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GET EXCITED (OR AT LEAST PRETEND)!!. Meet your teams!. Team 1. Team 2. Team 3 Is this guy for real?. Question. Who were the Puritans?. Answer. A religious group that began in England in the 1600s that wanted to purify the English (Anglican) Church. Question. Who were the Separatists?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation




Meet your teams!Team 1Team 3Is this guy for real?Team 2

QuestionWho were the Puritans?AnswerA religious group that began in England in the 1600s that wanted to purify the English (Anglican) Church.QuestionWho were the Separatists?AnswerThey were a group with the Puritans who believed that the Church could only be purified by separating from it and starting all over again.QuestionWho were the Pilgrims?AnswerThey were a group of Puritan separatists that made the journey across the Atlantic Ocean on the Mayflower in order to found Plymouth Colony.QuestionWhat is the Mayflower?AnswerThe ship on which the Pilgrims sailed across the Atlantic.QuestionWhat is the Mayflower Compact?AnswerIt is an agreement (or covenant) between the people aboard the Mayflower to live and work together.It is one of the oldest constitutions (or plans of government) in the New World.It stated that many issues would be decided by a majority vote.QuestionWhat is Plymouth Colony?AnswerThe colony that the Pilgrims founded. It eventually grew into what is today the state of Massachusetts.QuestionWho is William Bradford?AnswerHe was the first governor of Plymouth Colony. He helped it survive through its first winter. He also left use one of the only accounts of the First Thanksgiving.QuestionWhat was the original Thanksgiving?AnswerIt was both a harvest festival and a celebration of the peace treaty between the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag.QuestionWhat is New England? What states are included? Where is it on a map?AnswerNew England were the colonies in the New World founded by the Puritans from England.Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Maine are a part of it.It is in the far Northeast corner of the United States.

QuestionWho was Roger Williams and why was he important?AnswerRoger Williams was a Puritan Dissenter (someone who did not agree with the Puritans in Massachusetts).He founded the colony of Rhode Island.He believed in a separation of church and state.He believed in religious freedom/tolerance.QuestionWhat is separation of church and state?AnswerThe government should not be controlled by a religion.Also, the government should not control religion.Lastly, the government cannot tell you what to believe or favor you if you believe what it wants you to believe.QuestionWho is Anne Hutchinson?AnswerShe was a Puritan Dissenter (did not agree with the Puritans of New England).She believe that everyone could speak to God and did not need the help of pastors to understand the Bible.She was kicked out of Massachusetts for her beliefs.QuestionWhat were the Salem Witch Trials? Why were the so important?AnswerThe Salem Witch Trials were a series of trials that took place in Salem, Massachusetts in the 1690s. Many people were accused of using magic and several were found guilty and executed as a result.These trials are significant because they mark a turning point in the Puritans willingness to tolerate the beliefs of people who differed from them. After the cases, attitudes softened.QuestionWhat is spectral evidence? What role did it play in the Salem Witch Trials?AnswerIt is evidence of ghosts and magic that is often times invisible to the jury trying the case.Many people were convicted of witchcraft and executed as a result of spectral evidence which claimed that they were possessing children with invisible specters.30QuestionWho was Tituba and what role did she play in the Salem Witch Trials?

AnswerShe became the target of many accusations of witchcraft because she was an easy target. Tituba was a servant in the house of the town pastor in Salem. Under large pressure, she was the first to confess to witchcraft.

QuestionWhat are some of the advantages that the Pilgrims of Plymouth had over the settlers at Jamestown?

AnswerCovenant with GodMayflower Compact: covenant with each otherWampanoag Treaty: covenant with the NativesKnew about Jamestowns Starving TimeRoyal CharterJoint-Stock Company to resupply and trasportQuestionThe Pilgrims have a different reason for coming to the New World than the settlers at Jamestown. What is the difference?

AnswerJamestown settlers came for economic freedom (the chance to get rich and powerful).Many of the Plymouth settlers (Pilgrims) came for religious freedom (the chance to practice their religion the way they wanted)QuestionWhat is a dissenter? How did they play a crucial role in the development of religious freedom in the U.S.?

AnswerA dissenter is a person who does not agree.Famous Puritan dissenters are: Thomas Hooker, Roger Williams, and Anne Hutchinson.They played an important role in the development of religious freedom because they challenged the Puritans, who wanted everyone one within New England to practice religion the same way.QuestionHow is the Mayflower Compact a root of democracy in the New World?

AnswerIt is one of the first constitutions (written plan of government). The USA has a constitution also.It used a majority rule (voting). We vote by the majority rule today as well.QuestionName a Thanksgiving myth. What is the truth behind this myth? What information busts this myth? What does this reveal about people who believe this Thanksgiving myth?

AnswerAnswers will vary. Please use information from the research you conducted for Thanksgiving Myth Busters.

Example: There was no popcorn at the first Thanksgiving. They did have cornmeal. This reveals that people believe since popcorn is a tradition in their family, it must stretch all the way back to the first Thanksgiving.