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What is Energy?

Group Member: 1) Gaurav Bhagat 2) Ram Biswas 3) Gaurav Gorde 4) Piyush Guhe 5) Yogesh Dahake Department Of Computer Science and Engineering DBACER



CONTENTS Introduction.

What is Global Warming?

Green House Effect.

Effects of CO2.

Effects of other Gases.


What we can do to stop Global Warming?


What is Global Warming ? Global warming is the gradual increase in global temperatures caused by the emission of gases that trap the sun's heat in the Earth's atmosphere.

This is causing an increase in the rate of the greenhouse effect.

Global warming is a marked and extended change in the Earths climate for the warmer

The sun sends out energy as heat and light. This energy comes to our earth during the day time. Some of the suns rays get trapped in the atmosphere. Some of them get reflected back into space. The ones which get through the atmosphere warm the earth up.


All the time, the earth radiates heat into space, which cools it down. We only really notice this at night, when there is no heating from the sun. Some of the heat going out is trapped by the atmosphere. This is what makes our planet warm enough to live on. But if too much heat is trapped, our planet will warm up and the climate will change.


Why is global warming happening ? Due to increase in green house gasses .

Due to deforestation .


WHAT ARE GREEN HOUSE GASES ? The gases which trap heat make up less than 1% of the atmosphere! .They are called the greenhouse gases.

The atmosphere is made of 78% Nitrogen and 21% Oxygen.But these gases dont trap heat and cause global warming or climate change.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The main greenhouse gases are:-------------------------------------------------------- Carbon dioxide .Methane .- Nitrous oxide .- Water vapors .- Hydro-carbons .

How do humans increase carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere?Burning fossil fuels releases the carbon dioxide stored millions of years ago. Most of the increased carbon dioxide comes from fossil fuels

Deforestation releases the carbon stored in trees. Less trees also means less carbon dioxide can be removed from the atmosphere.


Graph of Carbon dioxide level.

The Carbon Cycle


How do humans increase methane levels in the atmosphere?The amount of methane in the atmosphere has increased by two and a half times since the Industrial Revolution.Increased rubbish in landfillIncreased livestock farmingIncreased rice growingMethane is also released when fossil fuels are extractedMethane is produced when bacteria rot organic matter


Natural Greenhouse effectMore heat is trapped and causes global warmingAtmosphere traps some heatSome heat goes out to space

Quite a lot of heat is trapped and the earth is warm enough for life.Un-NaturalGreenhouse effect

Heat radiates from the earthHeat radiates from the earthAtmosphere has more greenhouse gases

Atmosphere traps more heat

Less heat goes out to space



Methane is emitted during the production and transport of coal, natural gas, and oil. decomposition of organic wastes in municipal solid waste landfills and the raising of livestock.

Nitrous oxide is emitted during agricultural and industrial activities, as well as during combustion of solid waste and fossil fuels.

Very powerful greenhouse gases that are not naturally occurring include hydro fluorocarbons (HFCs), per fluorocarbons (PFCs), and sulfur hexafluoride (SF6), which are generated in a variety of industrial processes.


The Greenhouse EffectGreen house gasses directly effect the life:

Aquatic animals

Animals on land

Human Life

Forest Life

Polar Life


GLOBAL WARMING: Sea LifeGLOBAL WARMINGS NEGATIVE IMPACT ON SEA LIFE .Coral Reef Bleaching -Change in temperature and elevated sea level cause loss of algae in the coral. Coral appears white, or bleached. Result is mass death of sea animals, which are dependent on the coral reef. The penguin population near Antarctica has been declining as the distance between them and their food has increased.


The climate system varies through natural, internal processes and in response to variations in external forcing factors including solar activity, volcanic emissions, variations in the earth's orbit (orbital forcing) and greenhouse gases.

The detailed causes of the recent warming remain an active field of research, but the scientific consensus identifies increased levels of greenhouse gases due to human activity as the main influence. This attribution is clearest for the most recent 50 years, for which the most detailed data are available.

Contrasting with the scientific consensus, other hypotheses have been proposed to explain most of the observed increase in global temperatures. One such hypothesis is that the warming is caused by natural fluctuations in the climate or that warming is mainly a result of variations in solar radiation.


Ice is thinningAntarctica, home to these penguins, is heating up. The annual melt season has increased up to three weeks in 20 years.


THE EFFECTS OF GLOBAL WARMING ON LAND ANIMALSGlobal warming can disrupt the migration, hibernation and reproductive cycles of certain types of animals.

Plants and animals will find it hard to escape or adjust to the effects of warming because humans occupy so much land.Farmland or cities interrupt the movement of species between habitats.

Bushfires are becoming more and more common due to intense heat and long periods without precipitation. Bushfire numbers are especially on the rises in countries like the US and Australia


Extreme temperatures can directly cause the loss of life (ex: 35,000 people died during heat wave in Europe, Aug03.)

Warmer weather provides an ideal breeding environment for mosquitoes. Diseases such as West Nile will be more common.


Tropical DiseasesGlobal Warming increases drought which lessens the supply of clean drinking water.Cholera

It increases temperature providing an ideal breeding environment for mosquitoes. Dengue feverMalariaYellow fever.Skin problemEye Diseases .Asthama .

How To Prevent Global WarmingPlant treesConserve energyBuy energy efficient productsBuy products that have reusable or recyclable packagingReduce use of car (walk instead). Use less hot water Be sure youre recycling at home Reuse your shopping bag Buy fresh foods instead of frozen Seek out and support local farmers markets Buy organic foods as much as possible

What Can be Done: Alternatives

Renewable Energy Sources

Solar Energies

Wind Power



Changes In Vehicle SystemsHybrid

Fuel Cell



Conclusion Global warming is affecting plants, animals, humans and the earth. We need to learn how to conserve our use of fossil fuels to minimize carbon dioxide production. This will slow down the effects of global warming.

Spread the word! Tell other people things that they can do to help prevent global warming.

Remember -- Every person makes a difference!

Thank You !