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GET EXCITED (OR AT LEAST PRETEND)!!. Meet your teams!. Team 1. Team 2. Team 3 Is this guy for real?. Warm-up Question 1. What is the Postville Raid?. Warm-up Answer 1. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation




Meet your teams!Team 1Team 3Is this guy for real?Team 2

Warm-up Question 1What is the Postville Raid?Warm-up Answer 1It was the biggest immigration raid in US history. It happened in 2008 in Postville, IA. A kosher meat-packing plant named Agriprocessors was raided and close to 400 illegal immigrants from Guatemala were arrested for their illegal status and document fraud. Several Jewish top managers were sentenced to prison for harboring illegal immigrants.Warm-up Question 2What is Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)?

Warm-up Answer 2It is the federal agency responsible for tracking, detaining, and deporting illegal immigrants within the borders of the USA.Their work is most visible to the public during large raids (like that a Postville, IA).Warm-up Question 3What is the US Border Patrol? Why was it originally founded?Warm-up Answer 3It is the federal task force that is responsible for coordinating state efforts to police the US-Mexico Border. It was founded after World War I to prevent Mexicans from crossing the border and taking the jobs needed servicemen returning from WWI.Warm-up Question 4What was the Bracero Program?Warm-up Answer 4It was guest-worker program which brought in low-wage laborers during WWII, in order to insure no disruptions to the nations food supply due to worker shortages. Most Braceros worked in the fields of the Southwest as migrant workers. Farmers recruited large numbers of workers illegally because the Bracero program could not fill the shortages.Question 1What was Operation Wetback?Answer 1It was the first major initiative undertaken by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). It rounded up close to 1 million illegal immigrants during the 1950s and reprocessed them a legal migrant workers under the Bracero Program.Question 2What is the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS)?Answer 2This agency has overlapping responsibilities with ICE, as far as immigration enforcement goes. However, it also responsible for running guest-work programs and processing work visas, etc. It also helps immigrants seeking US citizenship.Question 3What is a push factor?Answer 3A factor that pushes emigrant out of their country of origin.Question 4What is a pull factor?Answer 4A factor that pulls an immigrant into a new country.Question 5Identify at least two Push Factors that might lead someone from Mexico to the USAAnswer 5possible responses- poverty- lack of religious freedom- corrupt governments- lack of opportunity- poor education- lack of religious freedom- civil strife- lack of medical care- natural disastersQuestion 6Identify at least two Pull Factors that might lead someone from Mexico to immigrate to the USA.Answer 6possible responses- opportunity- religious freedom or freedom in general- higher standard of living- jobs- lower cost of living- medical care / medicine- safety/protection- fair or just governmentQuestion 7What is the DREAM Act?Answer 7It is a proposed bill (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act), that proposes a path to citizenship for children of illegal immigrants that grew up in the USA and are culturally American.This path to citizenship usually includes:Background checkGraduate from High School/GEDGraduate from college or tour of duty in militaryThis law has not passed at a national level, but California has enacted its own versionQuestion 8What is Arizona State Law SB1070 ? How might it lead to racial profiling?Answer 8This a controversial law that Arizona passed in response to the lack of federal enforcement of immigration laws in the border states.It allows officers to request immigration papers, proof if residency, or official identification if they have reasonable suspicion that immigration laws are being broken given a totality of the circumstances.It is controversial because many opponents believe it will lead to racial profiling by allowing officers to check for papers of people who look like illegal immigrants.Question 9What is Racial Profiling?Answer 9This means an officer of the law conducts a search or seizure based only on the race of the suspect.Question 10What is reasonable suspicion?Answer 10Reasonable suspicion means that it is reasonable to believe that some sort of crime may be in the process of being committed, so further investigation is permitted.Question 11What does totality of the circumstances mean?Answer 11That means that an officer may take into account all of the information generally known in order to determine if they have reasonable suspicion to investigate a crime.Example: A officer pulls over a van packed with young men. Illegal immigrant smugglers are known to smuggle using vans. There have been several arrests for this very thing in the neighborhood that the van was pulled over in. Taking into account all of the information generally known, this situation fits a criminal pattern. Therefore, there is reasonable suspicion to investigate.Question 12Right now, Mexico has 1/3 the population of the US. However, it has a much high growth rate.How might it be affecting Mexico now?How might it be affecting the USA now?How might this effect the USA in the future?

