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  • 1. KieFit JournalMay 2009 Start with Breakfast ! Beat Fat with Breakfast! Health:4 Ways to Cope EmotionallyWith Spring Allergies The Talk of the Fitness World: 300 Movie Workout ForWomen & Men

2. JOURNAL KIEFITHEALTHY AND HAPPY LIFE!MAY 2009 ISSUE:Get Your Fitness back! BEAT FAT WITH3 BREAKFAST Hello Fitness Fans!PROTEIN POWDER,4I am very glad to introduce you to my actual KieFit Journal for THE SKINNY GUY'SMay 09. GUIDE TO PROTEIN - POWDER6 Within this KieFit Journal May issue you get very interesting arti- FAT BURNING EXER-7cles why your fat burning works better with an accurate break- CISE TIPS FOR BUSYfast, read more on page three (3). PARENTS & PROFES- SIONALS300 MOVIE FAT LOSS 8You do not have enough time for your fitness and workout? On WORKOUT FOR MEN & WOMEN page seven (7) you can find helpful information about Fat Burn- ing Tips for busy Parents and Professionals. BUILD A BIGGER 9 CHEST IN 3-4 WOR- Craig Ballantyne, a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist,- KOUTS OR LESS who writes for Men's Health, reports about his 300 Movie Fat11 Loss Workout for Men & Women on page eight (8). This is the SPRING ALLERGY MA- 12 most exciting topic the fitness world is talking about right now. NAGEMENT - 4 WAYS TO COPE EMOTIONAL- LY WITH SPRING AL-Check out tips on how to avoid allergy caused disorders like a LERGIES runny nose and streaming eyes in spring-time. Four things who can really help you, read here on page twelve (12). KIEFIT.COM ISSUE 13 Best wishes and get fit, Heidi Send me your comments and ideas for further ADVERTISE14ATTENTION OPPORTUNITYS articles. Submit your article to Email: KIEFIT.COM and see it in the next issue Schedules: Submit events sche-dules you know to be mentioned of KieFit Journal. CONTACT 15here in the next issue! KIEFIT.COMUse your article to generate additional free traffic to your website as well. Submit your personal Fitness SEND ME YOUR COM-15and Sport events you wish to be MENTS AND IDEAS FOR FURTHER Closing date to submit your articles you wish to bepublished here and invite Kiefit ARTICLES.Journal readers to attend! published here on 25th of each month. 3. BEAT FAT WITHBREAKFASTSeite 3Beat Fat With Breakfast By Holly Rigsby, CPT www.FitYummyMummy.comBreakfast is easily the mostto get through your day, theWatch out for "Protein/ overlooked solution when it more energy you have, the Breakfast Bars". Many of comes to effective fat burningmore active you'll be and the these items seem appealing tips. Studies consistently show more active you are, the more for they are quick and easy; that people, who regularly eatcalories you burn.however the majority of these breakfast, eat fewer calories bars are loaded with sugar throughout the day, have bet- If you are not hungry first thing and fat. Check the nutrition ter nutritional habits, and in the morning, try startingfacts. weigh less than those who your day with a big glass ofHere are some breakfast fat choose to skip breakfast. water or freshly brewed green loss favorites: Cereal is a tea. Proceed with your morn-MUST. It's convenient, easy to When it comes to your fat loss, ing routine and plan to allow prepare, easy to eat and full of your goal is to make nutrients No"Whole your body burn moreGrain Lucky Charm" calories. Your me- does not fall into this tabolism is like a burn- category. Be sure to ing fire, how can youchoose your cereals make the fire burn based on the informa- stronger without put-tion on the food label. ting something on it to burn? Our bodies are The top choices should burning fat and calo-have: ries 24 hours a day, 5 grams of Fiber or however, calories are burned at the slowestmore rate while we are 8 grams of Sugar or sleeping. WithoutLESS something to jump- start it in the morning, Sugar not listed your metabolism mayamong the first 3 ingre- remain in slow motion through- yourself about 10-15 minutes dients. out the day and any extra before you walk out the door calories no matter howto eat your breakfast.For all other breakfast options, healthy - will be stored as sure to include a protein, If you like to exercise first thing complex carbohydrate, and The act of eating and digesting in the morning, eat 30 to 45fresh or frozen fruit. These are supportive foods frequently,minutes before your workout. some of my favorites: increases your metabolism so you can burn more fat and Try one of the following op- Oatmeal with natural peanut calories all day long.tions:butter, cinnamon and a side of fresh berries.About the Author How to do it: Eat a supportive 1. Eat a light snack yogurt or Kashi Go Lean Crunch with meal within an hour of waking. a piece of fruit. Eat your regu-Holly Rigsby is a nationally skim milk and a banana. Feel like your always running lar breakfast 30-45 minutesrecognized womens fitness late? No time to eat? The se- after your, certified personal Scrambled egg whites trainer (CPT) and the