Getting under the skin of an itchy problem

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  • Getting under the skin of an itchy problem Permethrin cream shows efficacy in scabies-

    A single whole body application of permethrin 5% cream proved to be an effective and well tolerated treatment for scabies in a study conducted to evaluate a cosmetically acceptable alternative to the widely used treatment \Lindane'). All 10 permethrin-treated patients showed successful and complete resolution of scabies within 7 weeks, with no adverse effects except for limited mild or moderate eczema in 7 patients. The mean absorption of permethrin over 48 hours was estimated to be about 0.5% of the applied dose.

    The authors concluded that permethrin was an acceptable alternative to Lindane, but that confirmation by larger studies is needed. van der Rhee HJ. Farquhar JA. Vermeulen NPE. Efficacy and lransdermal absorpt1on of permethnn 1n scabies pat1ents Acta Dermato-Venereologlca 69: 170-173. Feb 1989 "

    10 INPHARMA' 27 May 1989 0756-2703/89/0527-0010/0$01.00/0 ADIS Press