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Tuesday, September 82009 Lexington Chamber of Commerce Fall Business Resource Roundtable schedule kicks off with discussion on TWITTER led by Bill Powell of The Serif GroupTwitter is the micro-blogging phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. However, few people understand how to use it effectively and its full potential.Bill Powell of The Serif Group uses Twitter and other on-line social networking sites for several of his agency’s clients. He will lead the discussion and talk about the importance of listening while you’re using social media. He will also introduce some on-line tools and tips on how to use Twitter effectively, and discuss why it is important to be in touch with what people are saying about your company and industry. Powell said, “The greatest reason to be a part of social media is the ability to monitor how people define your brand and industry.”


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2. Whatchu talkin about? 1) Why social?2) What is Twitter?3) Listening4) Walk-through5) Resources6) Q&A 3. WHY SOCIAL? Conversation Prism 4. PUBLIC RELATIONShips Talk with, not at. 5. Advertising Demands ATTENTION Flickr photo by DCPhotoSeeker Flickr photo by Mr Andrew Murray 6. THEN: AwarenessNOW: Credibility Flickr photo by ShandehFlickr photo by Lisa Bettany {Mostly Lisa} 7. SOCIAL NETWORkINg BUSINESS LUNCHESISNT NEW. ExCHANgINg CARDS NETWORkINg EvENTS gOLf OUTINgSCHAmBER EvENTS Flickr photos by bitconsultancy, chriskamaris, and Foster Marketing Communications. Bottom Right: Paul Atkinson 8. Have reasonable expectations. Dont expect immediate results. 9. getting to know you. 10. Its a process of building relationships. Twitter is just one of many tools. 11. Hard work (but not hard to do) thank you @bethharte 12. Twitter is:1) Like sending short emails 2) Takes timeevery day 3) Often overwhelming (if not managed properly)4) Rewarding personallyand professionally 13. @ivybean104 Twitter isnt:1) for everyone 2) Difficult 3) The answer 4) good if youre nota people person 14. Creators Critics Collectors Joiners Speculators Inactives 15. @theconner Cisco just offered me a job! Now I have to weigh the utility of a fatty paycheck against the daily commute to San Jose and hating the work. 16. Cisco responded: 17. Twitter lingo tweet Dm @ reply#Hashtagslink shortenersRT 18. What to tweet?TipsOpinions funnyAds Responses Stupid 19. LISTENINg1) Twitter Search2) google Alerts3) facebook Search4) Industry Blogs 20. Twitter walk-through 21. 1) Be authentic 2) find your voice 3) Interact 4) Choose a good avatar 5) Leaving a legacy 6) Compliment youroffline brand 22. Twitter is about conversations. 23. Actions to take:1) Set up monitoring 2) Establish your voice 3) Desktop or web client 4) Help others and interact 24. Questions