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Give Your Baby a BoostBooster Seat Safety1A new Arizona Law could result in a $50 fine if you are found driving with a child who is not seated in a booster seat.Starting August 2, 2012, a child must be seated and restrained in a booster seat if they are between the ages of 5 and 7 and under 4 10.According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, car crashes are the most fatal accidents for children ages 1 to 12 in the U.S.To reduce these statistics, proper use of booster seats may prevent serious injuries or fatalities.As parents, we know that one of your biggest concerns while in the car is the safety of your infant or toddler.This is why the type of car seat or booster seat that you choose is immensely important. The right seat and proper installation can mean the difference between life and death for your child if you are in a car accident.As you know, there are numerous types and models of car seats to choose from. www.hollingsworthlaw.comIt can be trying to choose the best option for your child.www.hollingsworthlaw.comThis is why the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety compiled a list of the best and worst seats for your child. It is imperative that the seat you choose properly fits not only your child, but your car as well.www.hollingsworthlaw.comThere are various resources available to ensure the proper seat and fit for your child.www.hollingsworthlaw.comSafetyBeltSafe U.S.A, a non-profit organization dedicated to child passenger safety offers this 5-step testthat all parents should utilize when deciding whether or not their child needs a booster seat.www.hollingsworthlaw.comDoes the child sit all the way back with hips against the auto seat?Do your childs knees bend comfortably at the edge of the auto seat?Does the shoulder belt cross the shoulder between the neck and the arm?Is the lap belt as low on the hips as possible and touching the thighs?Can the child stay seated like this for the duration of the trip?If the answer to any of these questions was no a booster seat is necessary to ensure proper seatbelt positioning and protection.Parents are also encouraged to take their booster seat and car the nearest car inspection station. The locations are available at the NHTSA website.www.hollingsworthlaw.comFor those whose concern is the cost of a booster seat, there are programs available that offer assistance. The Children Are Priceless Passengers campaign, run by Tucson Medical Center, offers intensive training to inform parents about how to properly install a car seat.The classes are taught by NHTSA- certified instructors. www.hollingsworthlaw.comIncluded with the minimal class fee is an age and weight appropriate booster seat.If you witness a child who is not properly restrained, you are encouraged to call the Buckle Up, Baby hotline: 1-800-505-BABY. The following information is necessary to file a report:Vehicle License number and stateThe location of the vehicleWhere the child was sitting in the vehicleCALL US today if you need immediate help or to schedule a free consultation.www.hollingsworthlaw.comHollingsworth Kelly Law Firm3501 North Campbell, Suite 104Tucson, Arizona

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