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    WHEN YOU GIVE A BANQUET...invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind, and you will be blessed. Although they cannot repay you, you will be repaid at

    the resurrection of the righteous.

    Luke 14:12-14 (NIV)


    Our friends at the Yellow Flower Cemetery will be invited once again as our guests of honor to the third annual Holy Night Banquet. All the best will be set before them as we gather to sing, feast, share, and celebrate Gods promise of salvation through Jesus Christthrough whom chains shall break and all oppression shall cease.

    We have listened to the hearts and voices of those living in Yellow Flower and are excited to include a family retreat as part of our time together. This portion of Holy Night will include separate programs for the children, women, and men in addition to services and activities altogether. It will truly be a family campperhaps the first camp many of them have ever attended.

    Over the course of the year, we have been able to hire a native staff professional, provide basic business training for the women, and issue our first micro-finance loan. Currently, we are in the midst of securing a transitional home right in the middle of the cemetery.

    Though we have found successful ways to help adults in Yellow Flower, the single most important thing we must do for their children who call the cemetery their home is to break the cycle of poverty by providing education, opportunity, and safety. We have begun issuing school scholarships for some of the little ones and are seeing remarkable growth and success in those enrolled. Securing our transitional home will also provide a safe place for children to go after school hours.

    Please consider Giving Christmas to those in Yellow Flower. Below are a few 2015 Holy Night projects for you to consider funding. Your gift truly means life to those living among the graves.

    $15,000 3-Year Lease of a House in the Cemetery $5,000 Facility Repairs and Upkeep$5,000 Education Materials, Computers, Sewing Machines$5,000 Fund for Healthy Snacks and Water $15,000 A Van $3,000 Motorcycle$5,000-$10,000 Scholarship Fund$5,000-$10,000 Micro-loan Fund$10,000 For Staffing$10,000 Clinical Services

    For more information about our Holy Night Initiative, visit or contact Valerie Bellamy:; (503) 207.1320

  • Compassion First (CF) is formally launching initiatives to aid local survivors of sex trafficking.

    Phase one of engagement involves CF Survivor Resource Teams. Teams are volunteer-driven and provide immediate assistance and resources for sexually exploited victims through partnership with local agencies and law enforcement.

    Phase two involves the development of a U.S. Care Facility Directory. The directory will serve our existing and active CF Survivor Referral Program which supports placement of survivors in care facilities across the U.S.

    Future phases plan to include funded referral, pre-intake, and stabilization support services, with potential long-term recovery care.

    Join CF in serving survivors in Oregon. Listed below are several ways you and your community can partner.

    Join our Prayer TeamJoin our Online Research TeamJoin our Clinical Volunteer TeamJoin our Survivor Resource TeamCoordinate a Resource DriveProvide Temporary HousingContribute AirfareContribute Gift Cards for Law Enforcement to DistributeMake a Donation


    For more details regarding the list above, please contact Jeanette Argyle:; (503) 713-8662

  • Throughout the last year, we have transferred facilities, endured a severe flood, coordinated staff trainings, added program activities, and supported investigative efforts and rescues. Every lesson we have learned along the way will shape how we go about serving survivors moving forward. And as we journey into a new yearimproving programs, fortifying healthy relationships, and embracing new victimswe promise to protect and preserve the core of who we are; the conviction is that compassion comes first. Compassion changes all of our journeysfrom the girls at Sarahs House to the donors who make this work possible; it never leaves us the way it found us. Below are a few giving projects for your consideration. You are precious to us and the young ones we serve, and it would be an honor to have you partner with us in Giving Christmas to Sarahs House.

    $15,000 Computer Lab/ Education Center$12,000 Security Office$8,000 Security Camera/ Monitoring Station/ System with Guard Office$5,000 Micro-agricultural Project$15,000 Van$5,000 Motorcycle$2,500 Motorcycle & Driver Licenses for Staff ($100/person)

    $600 2 Stationary Exercise Bikes$700 Treadmill$150 Karaoke Machine$700 Digital Camera

    $180 2 Everlast Punching Bag Kits$700 Generator for our New Well$5,000 Landscaping$500 Chicken Coop$10,000 Sport Court

    Sponsoring a Child: Basic care for each survivor comes to about $35 dollars a day.


  • COMPASSION FIRST16055 SW Walker Rd., PMB 239Beaverton, OR



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