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  • In this presentation, we will tell you a few basic tips to how to get an insurance for your journey, which is suitable to you and affordable as well.

  • Try to consider everything, that is mentioned in your travel guide, may be the travel plan you purchased, is offering you travel insurance, at low cost compared to other insurance providers.

  • Travel agents, mostly charges much more than other insurance service provider companies. So if it seems too much, dont buy insurance from your travel agent.

  • If you have another insurance plan and it promises to cover you globally, so you shouldnt waste money in buying the same services in travel insurance plan.

  • If, you are not a regular traveler, you only like to travel once in a year, then you should not buy a travel insurance policy for the whole year.

  • Before buying a Policy, you should firstly check that, does your insurance plan covers all of your activities, you are going to do in your journey, If yes, then it is a right policy to buy.

  • Let consider, you are going on a trip to discover the beauty of Asia Pacific, and if you have purchased a travel insurance policy, which covers you globally on the journey.

  • But, it is a waste of money, if you are travelling to only one destination, and paying for the big package.To reduce the cost, you should buy an insurance which only covers you in Asia Pacific.

  • Compare insurance policies offered by various Insurance service provider companies, and then select a policy which is good and affordable.

  • Getting an Insurance for your journey is a smart decision.GET INSURANCE. GET SECURED.

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