Medicare Flex plan, bringing additional economic benefits for its use in the marketplace.
  4. 4. New Advances In Glutathione Enhancement Therapy 7 GLUTATHIONE PATCHES IMPROVE CELLULAR PHYSIOLOGIC FUNCTIONAL STATUS IN DIFFERENT ORGANS Sherry Blake-Greenberg ND, MA, HMD, and Homer Nazeran PhD, CPEng (Biomed.)* Health Integration Therapy, Palos Verdes Estates, California 90274, USA *Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Texas at El Paso, El Paso Texas 79968, USA ABSTRACT Glutathione, termed the ultimate or master antioxidant, is a vital intracellular tripeptide molecule and plays a central role in cellular physiologic functions. It is very important in cellular detoxification and protection from damage caused by free radicals, peroxides and toxins. Blood glutathione levels are indicative of overall health. Glutathione metabolism and its cause and effect relationship to diseases such as cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, cystic fibrosis, HIV, aging and others have been shown in biomedical literature. Currently the undeniable connection between glutathione and good health is very well established. Bioelectrical impedance data indicative of cellular physiologic organ function (status), using an Electro Interstitial Scanning (EIS) system, were acquired from two cohort volunteers after giving informed consent. Cohort 1 comprised of 10 subjects: 1 male and 9 females, 18-86 years of age while Cohort 2 were 20 subjects: 4 males and 16 females, 18-86 years of age. Cellular hysiologic function in subjects were evaluated in 8 organs (pancreas, liver, gall bladder, intestines, left and right adrenal glands, hypothalamus and pituitary gland) while wearing the glutathione patch for a period of 4 weeks. Physiologic function testing was repeated each week. Cohort 1 wore the glutathione patch for 12 hours/day daily, while Cohort 2 wore the glutathione patch for 12 hours/day on weekdays. Cellular physiologic function baseline data were acquired from all subjects


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