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Get to start ez Share. Syllabus. Camera Setting iPad Setting. Demo Platform. Camera: Canon 60D Terminal: Apple iPad2 Wi-Fi Card: ez Share. Setting at Camera. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Get to start ez

  • Syllabus Camera Setting iPad Setting

  • Demo Platform Camera: Canon 60D Terminal: Apple iPad2 Wi-Fi Card: ez Share

  • Slide the switch to the location of Share at the bottom of the cardSetting at Camera

  • Plug ez Share into digital camera,and close the battery cover.

  • Power on the camera

  • Step 1. Enter the page for camera settingStep 2. Locating camera setting for Power SaveStep 3. Make sure to choose off for Power Save or set the time longer , and exit.

  • These processes to turn off Power Save or Sleep Mode are very critical for normal use of ez Share both for camera and LCD screen.

    In some DSLRs or DCs, there are no menu to turn off it, but end-users can make it longer than 10 minutes or 30 minutes,it is acceptable.

  • To shoot photos

    by camera plugged ez Share

  • Setting at iPadClick Settings on the Home page of iPad

  • Locating WLAN setting.

    Hotspots will be listed

  • Hotspots list

    Connect ez Share by clicking hotspot named ez Share.

  • Password will be required to input when connecting hotspot named ez Share.

  • Default Wi-Fi password here is 88888888 (repeat 8 by 8 times)

    After typing password and click Join.

  • It indicates device has connected ez Share card.

    The icon of lock indicates that ez Share is enabled WPA2 technology for security.

  • Network detailed information for ez Share

    It indicates ez Share has been successfully connected.

  • Return to Home page of iPad

    Click Safari to start web browser.

  • Web browser started

    Soft keypad appears.

  • Key in one or more arbitrary letter(s) in the address bar.(here is d, available from a to z.)

    Click Go

  • The link will be automatically re-directed to http://ezshare.card .

  • Displaying Welcome Page

  • The image thumbnails will be displayed after welcome page , that means you successfully logged in ez Share !

  • Successfully logged in,Thumbnails displayFile nameDate of file createdFile sizeSelective downloadMenu to view photos or videos by switching

  • Select all photosDownload selected photosDownload photos in current folderMobile display mode ,for phonesClassic display mode, and is the current mode.

  • To personalize your configuration by clicking here.

  • To change the configuration will be required to input administrator password valued admin.

  • Inputting admin.

  • 1. To re-value admin. password.2. To re-name SSID, default is ez Share 3. To re-value Wi-Fi Password (8bits),default is 88888888

    4. To pull down the menu and select the channel that you want to use as your personalized Wi-Fi channel . We provide channel up to CH13 to guarantee the quality of communications. Default channel is CH11,which is recommended.Click Confirm button after aforementioned 4 steps to save the configuration.


    Click one picture that you want to view. Here pick This as example.

  • Processing pictures transfer

    The selected picture is being transferred.

  • Large PictureScreen displays the large picture, which means it has been transferred from camera to the device you hold.

    You can click Back to thumbnails list.

  • Press the picture for more than 1 seconds, you will see options to Save Image or Copy

    Here we choose Save Image

  • Return to Home page of iPad

    Click Photos to view photos stored.

  • Images stored in photo folder in iPad

    You found the picture you stored just now.

    Click it.

  • Yes, it displayed

    The remarkable feature is that you can delete the photos that you transferred but might dislike in iPad. While,this can not be achievable by photo synchronization with Apples iTune.

  • View in photos album of iPad

  • You success in minutes!

  • Yes , you do transfer your photos wirelessly in minutes from camera to nearby smart devices by ez Share

  • Others devices are similar to iPad,it may differ from devices setting for network.

    Users can key in: 1. http://ezshare.card 2. 3. any site including history link,for example, or ,the site will be re-directed to http://ezshare.card which is available to visit. 4. any letter(s) from a to z,for example, "a,ab,b,bb,bc,z,zyc" and so on. the site will also be re-directed to http://ezshare.card. This process is automatically processed.

    Any of above-mentioned is available,the site will eventually be re-directed to http://ezshare.card to display login page.


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