gis applications of autonomous underwater vehicles (auvs) in marine benthic mapping

Download GIS Applications of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) in marine benthic mapping

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  • Lucieer and Forrest, 2016

    AUV Explorer under the polar ice of the North Pole near Canada

    Williams, S.B., Pizarro, O. and Foley, B., 2016.

    AUV Sirius conducting surveys over a wreck site in Greece

  • a) Short Baseline (SBL) b) Ultrashort Baseline (UBSL) c) Long Baseline (LBL)

    Paull, L., Saeedi, S., Seto, M. and Li, H., 2014

  • Sonar sensor swaths: (a) sidescan, (b) multibeam, (c) forward looking, (d) mechanical scanning and imaging, and (e) synthetic aperture.

    Paull, L., Saeedi, S., Seto, M. and Li, H., 2014

  • AUV flight paths over coral reefs in Western Australia

    Smale et al., 2012

    Composite images of corals in 2009 and 2011 of Scott Reef in Western Australia

    Williams et al., 2016

  • Roelfsema et al. 2015

  • Dupre et al. 2008

  • Williams et al. 2010

  • Lucieer and Forrest, 2016



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