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Best-selling author and award-winning speaker Mike Paton has helped thousands of entrepreneurs "GET A GRIP" on their businesses. He'll share a complete system -full of simple concepts and practical, actionable tools - that will help you and your team clarify, simplify and achieve your company's vision. No theories, no abstract concepts, no management fads - just a set of useful tools and disciplines that have helped thousands of entrepreneurs improve their businesses and their lives.


  • 1. 1GET A GRIPOn Your BusinessMike Paton@Mpaton; @EOSWorldwide

2. 2#GetAGripReal. Simple. Results.q In the Trenchesq My Passionq Discoveries 3. 3#GetAGrip 4. 4 DiscoveryVISION without TRACTION is hallucination- @Mpaton @EOSWorldwide #GetAGrip #Inbound14 5. 5#GetAGrip 6. 6100%#Get0A%Gr ip 7. 7100%#Get0A%Gr ip 8. 8#GetAGripVision 9. 9#GetAGripVision 10. 10#GetAGripVision 11. 11#GetAGripVision 12. 12#GetAGripVision 13. 13#GetAGripPlan 14. 14#GetAGripPlan 15. 15#GetAGripPlan 16. 16#GetAGripVision 17. 17#GetAGripPeople 18. 18 Right PEOPLENameJane WrightJohn PayneAndi SidedThe Bar++++++/+/+/+/+/++++/+/ThePEOPLE ANALYZER 19. 19 Right SEATSThe VisionaryIntegratorACCOUNTABILITYSales/MarketingOperationsFinanceCHART 20. 20 DiscoveryStructure 1st, People 2nd- @Mpaton @EOSWorldwide #GetAGrip #Inbound14 21. 21 Right SEATSQuarterback Run the Offense Score Touchdowns Get 1st Downs Complete Passes Avoid TurnoversTheACCOUNTABILITYCHART________________________________________________________Name 22. 22 Right SEATS GGets It WWants It CCapacity to Do ItQuarterback________________________________________________________Name Run the Offense Score Touchdowns Get 1st Downs Complete Passes Avoid Turnovers 23. 23 Right SEATSNameThe BarYYYYYYNYNYYYThePEOPLE ANALYZERTom BradyPeyton ManningChristian Ponder 24. 24#GetAGripRight SEATS 25. 25#GetAGripTwo People Issuesq Right Person, Wrong Seatq Right Seat, Wrong Person 26. 26#GetAGripPeople 27. 27#GetAGripData 28. 28#GetAGripCompany SCORECARD 29. 29#GetAGripCompany SCORECARD 30. 30#GetAGripCompany SCORECARD 31. 31#GetAGripCompany SCORECARD 32. 32#GetAGripMEASURABLES 33. 33#GetAGripData 34. 34#GetAGripIssues 35. 35#GetAGripIssues 36. 362#GetAGripq Identifyq Discussq SolveIDSWebsite Rock off trackDarren U. Right PersonAndi S. Right Seat# Leads off trackAnodyne MergerUtilization off trackWestern US expansion13IDS 37. 37#GetAGripIssues 38. 38#GetAGripProcess 39. 39#GetAGripCore Processesq H/R Processq Marketingq Salesq Operationsq Operationsq Accountingq Customer ServiceIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 40. 40#GetAGripCore ProcessesSales Process New Lead ----------------- Initial Call/Qualify ----------------- ----------------- ----------------- Fit Meeting ----------------- ----------------- Proposal ----------------- ----------------- Win/Lose 41. 41#GetAGripCore Processesq H/R Processq Marketingq Salesq Operationsq Operationsq Accountingq Customer ServiceI I I I I I I I I II I I I I I I II I I I I I I I I I II I I I I I I I II I I I I I I I I II I I I I I I I II I I I I I IThe __________ Way 42. 42#GetAGripProcess 43. 43#GetAGripTraction 44. 44#GetAGripMeeting Pulseq 90-Day Worldq Weekly LEVEL 10 Meetings Same Day Same Time Start on Time End on Time Same Agenda 45. 45#GetAGripLevel 10 Agendaq Segue5 Minutesq Scorecard5 Minutesq Rock ReviewReporting Only5 Minutesq Customer & Employee Headlines5 Minutesq To Do List5 Minutes ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________q Issues List/IDS60 Minutes ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________q Conclude5 Minutes 46. 46#GetAGripTraction 47. 47#GetAGrip 48. 48#GetAGripEOS Foundational Toolsq Accountability Chartq Rocksq Level 10 Meetingq Scorecardq V/TO 49. 49#GetAGripResourcesq Books Traction Get A Gripq EOS Implementersq HubSpot Partners 50. 50Gabe PartnersMarisa Smithmsmith@thewholebraingroup.comMartin Thomamartin@thomathoma.comMike Rosemike@teamrgc.comKaren 51. 51#GetAGripFinal Thoughtsq Choose and USE a Systemq Get What You Want 52. 52 Thank you!Use a system; Get what you want- @Mpaton @EOSWorldwide #GetAGrip #Inbound14 53. 53GET A GRIPOn Your BusinessMike Paton@Mpaton; @EOSWorldwide