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DESCRIPTION offers a wide range of spa and body treatments along with comprehensive massage therapies in Lighthouse Point region.


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2. Massage, Spa and Body treatments are considered to be one of the most effective ways of getting rid of stress and tensions. In fact, experts believe that the massage and other skin treatments can prove to be beneficial for overall human health. And with this view of providing comprehensive health benefits to the people, GenSpa offers effective spa and massage services at an affordable price. 3. Health and Well Being- Top Priority GenSpa considers it a top priority to provide long lasting health benefits and well- being to all its customers. Through its wide range of massage therapies, spa and body treatment, this organization helps its customers to enter a new world of relaxation. In fact, the experts of GenSpa believe that a person can be completely relieved from stress and bodily pain through the application of appropriate massage techniques and procedures. 4. GenSpa is considered to be the best massage and spa service provided in the Pompano Beach region of Florida. This organization is a home to some of the most expert masseurs who involves appropriate techniques in order to provide the best results to the customers. With a touch of excellence and quality GenSpa helps individual to regain the lost physical and mental stability. The objectives on which this organization focuses are:- Considering the health and well being of the customer as a top priority. Involving the most natural methods of healing. Helping people to completely get rid of pain, aches and stress. Meeting individual needs and requirements by providing tailored massage services. Listing to the customer preferences and the body and involving an effective healing treatment accordingly. 5. Tailored Services to Ensure Better Results The wide ranges of services offered by GenSpa include massage therapies, facial treatments, spa services and body treatments. Apart from this the customers can avail tailored massage services which are basically a customized massage therapy which is designed to provide faster and better results. This organization provides mobile massage services in extensive regions like Dade Country, Broward, Miami, Palm Beach, etc. 6. Services offered The following are some of the exclusive ranges of massage services, skin treatments and body treatments offered by GenSpa. 7. This organization provides a wide range of massage services which are effective in stress and pain management. Some of the most popular massage therapies offered by GenSpa are as follows: 8. LomiLomi This is a conventional massage technique of Hawaii. This massage helps to improve the blood circulation and stimulates the nervous system. 9. Hot Stones Massage This is a popular massage therapy which involves the application of hot and cold stones in the vital pressure points. 10. This massage therapy involves a multidimensional approach which helps to release the fascial restrictions. 11. Sports Massage This massage is specifically designed for the athletes and it provide better muscle relaxation and flexibility. It has the power to enhance performance on the field. 12. Swedish Massage This is a popular massage technique which helps to cure muscle tensions and aches. It even improves blood circulation and one can experience better sleep. 13. Apart from this there GenSpa offers other massage services like deep tissue massage, pregnancy massage, chair massage and many more. 14. Body Treatments The unique range of body treatments offered by GenSpa provides comprehensive health benefits to the customers. These body treatments help in the release of the stressed muscle tissues and increase the sustainability of the body. Honey Body Scrub Cavitation treatments Brazilian Massage Russian Waves Treatment Green Clay Body Wrap Treatment Lypossage Treatment 15. Facial Therapies The customers can opt for the special facial treatments offered by GenSpa. These treatments are effective in restoring the lost vibrancy to an ageing skin. In order to get a young and rejuvenating skin, there is no other better alternative than the Facial treatments and the therapies. The following are some of the attractive facial treatments offered by GenSpa. Acupuncture Light Stim Facial therapy European Aromatherapy Microdermabrasion treatment Mini facial Treatments Age Defying Treatments 16. GenSpa believes in the popular proverb- Health is Wealth and this is the primary reason for which it promises to provide the best service to the customers. GEN SPA 561-674-5215 750 E Sample Rd. Bldg 3, Bay 4 Pompano Beach FL, 33064 MA 51966 / MM21045 For More Detail Please Visit


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