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  • 1. ObjectiveStudents will map out the trailLewis and Clark followedLearn how to make a map keyLearn the rivers and territoriesLewis and Clark exploredLearn where the journeybegan and endedLearn the obstacles the explorersfaced, such as: weather andNative Americans

2. Pre-Assessment1. Who knows about Lewis and Clark?2. Why did they travel the United States?3.How would you feel about traveling 1200 miles on foot and by boat?4.What do you think you would encounter on your trip?5.What kinds of things would you need to take with you?6.How would you map areas that have not yet been explored? 3. IntroductionThomas Jefferson sent Lewis and Clarkon a journey west to find a waterroute to the Pacific and explore theuncharted west. Lewis and Clark found over300 species unknown to science, nearly 50Indian tribes, and the Rockies. Lewis, Clark,and their men endured the cold winters withtemperatures reaching zero degrees anda dwindling food supply. The group metToussaint Charbonneau and his wife,Sacagawea, at their Mandan Fort. Sacagaweabelonged to the Mandan tribe. 4. MaterialsMap of the trail Lewis & Clark exploredBlank U.S. map for each studentList of areas and bodies of water they crossedColored pencils 5. Learning GeographyHand out blank maps for thestudents to create theirown map of the explorationof Lewis and Clark. 6. AssignmentMap:1.The territories the U.S. was split up intoat that time: United States, OregonTerritory, and Spanish Territory2.The rivers Lewis and Clark followed3.The mountains they crossed: Rockiesand Sierras4.Where they met Charbonneau andSacagaweaCreate a map key using different colors tomark the different points of theexploration 7. Class NarrativePerform a narrative infront of class. Pretend tobe William Clark visitingthe class to tell thestudents about his journey.Describe the expedition andwhat he encountered alongthe way. Have props such as:pictures of theRocky Mountains,grizzly bears,and a dollarpiece witha pictureof Sacagawea.


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