Answer 12How might it be affecting Mexico now?Mexico will have huge population pressures and will have a hard time supporting all of its workers.How might it be affecting the USA now?This will make it tempting for Mexicans to migrate to the USA in search of jobs.How might this effect the USA in the future?In the next several decades people of color may be the majority and whites the minority. This will likely bring a change in politics, as well as family and cultural values.Question 13What was the result of the Mexican-American War? How did this set the tone for future relations between Mexico & the USA?

Answer 13The USA invaded Mexico and seized over half of its territory, including most of the present day Southwest United States.This has meant that tensions between the USA and Mexico have always been very tense. There was almost another border war around WWI.Question 14Explain the difference between migrant, immigrant, and emigrant.

Answer 14A migrant is someone who moves from one place to another.A immigrant is someone who comes in to a country.A emigrant is someone who leaves country.It is possible to be all three at once.I=inE=exitQuestion 15What are coyotes? How do coyotes help illegal immigrants cross the USA-Mexico border?Answer 15These are guides that are hired by illegal immigrants from Mexico that specialize in smuggling immigrants across the US-Mexico border. They help immigrants get across the border by all kinds of means.False papersSmuggling in vehicles and trainsTransporting through the desert, etc.Question 16Explain how illegal immigrants can be a burden on public services.Answer 16Examples:They cannot afford medical treatment, but ERs have to treat them anyway. Illegal immigrants have a higher rate of traumatic wounds which are more expensive to treatThey are educated in public schools and require expensive services, such as ESL and special ed.They create a strain on food pantries, shelters, and local charities.Violent criminals are housed at public expense.Question 17Explain how illegal immigrants can take away jobs from US citizens.Answer 17Illegal immigrants are often willing to work for lower wages than United States citizens with the same skill set.Therefore, Illegal immigrants can often undercut US workers, and are a desirable hire for many employers.Question 18Explain what the DREAM Act is and what some of the pros and cons are.

Answer 18Pros:Children cannot help that they are born here. They are culturally American, they are given a chance to join their culture.Gives children of illegal immigrants a productive way to give back to the economyCons:Creates competition within US colleges for scholarships, money, and positionsEducates a workforce that US workers have to then compete withQuestion 19A woman walks down the street holding her arm and appears to be in pain. A sheriffs deputy stops her and asks if she needs help. She looks at him and says in broken English that she is all right. The officer detains her to check her immigration status.Does the officer have reasonable cause to ask for her immigration paper?Answer 19Answers vary. Must back up your explanation with sound reasoning. Discuss reasonable suspicion and totality of circumstances.Question 20Police are making random vehicle inspection stops. A pickup truck is stopped and the driver is wearing work clothes and boots. The driver tells officers that he is late for work as a gardener in an affluent residential neighborhood. Police know that many gardeners in this neighborhood are unauthorized immigrants. They detain the man to check his immigration status.Does the officer have reasonable cause to ask for immigration papers?

Answer 20Answers vary. Must back up your explanation with sound reasoning. Discuss reasonable suspicion and totality of circumstances.

Question 21What is the irony in this political cartoon? How can this be applied to many peoples views on the current immigration debate?

QuestionWhat is the irony in this political cartoon?Make a connection to at least one thing we have studied in this unit.

QuestionBe able to explain one way illegal immigrants pay taxes and one way they avoid paying taxes.AnswerPaying taxes:Most illegal immigrants still pay sales taxes and excise taxes (gas, cigarettes, groceries)They also pay local property taxes on their houses.If they have false documentation, they probably pay income tax, payroll tax, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, because employers deduct these from each paycheckNot paying taxes:Many do not pay income tax, because they have real identifications.Many get paid under the-table and dont pay taxes on this income.QuestionWhat effects ar