Global Li-ion Battery Market for Tablets 2015-2019

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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Global Li-ion Battery Market for Tablets</p> <p>USA CANADA UK CHINA INDIA </p> <p>Global Li-ion Battery Market for Tablets 2015-2019The report discusses the following in-depth:</p> <p> Market Size and Forecast Market Segmentation Buying Criteria Vendor Landscape Business Segmentation Geographical Segmentation</p> <p>For more information on theGlobal Li-ion Battery Market for Tablets 2015-2019,please mail us atenquiry@technavio.comUSA CANADA UK CHINA INDIA </p> <p> Key TrendsTechnavios Senior Analyst says, The market is driven by several factors. The high compatibility of the polymer Li-ion battery with tablets is one such factor. With a longer shelf life and the best weight-to-energy ratio, these batteries prove to be highly compatible with tablets and other electronic devices. Another major driver is the changing pattern of consumer usage. The Li-ion battery is the most efficient and fast-moving battery in the rechargeable battery market. These batteries are used more commonly in electronic devices such as laptops, smart phones, notebooks, and tablets because of their high energy density and capability of high charge and discharge. </p> <p>The overall market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.3% during the forecast period. Understanding the key drivers influencing the market Understanding the challenges faced by the market Activities of various stakeholders involved Key focus areas for the vendors Major trends that will shape the future of this market Vendor landscape and trajectory of the market Conclusion</p> <p> Scope of The ReportA detailed analysis of each market driver, challengeand trend isavailable in our report:Global Li-ion Battery Market for Tablets 2015-2019USA CANADA UK CHINA INDIA </p> <p>USA CANADA UK CHINA INDIA </p> <p> Vendors To understand the vendor landscape and for a full list of vendors view our report:</p> <p>Global Li-ion Battery Market for Tablets 2015-2019Samsung SDIPanasonic Corp.LG ChemSamsung SDI is one of the major players in the market for Li-ion batteries for consumer electronics. Samsung SDI, a subsidiary of the Samsung Group, manufactures and sells batteries worldwide. The company is a leading electronic product manufacturer, and provides a wide range of innovative electronic products and solutions. The company continuously focuses on developing new and existing products. The company manufactures end-to-end products ranging from entertainment devices to batteries and bulk energy storage devices.LG Chem is one of the prominent Li-ion battery manufacturers. The company, which is listed on the Korea Exchange, is primarily engaged in the petrochemicals, information and electronic materials, and battery businesses in South Korea and worldwide. </p> <p>USA CANADA UK CHINA INDIA </p> <p> Market LandscapeThe market for tablets is expected to grow because of recent advances in technology along with an improved visual experience, better quality, superior performance, and cost-saving features leading to their worldwide adoption across many industries.</p> <p>Among various consumer electronics, tablets are achieving growth while facing tough competition from phablets and smartphones.</p> <p>The BRICS countries are expected to have a major influence in terms of demand for tablets. </p> <p>As purchasing power capacity is rising at a robust rate and consumers are adopting technologically advanced devices, this is likely to significantly boost the demand for tablets from these countries. USA CANADA UK CHINA INDIA </p> <p> Key Buying Criteria </p> <p>Guest BloggersAuthenticity Delivery PriceService Support</p> <p>Global Li-ion Battery Market for Tablets 2015-2019</p> <p>Growth Forecasts?Market Analysis?Revenue Forecasts?Regional and Country level Analysis?Competitive Structure?Emerging Trends?Vendor Landscape?Other?</p> <p> What Would You Like to Learn From Technavio?</p> <p>Let us identify your needs.We would love to hear more!</p> <p>USA CANADA UK CHINA INDIA </p> <p>Our Report Covers: Market Scenarios, Vendor landscape &amp; Industry Road Maps.</p> <p>You have the Option to Customize Reports &amp; Access Analysts on every Report Purchase. Purchasing this report?For media enquiries,please drop us a mail atmedia@technavio.comWell include an hour with our analysts to discuss the report findings. For free.</p> <p>USA CANADA UK CHINA INDIA Access the Report</p> <p>USA CANADA UK CHINA INDIA India: An Overview</p> <p>USA CANADA UK CHINA INDIA About Us</p> <p>USA CANADA UK CHINA INDIA Thank You!North AmericaChicago, USAPhone: +1 630 333 9501 Fax: +1 630 833 2171</p> <p>EuropeLondon, United Kingdom Phone: +44 208 123 1770Fax: +44 845 280 2825AsiaBangalore, India Phone: +91 934 254 0560Fax: +91 80 4080 6070 DISCLAIMERThis presentation is intended solely for showcasing Infinitis research capabilities. All information contained within this presentation has been randomized and should not be used for any kind of analysis and/or for decision making purpose. All trademarks and copyrights remain the sole ownership of their rightful owners/licensees. 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