author cret get up 10-20 minutes topped with salsa and shred- of the internationally popu- earlier and keep it simple. Not 2. Eat half of your regular ded cheese wrapped in alar e-book Fit Yummy only can you increase timebreakfast before the workoutwhole wheat tortilla.Mummy - Burn Your Baby spent with your family at the and the other half about 30-45 Fat & Get Your Body Back. kitchen table, but making time minutes after your workout. Meal Replacement Shake Go to http:// to start your day off with a high with a piece of fruit. www.fityummymumm protein, high fiber breakfast 3. Drink a meal to get your FREE will boost your metabolism, shake quick and easy to So if you're interested in fat copy of her special report: your energy and your mood.make and for your body tooloss, make sure you don't for- "The Five Ways To Boost Because breakfast providesdigest. get breakfast is the mostYour Metabolism."you with the energy you needimportant meal of the day. 4. PROTEIN...Seite 4Protein Powder, The Skinny Guy's Guide To Protein Powder By Vince DelMonteSo what do you really need to knowit can offer a whole spectrum of nutri- but you are probably still wondering, about protein powder? As a skinny ents that powders cannot. 'Yeah, but is protein powder going to guy or beginner to the whole body-help me get muscular or is it a building scene you simply want to Most of your dietary protein should scam?" A better question would be, know a few answers. Is protein pow- come from meat, fish, poultry and "Does protein really work?" and the der necessary? Does it really work? eggs. However getting all your protein obvious answer is 'yes.' You are fully How much do I need? What kind aware that protein is composed of should I take? What is thebuilding blocks called amino ac- best? And finally, will any ofids, which performs a variety of these answers make a differ-functions in the body such as ence when it comes to getting building and maintaining healthy jacked and attracting the la- muscles when combined with diet dies? and exercise. Protein also:This article is not meant forSupports red blood cell you if you want to learn the production science behind the ion-Boosts your immune sys- exchanged, cross-mutaed, tem isotopically labeled protein Keeps your hair, finger- tracers - blah blah blah. In thisnails, and skin healthy article, I will strip away all the hype, science, and confusionHowever, not all protein powder is that surrounds protein pow-created equal. Most protein pow- der. By the time you areder contains an array of question- through this article and put it to mem- from whole food is not always practi-able ingredients such as aspartame, ory, you will become the resident pro-cal or convenient, especially if yousaccharin, fructose and artificial col- tein powder expert and amaze your have to eat 6 or more times a day toors. It's interesting to note how un- friends the next time you visit the get your required intake. I will stresshealthy most of these protein pow- sport nutrition store. No more 2-hour to you, for optimal muscle gains, youders actually are. Look for a protein shopping trips for protein powder be- should limit yourself to a maximum ofpowder with natural ingredients rather cause you don't really have a cluethree shakes per day or 40 % of yourthan products that are sweetened what to look for! meals. To some this might evenwith chemicals and made with ingre- sound like it's going 'overboard' and Idients that are certainly not going to Is Protein Powder really neces- would not disagree.create an environment for muscle sary?growth and fat burning. The bottom line is that both food and So, although protein supplements aresupplements are necessary toAlso avoid products with refined car- not an absolute requirement for gain- achieve a complete nutritional bal-bohydrates such as fructose, sucrose ing mass, I have yet to meet any per- ance as well as the desired level ofor brown rice syrup. Make sure that son able to get 400 grams of proteinprotein intake, especially if you're notthe product is made from a reputable per day from cooking food. If youra big fan of cooking. And I assumecompany that is genuinely interested protein intake is greater than 200that over 95% of you reading this doin good health. grams per day I will suggest a proteinnot have a personal maid at home powder - it will make your life a lot cooking all your meals while you sit around waiting for your next meal. Do==> continued easier. not make the fatal mistake of thinking In addition, dollar for dollar, protein protein powders can take the place of powders and meal replacementa solid training and nutrition program. drinks tend to be more cost effective than whole food. Don't get me wrong,Does protein powder really work though. Protein powders are still sup-and are they healthy? plements in my book. Supplement means an addition to the diet. I em-I get this question emailed to me al- phasize this because the focus of any