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Glendale Creek Restoration. Restoration Goals. Ensure long-term stability of road and stream Manage excess gravel and debris Provide habitat/fish passage. Fish Needs. Food (Rearing) Shelter (Rearing / Refuge) Ability to Reproduce (Spawning) Access (Passage). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Glendale Creek Restoration

  • Restoration GoalsEnsure long-term stability of road and streamManage excess gravel and debrisProvide habitat/fish passage

  • Fish NeedsFood (Rearing)Shelter (Rearing / Refuge)Ability to Reproduce (Spawning)

    Access (Passage)

  • Habitat = Hydraulic DiversityFast/slowDeep/shallow

  • Habitat VariesSpeciesLife stage

  • Glendale Creek Project AreasRoad WashoutFish Passage

  • Road WashoutIsland County (2009) Stabilize Stream Banks Remove Road Fill Add Habitat ElementsFocus: Passage

  • Middle ReachTulalip Tribe (2010) Add Large Wood Stabilize StreamFocus: Habitat

  • Lower ReachFocus: Channel and Slope StabilityFish Passage/Spawning

  • Challenges in the Lower ReachUndercut Road PrismUnstable SoilsChannel Down-CuttingNarrow Channel Segments

  • More Challenges6% Average GradeDegraded Instream HabitatExcessive Incoming Sediment (originating in Middle Reach)

  • Bank StabilizationGlendale RoadStabilize / Replant (100 ft)(locations to be finalized)Road Edge Stabilization(350 ft)Upper Culvert

  • Bank StabilizationSpiralnail Spider Slope System

  • Road Edge StabilizationWelded Wire Structural Earth System

  • Road Edge StabilizationWelded Wire Structural Earth System - Installed

  • Fish UsageSteeper and narrower(420 ft)Wider and flatter (380 ft)Upper CulvertGlendale RoadRearing / RefugeSpawningPassage

  • Wood StructuresFor fish passageFor fish habitat

  • Rock Structures

  • First Steps

  • Next StepsDesign in processTarget completion in 2010PermitsConstruction bidding and contractsFundingPossible phased approach


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