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    George Lloyd Hodgkin, 1880-1918 by Lucy Violet HodgkinBulletin of Friends' Historical Society of Philadelphia, Vol. 11, No. 2 (AUTUMN 1922), p. 96Published by: Friends Historical AssociationStable URL: .Accessed: 15/05/2014 10:10

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    It is a monumental work on the side of prison reform. As to Quaker history, it is important because it pictures the conditions faced by con- scientious objectors in English prisons, and the reaction of the Society in England to those conditions.

    For fuller reviews see The Friend (Philadelphia), 8 mo. 3, 1922, pp. 53- 54.

    Hodgkin, Lucy Violet. George Lloyd Hodgkin } 1880-I18. Edinbor- ough : privately printed. 192 1. Pp. 267.

    Here is the biography of an educated, traveled, concerned young English Friend, a son of Dr. Thomas Hodgkin. Many American Friends will re- member his visit to America in 1912 as a representative of English young Friends.

    In the war he took the " absolutist " position, refusing " alternative serv- ice," and finally died at Bagdad while on a mission of mercy. The sketch of his life by Violet Hodgkin is beautifully written, and the

    selections from his diary and letters give a vivid impression of a dedi- cated life.

    Nightingale, B. Early Stages of the Quaker Movement in Lancashire. London. 1921. Pp. 220. Written by a non-Friend. Of interest primarily to students of English

    religious and Quaker history. Reviewed in The Friend (London), 3 mo. 24, 1922, p. 207.

    Robinson, Maude. Nicholas the Weaver. London: Swarthmore Press. 1922. Pp. 224. $1.75 cloth. Here are ten more Quaker stories by Maude Robinson, whose former

    collection, " The Time of Her Life," proved so engaging to Friends every- where.

    Each story has a basis in fact and is designed to illustrate some virtue or some type of service emphasized in Friendly teachings.

    The stories will charm and instruct all real children, young or old.

    Simpson, Charles R. The Quaker Challenge. Friends' Bookshop, Lon- don, 1921. Pp. 12.

    This pamphlet, which is a reprint of an article that appeared in The Quaker (Philadelphia), 10 mo. 14, 1921, deals with the attitude of Quakers throughout the history of their Society, to social problems, making it clear that Quakerism, though generally connected with ideas of peace-lov- ing and philanthropy, is fundamentally a challenge to the conditions of our social life.

    H. W. Peet.

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    Article Contentsp. 96

    Issue Table of ContentsBulletin of Friends' Historical Society of Philadelphia, Vol. 11, No. 2 (AUTUMN 1922), pp. 56-102Front MatterBUCKINGHAM MEETING HOUSE [pp. 57-61]ANNUAL MEETING, 1921 [pp. 61-62]THE SUMMER MEETING, 1922 [pp. 63-64]RANCOCAS EDITION OF THE JOURNAL OF JOHN WOOLMAN [pp. 64-65]CCL. The Two Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Founding of Baltimore Yearly Meeting, May 4th to 7th, Inclusive, 1922 [pp. 65-68]A GEORGE FOX MANUSCRIPT [pp. 68-68]THE CRIMINAL CODES AND PENAL INSTITUTIONS OF COLONIAL PENNSYLVANIA [pp. 68-84]ITEMS FROM PERIODICALS [pp. 84-90]BOOK NOTICES AND REVIEWSReview: untitled [pp. 90-91]Review: untitled [pp. 91-91]Review: untitled [pp. 92-92]Review: untitled [pp. 92-93]Review: untitled [pp. 93-93]Review: untitled [pp. 93-94]Review: untitled [pp. 94-94]Review: untitled [pp. 94-94]Review: untitled [pp. 95-95]Review: untitled [pp. 95-95]Review: untitled [pp. 95-96]Review: untitled [pp. 96-96]Review: untitled [pp. 96-96]Review: untitled [pp. 96-97]Review: untitled [pp. 97-97]Review: untitled [pp. 97-97]Review: untitled [pp. 97-98]Review: untitled [pp. 98-99]

    NOTES AND QUERIES [pp. 99-101]QUAKER NECROLOGY [pp. 102-102]