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Getting to theInbox!

As of May 2014, Gmail is installed on a billion Android devices and there are an estimated 350 million Gmail users worldwide.

InboxSpam Folder

A few things you need to know

Google makes NO apologies for being aggressive with their filtering.

Gmail actively and intentionally filters messages.

If users aren't engaging with your emails, more of your messages will wind up in the spam folder.

Here are a few things you can do to improve your results withspecifically!

1Make sure all users are opt-in.Confirmed opt-in is even better.

2Publish and maintain and clear and simple unsubscribe process.

3Consider including quick action buttons in your email messages.

4Run frequent re-engagement campaigns and remove subscribers who havent opened an email or clicked on a link within a certain period of time.

5Be very careful if you're promoting affiliate offers.

6Do not use link shorteners.

They have been abused by spammers and tend to have an Unfavorable perceptionwith the ISPs.

7Be aware of your ESPs reputation if you're not sending through your own IPs and sending domain.


9Follow Gmail's best practices at all times.

And to download the Gmail Best Practices Checklist

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