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  • 1. GLOBAL WARMING ANDTHE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY Done by: Levon Minassian Michael Rozynski Tatiana Stepanova Scarlett Yeiser Kim Laura Silva Martin Cuevas


  • International communitys action on global warmingis important because it can set laws, regulations, and policies which determine the proper way of serving the worlds energy needs through a collective effort.

3. Our goal is for the international community to reduce global warming by enacting effective legislation limiting greenhouse gas emissions, investing in more sustainable energy sources and division 4. GOAL Our hope for the international community is that it enacts policies, laws, and regulations that reduce carbon parts per million to a safe level while transitioning to more environmentally sustainable practices. This proposal will retard the global warming threat and allow future generations more adequate time to adjust to a changing environment while at the same time reducing our own carbon footprint. 5. WORLD CO2 EMISSIONS

  • United States

6. China 7. Russia 8. Japan 9. India 10. Rest of the world 11. PAST INITIATIVES

  • Montreal

12. UNFCCC 13. Kyoto Protocol 14. Asia Pacific Partnership 15. PAST INITIATIVES

  • MONTREAL Protocol

16. a treaty opened for signature on Sept 16 th1987, ratified on January 1 st , 1989. It is an international treaty designed to protect the ozone layer and control the chemicals responsiblefor its depletion. 17. PAST INITIATIVES


18. [United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change] is an organization which is currently responsible for creating international awareness of climate change and creating means to address this issue. Means which include the Kyoto Protocol. 19. PAST INITIATIVES

  • Kyoto Protocol (1997)

20. is an international initiative that has been taken in pursuit of mitigating global warming. Industrialized nations committed to capping their greenhouse gas emissions. 21. PAST INITIATIVES

  • Asia-Pacific Partnership

22. the partnership calls for a technical solution to global warming by developing and sharing clean technology (USA, Australia, Canada, China, India, Japan, South Korea). 23. FUTURE INITIATIVES

  • COPENHAGEN is a summit scheduled to take place inDecember of 2009 . This summit hopes to create an agreement for a radical reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

24. STERN REVIEW 700 pages study released by advisor-economist Nicholas Stern for the British Government suggesting a marketplace solution to the global warming. 25. NORD STREAM a pipeline project violating an environmental standards. 26. PROPOSALS FOR COPENHAGEN

  • U.S./China involvement

27. Implementation of Green technology 28. Reduction of emissions and enforcement of fair cap and trade legislation. 29.