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Download Getting Started - ... Getting Started Congratulations! You are on your way to getting started

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  • Getting Started Congratulations! You are on your way to getting started with the Accountant Program. You’re going

    to s​ave time and gain organization and control for both you and your clients. After you get going, expect to grow faster and gain profitability. The Accountant Program has many different tools for you, including the Client Management Console. This guide shows you how to ​set up your Console and get your clients up and running.

    Welcome to your Console Your Console is “Client Central.” This is where you tell us who your clients are, which accounting services you offer them, and how you want to bill them. You’ll find training opportunities for both you and your staff to get the most out of You’ll also gain access to a demo account and the Accountant Resource Center -- exclusive sales and setup tools to help you win over existing and new clients.

    Learn basics fast To start handling clients’ Payables and Receivables in, click ​Training > Basics​. We offer a series of videos that show you how to get going right now. If you’re new to or need a refresher, this is where to begin.

    Set up your Console Before you set up your first client, spend a few minutes setting up your Console. Instructions follow below.

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  • Do these things before you start handling clients’ Payables and Receivables:

    Give us your logo

    1. Hover over the gear icon , and then click ​Settings > Logo​. 2. Click ​Choose File​ to locate the logo on your computer. 3. Click ​Upload Logo​. Your clients will see your logo in the upper left corner of every page.

    Customize the URL where your clients will log in

    1. Hover over the gear icon , and then click ​Settings > Logo​. 2. Scroll down to ​Create a login URL with your logo​, and enter the name of your company (or a variation

    of your firm’s name), with no spaces. 3. Click ​Save​. Your clients will log in at a URL that includes your company name.

    Tell us who works for you, and what they have permission to do

    1. Hover over the gear icon , and then click ​Settings > My Staff​. 2. Above the list of staff members, click ​New ​. 3. Enter details about the staff member. 4. Console Role​ - Choose how much you want the staff member to be able to do in the Console: a lot

    (​Console Admin​) or a little ( ​Team Member ​). If their primary role is to work on specific client companies, choose Team Member, then add them as a User to each of those client companies.

    5. Click ​Save​. The staff member now has permission to work in the Console.

    6. If they’ll be working on client companies, add them as a User before adding them to each of those individual client companies. The email must match in both accounts. The system will recognize this User from your Console and the user fee will be waived.

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  • Develop your Payables and Receivables practice

    Complete the training Over time, give yourself every advantage to transform your practice to cloud services. We offer online courses that show how to tailor clients’ Payables and Receivables for greater efficiency, and how to handle special billing and invoicing situations. 1. Click ​Training​. 2. Review the Basics. 3. Complete the Advanced training. 4. Add the ​ Certified​ logo to your blog, website, or other areas of your business and get

    recognized for your expertise.

    Bring clients on board Show clients how using simplifies their Payables and Receivables.

    1. Click ​Resources ​ to access the Accountant Resource Center. 2. Review the ​GETTING CLIENTS TO YES ​section for tools that will help you convince current and

    prospective clients to try a. You’ll find demo videos, a client evaluation questionnaire, a customizable PowerPoint

    presentation, and much more. 3. Review the ​PRICING SERVICES RIGHT ​section for advice on how to profitably price your

    services. 4. View the presentation “How to Get Clients to Say ‘Yes’ to Cloud Applications” in the ​TRAINING FOR

    ACCOUNTANTS ​section. 5. Check out the other articles in the Accountant Resource Center for more tools and advice that will

    help you grow your practice.

    Demo Impress a potential client without showing them your personal details. Or just take a “test drive” yourself! No money gets moved, so click wherever you want. 1. Click ​Selling > Demos​. 2. Click ​Create Demo Company​. 3. Enter details for the Demo Company. 4. Click ​Save​. We use the details you entered, and we pre-load the demo with realistic bills, payments, and dates. To show the demo:

    1. Hover over your name at the top right for a list of your companies. 2. Click the name of your [DEMO] company; if you don’t see it, click ​View All​, and locate it from

    the complete list. To leave the demo:

    1. Click ​Exit the Demo Account​, at the top of the page.

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  • Get listed in our Accountant Directory Get visibility with potential clients who are looking for a accounting service.

    1. Click ​Selling > Directory​. 2. We show a preview of how you’ll appear in the Directory. 3. The more complete you make your listing, the greater priority you’ll get when customers are

    searching the Directory in Enter all the details and complete our online training (“ Certified”) to receive priority placement in Directory searches.

    Tell us which clients will be using The more of your clients you have using, the more time you’ll have to focus on your highest-value services.

    Add a client 1. Click ​Clients​. 2. Click ​Add Client Company​. 3. Enter details about the client company.

    o Billing ​- Usually we bill each client directly. If you’d prefer that we bill you instead (and then you’ll bill each client), select ​Bill to [you]​.

    4. Click ​Save​.

    Add billing info If you’ve indicated that one or more of your client accounts will be billed to your firm, you’ll automatically be asked to enter billing info. Don’t worry - your risk-free trial is still free, and you won’t be charged until the trial period is over.

    1. Click ​Enter Billing Info​. 2. Enter your billing and payment information. 3. Click ​Save Customer Profile ​.

    Manage your billing information by clicking ​Billing ​from within your Console. Here you’ll find your payment information, price plan overview, and monthly billing statements.

    Get more details about setting up clients 1. Click ​Resources ​. 2. Review the ​SETTING UP CLIENTS ​resources​.

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  • We’re here to help! Transform your most time-consuming paper shuffling into mere mouse clicks. No more rushing checks that need client signatures to FedEx. No more tracking down clients to approve bills. No more hunting for receipts and documents locked away in some file cabinet. Everything’s online, so you can spend more time performing your most value-added services, and less time chasing paper, clients, and FedEx trucks.

    Have a question? Need setup assistance? Schedule an onboarding appointment with your account manager by emailing them directly, or email: Or, get help from our award-winning Customer Support team - hover over the gear icon , and then click Support​, or click ​Support ​at the bottom of any page in

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