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<ul><li><p>An IntroductionGilleran Griffin Realtors is pleased to have this opportunity to introduce theGilleran Griffin Company and our agents. Together, we consider it a privilege tooffer our services to you.This presentation begins with a profile on the Gilleran Griffin Company. We followwith a brief introduction to the people and resources we rely on, and who standsbehind your agent.Next, we pay tribute to your agent. As you will read in the final analysis, the agentis not just the company, but the agent is the real estate industry.Finally, how your agent can find the best buyer for your property details thecomplete marketing opportunities available to your agent.Your agent and the Gilleran Griffin Company are ready, willing and able to sellyour property. We will consider it our privilege to represent you.The Gilleran Griffin Realtors Company ProfileIn 2010, Gilleran Griffin Realtors celebrated 35 years of real estate services tothe greater Los Angeles and beyond. The company stands within the top 10% ofreal estate brokerage companies in California. We look forward to tomorrow as ifwe were just beginning. Gilleran Griffin Realtors was founded in Beverly Hills,California in 1975. The company moved to Westwood (West LA) in 1981 where itremains to this day. Gilleran Griffin Realtors is a California real estate brokeragecorporation licensed by the California Department of Real Estate, License00528480. The company is a member of the National Association of Realtors,California Association of Realtors, Beverly Hills/Greater Los Angeles Associationof Realtors, Southland Regional Association of Realtors, and the MalibuAssociation of Realtors. You can visit our web site at: Griffin Realtors is the most experienced virtual office to real estateagents throughout California. Our agents represent both sellers and buyersexclusively. Over these past four decades, Gilleran Griffin Realtors agents have</p></li><li><p>represented thousands upon thousands of satisfied buyers and sellers in the fullbandwidth of real estate activities. Our transactions include the listing and sale ofaffordable single family homes, prestigious multi-million dollar estates, lots andacreage, duplexes to mega unit apartment projects, multiple condominiumprojects, commercial complexes, shopping centers, regional centers, agriculturalland, business opportunities, and even a few historical landmarks. Because theclients satisfaction and protection are the companys primary concern, we takepride in the high standards of our agents and in their expertise and enthusiasmfor this exciting and challenging business.We take pride in the exemplary services and management we provide our salesstaff. No other real estate company offers more experience and more availablemanagement support than Gilleran Griffin Realtors..Gilleran Griffin Realtors stands behind your agent, but you should also knowabout the other important organizations that stand with us.This presentation will introduce you to the many qualified, experiencedprofessionals who provide immediate support for your agent when support isneeded on any issue. As for resources, you will discover the instant wealth ofinformation and services that are always at your agents command.The essential providers to your agent include:</p><p> California Association of Realtors (CAR) Errors &amp; Omissions Insurance Services Multiple Listing Services Escrow Companies Title companies Inspection companies Disclosure reporting companies Pest control companies Lending institutions Warranty companies And The California Department of Real Estate</p><p>Through the licensing and continuing education programs, the California Dept. ofReal Estate stands behind your agent.The California Association of Realtors (CAR)Thousands of reputable real estate brokers and agents throughout the State ofCalifornia stand with Gilleran Griffin Realtors as members of the CaliforniaAssociation of Realtors, the largest state association under the auspices of theNational Association of Realtors.</p></li><li><p>No other industry is more indebted to its own association than the real estatecompanies and agents who are members of the California Association ofRealtors. No matter how large or small the real estate company, membership toCAR provides all companies and agents with equal access to the essentialservices, programs, products and technologies available from this professionalassociation of brokers. CAR is essential to the daily operation of Gilleran GriffinRealtors.CAR provides agents and management of Gilleran Griffin Realtors with access toall of CARs real estate legal services, educational programs and cutting edgetechnology. These extensive services include CARs staff attorneys, AutomatedLegal Information System, published Legal Briefs, Legal Q&amp;As, and a monthlytrade publication for member brokers and agents.Your Gilleran Griffin agent benefits from CARs legal expertise everyday byutilizing ZipForms which provides your agent with access to all of CARs lateststandard real estate contracts, disclosure forms, and other legal documents.We recommend your review of the CARs Seller Advisory. This Seller Advisoryintroduces homeowners to the mandated state and local sales disclosure lawsand other helpful information. The California Association of Realtors standsbehind your agent.Multiple Listing ServicesGilleran Griffin Realtors is proud to be a member of the MLS. The MLS Membershave access to ALL the listings of each participating MLS in the CARETSdatabase, including: CRISNet, CRMLS, i-Tech, SoCal, Ventura/Conejo/SimiRegional, Desert &amp; Palm Springs MLSs and The MLS.Just a few years ago, submitting listings to a Multiple Listing Service wasconsidered just one of many avenues of advertising properties for sale by realestate agents. Todays Multiple Listing Services have become the primaryavenue of advertising real estate because it is accessible not only by agentsthemselves but by the public as well. The Multiple Listing Service is the greatequal playing field for all real estate companies and agents. A stroke of thekeyboard brings the world to your fingertips. Of equal importance to sharinginformation, the MLS provides reliability of information. Accurate and up-to-dateinformation is critical. Only the MLS vigorously attends to these criteria.Another aspect of todays MLS that has made it the primary advertising mediumfor real estate is the sophistication of the technological programs it is able tointerconnect. At the touch of a button, an agent can retrieve cross-connectedinformation enabling a more detailed comprehensive picture. The advantagestoday over just a few years ago is also the accessibility of multiple listinginformation from anywhere - the house, the office, the automobile, the hand-heldinternet device, and your cell phone. In summation, the MLS provides your</p></li><li><p>Gilleran Griffin Realtors agent with reliable, comprehensive information,accessible from almost anywhere at anytime. Consequently, not a day goes bythat your agent is not in communication with the Multiple Listing Service.