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1. Ammonia Free Natural Hair Colour 2. Indus Valley Natural Hair colour brand provide excellent quality of Hair Colour products in relevant price . 3. Botanical Hair Colour Gel Colour 4. Indus Valley Hair Colour 100% Natural Ammonia and PPD Free Gives full satisfaction to the user Use only natural elements that gives nutrition to the hair 5. Natural herbal components to protect your hair and scalp from damage and allergies. Best thing is no any side effect . Gives instant good results. 6. Natural Components protect hair well. No itching ,hair fall and damages. Gives coverage of Grey Hairs. Amla , Heena , Sojae, Rubia ingredient are use in Indus Valley Hair Colours . 7. Indus Valley Hair colour is free from any types of chemical . In Few hair colours generally PPD are use for permanent hair colouring but it is not good for health. 8. Many years ago people was used ayurvedic therapy for recovered from diseases. Natural Hair colour also made with ayurvedic herbal herbs . 9. Natural Hair Colour are in various colours and shades like Black ,Brown ,blonde,flame red,golden walnut etc. 10. For Delhi: Ms Geetika +91-9212317131 For NCR: Mr. Ankit +91-9873181111 Email: 11. Thanks For Visiting


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