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Ginger Chicken Porridge RecipeIngredients:- Thinly sliced chicken (white meat works the best)- Fresh ginger root, cut into slices and/or strips- Romaine lettuce, cut into strips- Leftover white rice (or uncooked rice, if not pressed for time)- Salt, for seasoning- Scallions, for garnish

Just like Na Bong Sun, this porridge recipe was always made with love during times of illness or when I was in need of a pick-me-up. The great thing about this recipe is that theres no exact measurement of all the ingredients to use, so just grab a handful (or just a pinch) and get cooking!The ginger is a key ingredient for this dish because there are so many natural benefits associated with it, including the treatment of digestive issues (such as Na Bong Sun! See what I mean about reminiscing?). Ginger is even a cancer fighter with anti-inflammatory properties.If youre not a fan of eating ginger, you can cut the root into slices and simply pick it out of the porridge when youre done cooking it. If it doesnt bother you, then the best way to prepare this dish is to cut it into thin strips, just like all the other ingredients.

Step One: Fill a small pan with water, turn on high heat, and drop the ginger in. (That way, youll really get the benefits and flavor of the ginger.)

Step Two: Immediately add the rice. (Youll want to estimate putting less rice than you would normally eat since the rice will swell the longer it is cooked.)

Step Three: Wait for it to boil, then bring it down to a slow simmer on low heat.

Step Four: Carefully watch over the porridge as it simmers to a nice and thick consistency, stirring occasionally to avoid the rice sticking to the bottom of the pan.

Step Five: Add the thinly sliced pieces of chicken. (To make sure its cooked thoroughly, separate any slices that may have stuck together by stirring and gently mixing. If needed, add a small amount of water to avoid a porridge that is too dry.)

Step Six: When the chicken is thoroughly cooked, season the porridge with a simple dash of salt to your preference. Stir gently.

Step Seven: Toss in the strips of romaine lettuce. Once its gently stirred in, immediately turn off the heat. (Otherwise, it will wilt and turn yellow.)

Step Eight: Carefully transfer your delicious porridge into a bowl and garnish with a pinch of scallions if preferred.