</p><p>Company brochures are usually written to tell the customer all about thecompany and about how important the company is; seldom are the individualswho makeup the company mentioned. The customer, however, often dealsexclusively with an individual of the company and not with a company.Perhaps in no other industry does this apply more that in the industry of realestate.To express this point in real-world terms, a real estate company does not comecalling, an agent does; a company does not list properties, an agent in the fielddoes; a company does not take buyers around to show properties, an agentdoes; a company does not write and negotiate offers, an agent does. Lasting andsuccessful representation is a personal matter between a real estate agent andhis or her client - one on one. In this context, real estate is not a companybusiness. Its a people business, an agent-client business.Many real estate companies have tried to make real estate a regimentedcompany business; but that has never worked. This is why so many real estatecompanies over the years have come and gone. The biggest names fall by thewayside and are then soon forgotten. Only the real estate agents themselvesremain; they were the company; they are the industry.</p></li><li><p>Most real estate companies that have survived over the long haul have operatedfrom this truth - the agent is the industry. To this truth, Gilleran Griffin Realtors isjust such a company. It is our deep respect for the agent and his or hercommitment to their client that has kept Gilleran Griffin Realtors a viablecompetitor in this great industry.Our focus is on the individual sales agent because the client deserves the best.The quality of the agent is everything. We take great pride in the expertise of ouragents and their enthusiasm for this exciting business. Most Gilleran GriffinRealtors agents have extensive real estate experience prior to joining thecompany. And because of our commitment to our agents, they remain with thecompany longer than the industry average.So, the Gilleran Griffin Realtors agent you invited into your home today is thecompany; is the industry. But your agent is not alone. As you have just read,there is a wealth of people and resources that are always at your agentscommand.Finding the Best Buyer for Your PropertyTodays opportunities for marketing real estate properties has changeddrastically from just a few years ago; yet, the old tried and true methods are stilleffective.To sell your property, your Gilleran Griffin Realtors agent will apply all thetechnological advantages of modern marketing together with the best of what stillworks.But after all is said and done, real estate remains a one-on-one encounterbetween the client and the agent. In the long run, the individual agent alwaysmakes the marketing difference.How your agent can find the best buyer for your property is the subject of thenext pages. These avenues of marketing are standard in the real estate industrybecause they have proven effective time and time again.One marketing approach that is not standard is the personal efforts of your agentto promote the property whenever and wherever a buyer may be found.We believe your Gilleran Griffin Realtors agent will bring this extra personal,promotional touch toward the successful sale of your property.How Your Gilleran Griffin Agent Will Find the Best Buyer For YourProperty</p></li><li><p>Cooperating Broker Marketing. Your property will be listed in the MLS whichwill immediately reach the most active real estate brokers and agents who mayhave a buyer ready, willing and able to buy your property.Internet Marketing. Your property will also be accessible to buyers anywhere in theworld. Your property will be found on the Internet through all the major real estate websites and search engines.Community Marketing. Your agent may market your property in spot ads in one ormore local internet sites and print publications. Buyers response to spot ads is oftenmore effective than other media advertisements. Mailings are another effective means ofadvertising. Your agent may send mailings about your property to other homes in thearea of your property. Your agent may also send personal flyers to agents of othercompanies who are active in the area.Neighborhood Marketing. The old adage signs sell still works very well.Buyers still drive around the area they have chosen to live in. The percentage of activebuyers responding to a for sale sign is still the highest of all marketing avenuesavailable.Buyer Direct Marketing. Holding property open on weekends is another action youragent will take. An Open House is a very effective way to catch the interest of drive-bybuyers. The presentation of the property and how the agent handles offers to purchaseis where the quality of the agent is most evident.</p><p>Closing the Sale of Your PropertyClosing the sale, of course, is the best part of the journey to finding the rightbuyer for your property, negotiating an offer to purchase and then openingescrow. But closing the sale is not complete until all the mandatory, requiredgovernmental disclosures and legal documentations are properly attended to forthe protection of yourself and your buyer. This last part of the journey is alsowhere your agent makes the difference.The State of California requires the owners of a residential property to inform thebuyer of anything related to the property that would influence a buyers decisionto buy or not to buy. There are several required forms that assist an owner to dothis. Your agent is also required to make material disclosures to the buyer. Inaddition, your agent is required to make an inspection of the property and toinform the buyer of the findings of that inspection.State law also requires the owner and or the owners agent to provide the buyerwith information on the environmental conditions related to the location of theproperty. Your Gilleran Griffin agent will be able to assist you in providing theserequirements.If you would like a copy of all the legal disclosure requirements for your property,your agent will be glad to provide this information to you.</p></li><li><p>Regarding disclosures, as a note of caution, if you sell the property in its presentcondition, sometimes known as as is, please do not assume this relieves you ofany State disclosure requirements. It does not. You must still inform the buyerwhat you know about the property. Here again, your agent will make thedifference.We look forward to representing you, and to a speedy and successful closing.Our best regards,The Gilleran Griffin Company</p></li></ul>


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